About All The Fund Raised By Hero Fincorp Till Date

Hero Fincorp, one of India’s top non-banking financial companies, is known for offering end-to-end digital lending solutions to its customers. Since its inception, the company has been performing quite well, and its Profit After Tax (PAT) increased from Rs. 194 crore in FY22 to Rs.457 crore in FY23. This data shows the company’s positive growth, opening doors for investors to invest in Hero Fincorp unlisted shares. Today, the company’s authorised capital is Rs. 2300 cr, and the total paid-up capital is Rs. 2127 cr. The company has raised about $275 million in funding in the four rounds to date. The aim behind the funding was to fuel expansion to grow business to meet the unrivalled demands of the customers. In this blog, we will walk you through the total funding Hero Fincorp raised to date. Stride along till the end to know. 

Synopsis On Hero Fincorp Company 

Established in 1991 as Hero Honda Finlease Limited, the restructuring of the parent company of Hero MotoCorp Limited resulted in the present name Hero Fincorp Limited. It is a non-banking financial company (NBFC) dealing in business financing, leasing, bill discounting, retail finance, and other financial services. The company also offers housing loans via its subsidiary Hero Financing Ltd. Presently; the country has a presence in more than 3100 touch points, which is spread over 1700 locations. With its powerful performance, the company became India’s number one two-wheeler financing company in FY20. 

In addition, Hero Fincorp unlisted shares have also performed well in the grey market. Hero Fincorp unlisted share price has surged in the past few years, from Rs. 980 to Rs.1060. If you’re planning to invest in the company, you must know that today’s Hero Fincorp pre-IPO shares price is Rs. 1070.  

List Of Hero Fincorp Fund Investment To Date

Hero Fincorp has many investors in its bucket, through which the company has raised funding in many rounds. Let’s discuss the funds raised by the company to date. 

The Fund Raised From Chryscapital, Credit Suisse, Hero Group 

Hero Fincorp Limited raised more than Rs. 1000 crore from ChrysCapital, Hero Group, Credit Suisse, and many others. The fund was raised back in 2016 to support the unmatched demands of customer-focused credit card services. ChrysCapital made an investment of Rs. 570 crore with an 11% stake in the company, whereas Hero Group made about Rs. 300 crore. Credit Suisse participated in the fund round and made an investment of Rs. 132 crores, securing a 2.5% stake in the company.  

Fund Raised by Apollo Global Management And Other Firms 

Another funding Hero FinCorp raised is from US-based private equity firm Apollo Global Management, its parent company MotoCorp and other investors. The total capital funded by these companies was Rs. 2000 cr ($267 million). Apollo Management invested Rs. 937 crores ($125 million), Hero MotoCorp put in Rs. 700 crores ($94 million), and the rest of the money was put by the remaining investors, as said by the company. 

Since the company wants to expand its business operations through fundraising, it is planning to serve more than 15 million customers by the end of FY25. As per the sources, the company is struggling to meet its financial demands raised after the pandemic. The company expects to expand its reach to 15 million customers, for that it needs to work on enhancing its  offerings. So, the company’s funding from different investors will also increase its net worth and help it achieve an AA+ rating. Some sources claimed that after the funding round, the company’s total net worth would be Rs. 6782 crores ($900 million). 

Further, the board of the company is also planning to maintain its finances to prepare for an IPO. Hero Fincorp IPO is a golden opportunity for potential investors to earn a high return on investment and diversify their investment portfolio. As a retail investor, you must know about Hero Fincorp pre-IPO shares before investing. 

Why Should You Invest in Hero Fincorp Pre-IPO Shares?

Above, we have already shared the financial performance of the company with relevant data, which clearly depicts whether you should invest in Hero Fincorp unlisted shares or not. Since the company has not gone public, early investment would help investors earn high ROI in the future. Although the company is doing well in the grey market, it is soon planning to launch its Hero Fincorp IPO. If you want to earn a good return on investment, you can buy Hero Fincorp unlisted shares before the company goes public. Trading in Hero Fincorp pre-IPO shares involves less risk, which can be your top choice. To make your investment hassle-free and seamless, connect with the expert at Stockify, the best online broking platform in India. They will give you every detail about the company’s financial performance. Let’s start trading today. 


Que 1. Is Hero Fincorp a good company to invest in?

Ans. Yes, Hero Fincorp is a reputed and well-established company offering a golden opportunity to investors to earn high ROI in the future. 

Que 2. What is the Hero Fincorp unlisted share price today?

Ans. The unlisted share price of Hero Fincorp is Rs. 1070. 

Que 3. Where should I buy Hero Fincorp unlisted shares? 

Ans. Stockify is the leading platform for buying pre-IPO shares of various companies instantly and effortlessly. 

Que 4. What is the minimum lot size for buying Hero Fincorp unlisted shares?

Ans. The minimum lot size of the company is 50-100 shares. 

Que 5. Is buying Hero Fincorp unlisted shares legal in India?

Ans. Yes, buying and selling Hero Fincorp is 100% legal in India. Connect with Stockify to start trading.

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Hero Fincorp has raised a total funding of $257 million in 4 rounds. Know how did the company raise funds in detail here.
Hero Fincorp has raised a total funding of $257 million in 4 rounds. Know how did the company raise funds in detail here.


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