The Green Energy Corridor Project Commissioned By Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd

Amid rising climate concerns, companies are opting for strategies to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and carbon footprint. Tech giants like Apple, Accenture, Google, IKEA, etc. are planning to contribute their bit to the initiative. Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd, an Indian company, continuously plans and ensures ways to overcome rising climate concerns. Headquartered in Delhi, Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd is a power transmission infrastructure developer in India and Brazil. It has shared the successful commissioning of its green energy corridor project Lakaida-Vadodara Transmission Project Limited (LVTPL). Let’s discuss more about this project and its impact on Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd unlisted shares. 

Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd at a Glance

Established in 2015, Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd is a leading integrated power transmission developer and solutions provider globally. It focuses on addressing complex challenges in the sector by tackling the critical constraints of time, space and capital. The company believes electricity access transforms societies and delivers long-lasting social impact worldwide. Sterlite Power Transmission Limited (Sterlite Power) is a global developer of power transmission infrastructure with projects of ~13,700 circuit km (ckm) and 26,100 mega-volt ampere (MVA) in India and Brazil. With an industry-leading portfolio of power conductors, EHV cables and OPGW, the power company is ideally positioned to shape the power transmission industry.

Financial Reports Of Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd

The following table depicts the exceptional financials of Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd. All the figures are in crores.

YearRevenue PAT Finance CostEBITDA EBITDA MarginsPAT MarginsEPS
2016 2,697-599 86656621%-22%-83
20172,673-361 78882831%-14%-59
2018 2,97227243483228%9%44.46
2019 3,571-619 60145013%-17%-101
2020 5,158941764240546%18.20%159

In FY 21-22, Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd won 30 transmission projects via Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models. Out of 30 projects, 17 are in India, and the remaining are in Brazil. Furthermore, 16 projects are operational from 30 projects providing an uptime of 99.98% over the reliable network. The company reports that it aims to supply more than 5000 MW of power from Bhuj and Kutch to the national grid. 

”It makes us immensely proud to announce the completion of the mega LVTPL project. It has been a challenging journey, but we have been successful in unlocking 5000 MW of green power for the nation that will accelerate India’s RE vision of 500GW by 2030,” said Pratik Agarwal, Managing Director, Sterlite Power.

According to the company’s official report, the project investment is worth Rs 2024 crores, and it connects the 765/400 kV Lakadia substation to Vadodara through a 335 km long 765 kV double-circuit transmission line. The power transmission infrastructure developer has a vast portfolio with more than 30 projects that have been completed, sold or under construction in India and Brazil.

Furthermore, the press release also stated, “This power corridor is one of the largest transmission corridors built in India till date.

The ongoing project is an essential part of the world’s largest 30,000 MW hybrid renewable energy park that is being made in Kutch.

Are Sterlite Power Transmission Limited Unlisted Shares Worth Investing?

Sterlite Power Transmission Limited unlisted shares are priced at Rs 500 per equity share. Sterlite Power Transmission Limited is growing exponentially and receiving funding as well as government projects. Moreover, the company’s share prices are continuously surging due to consistent growth. Investing in the Sterlite Power Transmission Limited unlisted shares is the best opportunity to earn potential returns and diversify your investment portfolio.

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Q2 – Does SEBI regulate Sterlite Power Transmission Limited unlisted shares?

Ans – SEBI’s rules and regulations do not directly apply to the Sterlite Power Transmission Limited unlisted shares. Instead, the Securities and Exchange Board of India monitors DP charges for every transaction, lock-in period, stamp duty, etc.

Q3 – How can I check the Sterlite Power Transmission unlisted share price?

Ans – Sterlite Power Transmission Limited unlisted shares are priced at Rs 500 per equity share. You can quickly check the updated stock prices of Sterlite Power Transmission unlisted shares using Stockify. We have a team of expert brokers who constantly track the latest prices of unlisted shares and instantly update them on the website.

Q4 – What is the minimum ticket size for investing in Sterlite Power Transmission Limited unlisted shares?

Ans – The unlisted share market has received a massive response in recent years. Thus, the minimum ticket size for investment has significantly decreased. The minimum ticket size for investing in unlisted shares was 5-10 lakhs, but now it is 35-50 K.

Q5 – Which platform is best to buy Sterlite Power Transmission Limited unlisted shares?

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Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd started The Green Energy Corridor Project. Click here to know the details about the project and unlisted shares of the company.


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