PharmEasy Stock Prices In Unlisted Share – 70% Fall In Prices, Explained

3 years ago, the unlisted share price of Pharmeasy was around ₹105, and now they are trading at ₹11, which is a 90% dump in its share prices. Once a very promising unlisted share, Pharmeasy has become one of the worst companies on the unlisted market. This is mainly because of the consistently poor performance […]

Delaying Your Investment In Pre IPO Stocks? Here Is How It Would Impact Your Portfolio

Portfolio management has become a challenging task for investors in recent times due to higher volatility in the stock market. Therefore, most investors prefer investing in pre-IPO stocks, which are unaffected by market volatility. Developing an investment portfolio is crucial for investors as it serves as a roadmap in which investors articulate how much and […]

Guide To Filter The Most Profitable Unlisted Companies In India

Buying listed and unlisted shares is a process to gain profits and create an investment portfolio in the stock market.  Once you have decided to start investing, it is essential to learn about the attributes of the market and ways to reduce the potential risk. Most retail investors buy pre-IPO shares only after a proper […]

An NRI’s Guide To Invest In Unlisted Shares In India

Can an NRI invest in unlisted shares in India? The simple answer is yes. As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, India remains a hotspot for lucrative investment opportunities for NRIs (Non-Resident Indians). The investment made by NRI is regarded as ‘foreign investment’ from the Indian Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 Regulation perspective. […]

When Does Your Portfolio Need Review From a Professional Stock Market Advisor?

The unpredictable nature of the stock market makes it a unsafe arena where you need to invest your money smartly. Once you start investing in the stock market, you must put your energy and time into managing your SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) along with your monthly budget and savings. At the initial state of earnings, […]

An In-depth Analysis of Pre IPO Share To Enlarge Your Investment Portfolio

IPO (Initial Public Offering) brings a golden opportunity for investors to make money in the stock market. Undoubtedly, the stock market is a prominent platform for building wealth in the long term. According to the Indian IPO Trend Report, in 2021, the Indian stock market (Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange) ranked 12th in […]

What Leads to Delisting of Shares and What Goes Behind The Scenes?

We hear about companies getting listed on the stock exchange every now and then. The reverse of this also happens, termed as the delisting of shares. Not long ago, Sintex Industries was the talk of the town for the potential delisting of the company’s shares. Reliance and ACRE (Assets Care & Reconstruction Enterprise) submitted a […]

The Dark Side of Paytm’s IPO Explained In Details

Paytm launched its initial public offering (IPO) in what was known as the biggest initial share of India ever since Coal India in 2010. Upon its launch, Paytm issued its stock at ₹ 2150, was listed at ₹ 1950 and enjoyed a high hit of ₹ 1,955. After hitting its high, the chief financial officer […]

Importance of Investing in Unlisted Shares

Introduction Unlisted shares have been gaining its value for past many years. With many investors making their way to unlisted shares, you can also try investing in your favorite unlisted companies and get a better hang of it once the company gets listed to the pubic. But for people who still have their doubts, lets […]

Listed Shares Vs. Unlisted Shares – Detailed Comparison

A stock market is a public market that allows people to buy and sell shares on the stock exchange. In the last few years, the share market has flourished to a great extent due to its digitalisation. Over the years, the share market has revolutionised with faster trade settlement, increased transparency, enhanced security, and a […]

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