NSE Unlisted shares FY24 results In-depth analysis


The National Stock Exchange(NSE), India’s largest stock exchange saw an increase in market valuation by Rs 85,000 crore to Rs 3.21 trillion. This was after declaring a 4:1 Bonus issue and 90 Rs per share dividend in the first week of May 24, causing a 30% jump in nse stock price

This distribution of profits came after NSE’s outstanding quarterly and annual results. Let’s compare NSE’s yearly performance for FY 23-24 and price journey comparison with its competitors like BSE.

(I)FY 23 vs FY 24 Performance analysis.

  • Basis 1: Revenue Growth: In FY 23, NSE reported a consolidated revenue of Rs.12,765.36 cr. which grew to Rs Rs.16,433.61cr. in FY 24 i.e. a 28 % increase.

  • Basis 2:Profit After Tax:  PAT increased by 12.06% Year on Year to Rs 7501.88 cr. in FY 24 from Rs 8406.48 cr. in FY 23.

  • Basis 3: Expenses: The consolidated total expenses increased for FY 24 to Rs 5350 cr. We can see the same pattern for standalone total expense which is Rs 6139 cr. for FY 24. A major reason for this increase was due to SEBI-mandated contributions to  Core SGF.

  • Basis 4:Earning Per Share: The Consolidated EPS saw a  30% growth from Rs 129 per share in FY 23 to Rs 167 per share in FY 24.

Consolidated P&L FiguresFY24FY23
Revenue from Operations14,78011,856
Employee Benefit Expenses460366
Other Expenses2,7091,859
EBITDA(Operating Profit)11,6119,631
Operating Profit Margin %7981
Other Income1,654909
Depreciation and Amortisation440384
Profit Before Tax(PBT)11,18410,042
Profit After Tax(PAT)8,4067,502
EPS(From Continued operations)169.83151.55

(II)Share Price Movement in the last 1 year.

The NSE unlisted share has skyrocketed in its share price in the last year. On June 23 the NSE Share price was floating around Rs 3200 per share, which increased to 3600 by Dec 23. On Feb 24, the price touched 4200 and by the end of FY24, the share price reached Rs 4800 per share. This is a whopping 33% increase in a single year. 

Source: www.stockify.net.in

 (III)ROI comparison with BSE

Source: Google

The BSE share price has surged significantly in the last 1 year. It grew from Rs 431 per share on 31st March 23 to Rs 2,709 per share on 31st March 24. This upsurge was due to the introduction of Future and Options (F&O), which impacted BSE’s income significantly. This led to a positive market sentiment led by more revenue and profit growth.

The initial clearing costs were high but we can expect scalability and economies of scale. This will reduce the expenses with time and increase the profit margins.

(IV) NSE’s operating cash flow jumped more than 15X

In FY24, the operating cash flow of NSE ended up at Rs. 29,744 crores as compared to Rs 1,734 crore in FY 23. This is a more than 15X jump from the changes in the operating assets and liabilities affecting the overall operating cash flow. 

Cash outflow from investing activity has increased from Rs 3217 crore to Rs 8336 crore in FY 23 & 24 respectively. The financing activity cash flow has also increased from Rs 2100 crore to Rs 3993 crore in both years.

Cash Flow(In Rs Crores)
FY 24FY 23
Net Cash Inflow from Operating Activities29,744.301,734.49
Net cash outflow from investing activities-8,336.31-3,217.04
Net cash outflow from financing activities-3,993.69-2,099.98
Net Cash Flow17,414.30-3,582.53

(V) How to buy NSE unlisted shares? 

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NSE has performed substantially well surpassing its investor expectations with a revenue growth of 28% and profit growth of 12 %. This operational and financial growth has led to a 30% EPS increase and a jump in price by 33%, growing the shareholder’s wealth.


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