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Updated On: 14th June 2024
Adtech Unlisted Shares

Adtech Systems Limited Unlisted Shares

ISIN: INE257C01014


₹ 36.0
Anglo French Unlisted Shares

Anglo-French Drugs & Industries Ltd Unlisted Shares

ISIN: INE570E01016


₹ 560.0
Dalmia Unlisted Shares

Dalmia Bharat Refractories Ltd Unlisted Shares

ISIN: INE439L01019


₹ 160.0
Kurlon Unlisted Shares

Kurlon Enterprise Limited Unlisted Shares

ISIN: INE781F01032
Most Active


₹ 710.0
Aricent Unlisted Shares

Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Limited Unlisted Shares

ISIN: INE272I01010


₹ 747.0

Hella India Lighting Limited Unlisted Shares

ISIN: INE431D01013


₹ 924.0

Buy Unlisted Shares

Buy High Potential Unlisted Shares Of Top Companies 

Want to enter the realm of unlisted shares? At Stockify, we have helped many investors earn significant profit by helping them invest in unlisted shares like BSE, Lux, ICICI Lombard and more.

Stockify guides you to invest in pre-IPO companies intended to list on stock exchanges in the future. These companies have high growth potential, and you can capitalise on that by investing early. The stocks will get transferred directly to your DEMAT account, and there will be no role of the stock exchange in the process. 

Unlisted companies like Razorpay Software Private Limited, PNB Finance and Industries Ltd, Honeywell Electrical, Philips India Ltd, Tata Capital, Reliance General Insurance, and more have recorded considerable growth over the years and have delivered great returns to their investors. Since these are pre-IPO companies, their share price is low due to less competition, and you can maximise return on your investment by investing early. 

Apart from pre-IPO stocks, you can invest in budding startups. Presently, the Indian startup sector is one of the most fruitful sectors which have the potential for substantial investment. You can invest in promising startups with the possibilities for considerable growth. For most startups, the lowest investment is Rs 50,000, and you will get the shares credited to your Demat account directly. 

Another option for investing in unlisted companies is ESOPs which are company shares offered to employees at a special price. Stockify helps you connect with company employees who want to sell their ESOPs. If you have decided to buy stocks of an unlisted company. You can approach Stockify, who can help you buy directly from the company’s promoters through private placement. 

Why Stockify?

Stockify is an online platform where you can find different unlisted shares with great ease, and these unlisted shares can be traded without the involvement of the stock exchange. On this online platform, you can buy unlisted stocks at the best prices. We believe in transparent pricing to ensure you know the genuine value of your investment. All transactions made at Stockify are smooth, safe, and speedy since we only deal in bank transfers. Our well-informed stock experts will remain available throughout the pre-IPO stock trading to help you out with their insights and suggestions so that you can make an informed decision. Additionally, you will get financial reports, EBITDA, and growth analyses of unlisted companies that you can do proper research with the help of our experts before making any decisions.


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