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All You Should Know About Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah is the success story of a YouTuber starting an ed-tech company to become India’s 101st unicorn and help thousands crack one of the world’s toughest IIT advanced exams. Alak Pany, after offering excellent Physics classes for IIT aspirants in 2016, monetised into Physics Wallah in 2020 to become the leading tech company in India. Soon after its start, with Rs One hundred million in funding in the first round of fundraising, Physics Wallah became a unicorn and showed spectacular results in the first three years. Physics Wallah generated Rs. 24.6 crores in FY 2021 from a mere revenue of Rs. 751 crores in FY 2023. The current Physics Wallah share price of around Rs. 1,000 is among the best investments. 

Physics Wallah Becomes Popular Within a Short Period





Cracking JEE exams has long been the dream of brilliant minds in India, as it enables entry into prestigious IITs, paving the way for successful careers in entrepreneurship and top positions in conglomerates.

Joining prestigious IITs, becoming successful entrepreneurs, securing positions in top conglomerates.


Achieving high scores in NEET exams allows entry into top medical colleges in India, offering the opportunity to become world-renowned surgeons.

Entering top medical colleges, pursuing careers as renowned surgeons.

Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah’s popularity stems from its effectiveness in helping students crack these exams. In 2023, over 3,500 students achieved high scores in JEE Advanced, contributing to the rise in Physics Wallah’s revenue.

Joining Physics Wallah’s courses, increasing chances of cracking JEE and NEET exams, leading to potential high returns on investment in Physics Wallah shares.


Physics Wallah Stands Apart From its Competitors in the Education Sector

Though many top education providers have long offered help cracking JEE or joint exams, Physics Wallah has become popular among the millions of students in India. 

When other renowned ed-tech companies like Akash acquired Byjus terminating faculties, Physics Wallah grew from strength to strength in the recent tough years, which is visible in physicswallah share price. Because of having over 23 million subscribers across 50 YouTube channels, India has become the fastest-growing educational platform that people can trust to pass more than the JEE and NEET exams. A few of the other exams students can get higher chances include CA or chartered accountancy, defence exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, Agniveer, government jobs like UPSC, SSC, PBO, judiciary, railways, GATE, and others. With a growing list of educational assistants buying Physics Wallah share price from reputed brokers, it will give a high ROI or return on investments. 

Physics Wallah Share Price Increasing ear After Year

Within three years, Physics Wallah opened offline centres in many top cities, providing over 100 cities with one or more centres. One of the critical reasons for the phenomenal rise of Physics Wallah is that it allows for extensive content in English and many regional languages. Hence, students getting educational content in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, and others makes it easy to crack the tough exams. Also, PW or Physics Wallah provides daily live interactive classes customised as per students’ capabilities and provides round-the-clock doubt-solving sessions. To prepare them for the challenging exams, provide over 10 million notes, tests, and sample papers in both online and offline centres. Hence, there will be a continuous rapid rise in revenue to increase the Physics Wallah share price in the future.

Physics Wallah Becomes India’s 101st Unicorn

Year Event Details
Startup Valuation Criteria Any company with a valuation exceeding 1 billion dollars is considered a unicorn, signifying significant achievement and potential. However, achieving this status is challenging and requires innovative ideas and substantial financial backing.
Emergence of Physics Wallah Alak Pandey, initially a YouTuber offering physics tutorials for JEE aspirants, gained widespread popularity across India for his creative teaching methods. The accessibility of affordable internet during this period enabled students from rural and urban backgrounds to benefit from his classes, aiding them in cracking challenging exams like JEE.
2020 Monetisation of Physics Wallah With a growing subscriber base reaching millions, Alak Pandey monetised Physics Wallah in 2020, capitalising on its increasing popularity and demand for quality educational content.
2022 Bootstrapping and App Development Alak Pandey reinvested all earnings from his YouTube channel to bootstrap Physics Wallah in 2022. The development of the PW app further expanded accessibility and convenience for users, contributing to its rapid adoption.
2023 Rapid Growth in Downloads and Investment The PW app witnessed exponential growth in downloads, surpassing 23 million by 2023. Recognising its potential, GSV Ventures and Westbridge invested $100 million in 2022, catapulting Physics Wallah to unicorn status, symbolising its remarkable growth trajectory and market potential.
Future Investment Opportunity Given its rapid growth and unicorn status, investing in Physics Wallah shares at their current price presents a promising opportunity. With substantial downloads and revenues, short-term and long-term profits are foreseeable, making it an attractive investment choice for investors seeking stable returns and potential growth.

List of Acquisitions by Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah democratised education at scale in India so that students in every corner could get quality education, pass the most challenging exams, and get respectful and high-paid jobs. To transform the education landscape in India within a short time, PW acquired many similar startups to provide high-quality education with technological brilliance. Physics Wallah share price today is gaining a lot of strength. 

Physics Wallah provides an innovative approach to learning and teaching to empower students to foster a deep understanding of the subjects. It uses thousands of qualified, experienced educators using cutting-edge technology to provide an engaging, dynamic learning environment that breaks geographical barriers. As soon as it got 100 million dollars in funding in 2022, Physics Wallah acquired many companies to expand its business to increase its income stream and help millions of students have better education for a promising and prosperous future. Among the significant acquisitions that put Physics Wallah shares in high demand in the growing market are the following: 


Year Acquisition Target Details
2022 FreeCo Physics Wallah acquired FreeCo, a Jaipur-based ed-tech startup specialising in resource management and doubt-solving. The acquisition aimed to enhance content creation, resolve issues, and improve membership and counselling capabilities.
2022 Knowledge Planet Physics Wallah acquired Knowledge Planet, a school partnership model with approximately 12 centres in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region. This acquisition facilitated Physics Wallah’s expansion into the international education market.
2022 Neuron Platforms Physics Wallah acquired Neuron Platforms, a specialised platform in these fields, to bolster upskilling courses in artificial intelligence, data science, deep learning, and machine intelligence. The acquisition aimed to equip students with real-time work skills.
2022 PrepOnline Physics Wallah acquired PrepOnline, an ed-tech platform, to enhance its teaching infrastructure and test preparation for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) aspirants. The acquisition aimed to improve students’ readiness for medical entrance exams.
Altris Vortex Altris Vortex, a publishing firm with expertise in educational content creation for various exams, including NEET, JEE, GATE, NDA, and UPSC, joined forces with Physics Wallah to enrich its educational offerings.


Physics Wallah’s Share Price Stunning Results 

Physics Wallah became the leading company in India when even the big wigs were struggling to meet needs and were retrenching costs for their staff. Contrary to that, Physics Wallah has increased its staff strength from 1,000 in 2020 to around 10,000 in 2023. It is to provide high-class education in JEE and NEET, as well as many other government exams. Apart from helping millions of students crack tough exams online, the many offline centres also provide quality education to help them get hundreds of top AIR ranks. Hence, year after year, the revenue of Physics Wallah is on a rapid rise, and it has become the best-unlisted share to buy and make huge profits. After an unprecedented increase of over 243% in revenue in 2022, Physics Wallah’s cofounder said the revenues could cross 2,400 crores by the end of March 2024. Also, he confirms that with rising revenues, Physics Wallah may come out with the IPO sooner rather than later. Hence, the rising number of online and offline students is raising their income, and with IPO hopes, Physics Wallah’s share price is to rise rapidly. 

Year Staff Strength (2020) Staff Strength (2023) Education Offered Achievements
2020 1,000 High-class education in JEE, NEET, and other government exams
2023 1,000 10,000 High-class education in JEE, NEET, and other government exams; Offline centres providing quality education, contributing to top AIR ranks Increased staff strength; Rapid rise in revenue; Considered best-unlisted share for huge profits
2024 10,000 High-class education in JEE, NEET, and other government exams; Offline centres providing quality education, contributing to top AIR ranks Anticipated revenue crossing 2,400 crores by March 2024; Possibility of IPO launch due to rising revenues and increasing student numbers


With the Indian education sector increasing to more than double from the current 117 to 313 billion dollars, Physics Wallah shares are the best buy, as they have become market leaders in a short time. With all the above facts about funding, acquisitions, results, and revenue streams, it is time for the investor to buy at the current Physics Wallah share price to get windfall profits.

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Among students in India, Physics Wallah is well known as the lead ed-tech company providing high-quality education for cracking man-challenging exams considered tough in the world, like JEE Advanced, etc. But for investors, Physics Wallah is an unlisted share, with its cofounder confirming recently that it will come out with an IPO to yield high returns.
For students, year after year, since its start in 2020, Physics Wallah has helped students get top AIR ranks in JEE, NEET, and other exams. For investors, a high-performing unlisted share will soon come out with an IPO and be the best investment from top brokers.
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