How Is Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited Business Model Different From Its Competitors?

In each market sector, businesses thrive by staying ahead of their competitors by adopting different marketing strategies and offering innovative deals. Fintech giant Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited is also a revolutionary company promoting the Utkarsh Small Finance Bank. It has been a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) since 2010. Utkarsh Small Finance Bank provides microfinance services to unreserved people staying in the local and remote areas of northeast states, including Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. 

The top competitors of Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited are AU Small Finance Bank, Fincare Small Finance Bank and Ujjivan Small Finance Bank. However, Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited is giving neck-to-neck competition and winning some battles in the finance sector. In this article, we will discuss how Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited’s business differs from its competitors and how it’s leaving them way behind in the market.

An Overview Of Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited

Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited, previously known as Utkarsh Micro Finance Limited, is a promoter of Utkarsh Small Finance Bank, incorporated in 1990. It provides financial and non-financial services in unbanked areas where people have skills but need more capital to build something big. Furthermore, Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited offers various services, including housing, JLG, and micro pension loans. Utkarsh Micro Finance, promoting itself as Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Limited, was granted a licence to operate a ‘Small Finance Bank’ in 2016 by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Financials Of Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited

Financial details of Utkarsh Small Finance Bank (a subsidiary of Utkarsh Micro Finance) are listed below. All the figures are in crores.

Particulars (In crores)FY 21-22FY 20-21FY 19-20FY 18-19FY 17-18FY 16-17
Net Worth1,3151,3681,019772411304.9
Interest income1,7941,5801,30787951972
Interest expense799741579381250.744.3
Net interest income995839728498268.327.7
Other income1331449859.842.317.7
Total Income1,9271,7251,406939310.645.4
Operating profit47944435023075.510.5

The total revenue of Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited surged to Rs 2,094 crore in FY 22, which was earlier capped at Rs 1,780 crore in FY21. The earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation (EBITDA) increased from Rs 857 crores in Fy 21 to Rs 962 crores in FY 22. The bank’s net profit decreased due to the rise in non-performing assets (NPA) from Rs 326 crores in FY 21 to Rs 438 crores in FY 22. Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited has sustained a safe spot in the finance sector with consistent growth and unique operational strategies. The Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited unlisted shares are considered a secure way of investing and reap the benefits associated with the trading of unlisted shares.

What Differentiates Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited From Its Competitors

The potential competitors of Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited include some big names in the Indian banking sector, including AU Small Finance Bank, Fincare Small Finance Bank, and Ujjivan Small Finance Bank. But what differentiates Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited from other financial firms? The small finance bank has scaled its services in 18 states and union territories with more than 530 outlets and continuously expanding its services in remote areas. Investors trust Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited because it has raised over $93.5M in just six funding rounds, while AU Small Finance Bank has raised $130M in 12 rounds.

Why Should You Invest In Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited Unlisted Shares?

The current Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited share price is Rs 155 per equity share, and they have the potential to offer you multi-bagger returns over a period. You can invest in Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited pre-IPO shares using Stockify, India’s leading online brokerage platform, where you can sell or buy unlisted shares of top-performing companies. The in-house team of expert brokers share detailed insights into the grey market and unlisted shares and helps you accelerate your investment journey.


Q1 – Is trading in Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited unlisted shares legal in India?
Ans – Buying or selling Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited unlisted shares is 100% legal in India. Investors can count on Stockify to invest in the unlisted shares of top-performing companies safely and securely. Connect with expert brokers to kickstart your investment journey.

Q2 – What is the lock-in period for Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited unlisted shares?
Ans – The lock-in period for Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited unlisted shares for Venture Capital Funds or Foreign Venture Capital Investors and other investors like Retail, HNIs, and Body Corporates is six months, and for AIF-II, there is no lock-in period.

Q3 – How can I sell or buy Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited unlisted shares?
Ans – For trading in Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited unlisted shares, you can count on Stockify. It is India’s trusted and leading online trading platform, ideal for buying and selling unlisted shares of top-performing companies in the grey market.

Q4 – What is the minimum ticket size for trading in Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited unlisted shares?
Ans – In the last few years, most investors started trading for unlisted shares. Thus, the minimum ticket size for trading in the grey market significantly decreased. Earlier, the minimum ticket size for investing in unlisted shares was 5-10 lakhs, but now it is 35-40 K.
Q5 – How can I check the Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited unlisted share price?
Ans – Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited unlisted shares are currently trading at Rs 155 per equity share. To check the updated prices of unlisted shares of Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited or any other company in the grey market, visit Stockify. Our team of trading professionals instantly updates the latest prices on the website.

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Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited is a financial and non-financial service provider. However, its business model is quite different from its competitors.


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