Investment Opportunities With World’s Largest Two-Wheeler Helmets Manufacturer

When it comes to the helmet brand, almost everyone heard the name of Studds Accessories Ltd. Did you know it is the world’s largest helmet manufacturer and captures the largest market share in India? Studds also provides investment opportunities besides the top-notch helmet and other accessories. Studds unlisted shares are actively traded in the grey market, allowing retail investors to invest in the company. Whether you use Studds high-quality products or not, you should consider investing in this company. This blog will discuss the various investment opportunities with Studds Accessories Limited.

Analysis Of The Two-Wheeler Helmet Market

Before we move to the investment opportunities with the world’s largest two-wheeler helmet manufacturer, let’s get an overview of the market size. As per the Market Research Report published by Fortune Business Insights, the global market size of two-wheeler helmets was $7.25 billion in 2020, which grew to $7.92 billion in 2021. 

According to market insights, the global market size is expected to reach $20.09 billion by 2028. The expected CAGR growth of the market during 2024-28 will be 14.2%.

The helmet industry experienced a downfall during Covid19 due to the lockdown and less availability of vehicles on the road. Only prominent companies like Studds Accessories Ltd could recover from the losses and recapture the global helmet market during that time.

As you can see from the above graph, the Asia Pacific market size for two-wheeler helmets increased over the years. In 2019, the market size of this industry was $6.21 billion, which decreased to $6.15 billion, in which Covid19 was the major factor.

After that, the market valuation continued to increase and reached $7-10 billion. In the coming years, the global market size for two-wheeler helmets will likely increase, making companies like Studds Accessories Ltd best for investing. 

Investment Opportunities With Studds Accessories Limited

Studds Accessories Limited is an unlisted company that allows investors to trade Studds unlisted shares via online trading platforms like Stockify. As the company is looking to target the Indian ride gear market before its IPO, it will bring various investment opportunities in the future. In addition, it is also vital to see the company’s business growth plans for the next few years.

Asia’s largest Helmet Manufacturer

Studds is Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer covering most of the market share. As per the report of Business Today, Studds set up the largest helmet manufacturing facility in Haryana. The company invested approx Rs 200 crore to double its manufacturing capacity. Now, Studds Accessories Ltd has a target to manufacture 14 million two-wheeler helmets per year. It allows you to invest in Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer via Studds unlisted shares.

Studds Unlisted Shares

When it comes to investment opportunities, Studds unlisted shares are one of the recommended ones. The company emerged as Asia’s largest manufacturer, positively affecting Studds Pre-IPO shares. Studds unlisted share price increased in the last few months and brought high returns on investment. Currently, Studds Accessories share price is Rs 925, which depends on various factors like the company’s financials and current market conditions.

Studds Accessories IPO

Another investment opportunity for you in the two-wheeler helmets industry is Studds Accessories IPO which might be launched soon. However, there is no specific information regarding Studds IPO and launch date. That’s why it is recommended to buy Studds unlisted shares to get early access to its IPO shares. You should also consider various reasons to invest in Studds pre-IPO shares right away, which includes a well-managed cycle of operations.

Pros And Cons Associated With Investing In Studds Unlisted Shares

Before you plan your investment in Studds Pre-IPO shares, you need to look at its benefits and risks. It will help you manage your investment efficiently.


  • Largest market share
  • High sales and profit margins
  • Good capital structure
  • High debt coverage
  • Well-managed operating cycle
  • Globally recognised company


  • High competition in an industry
  • Strong liquidity
  • Strict government regulations

It is advised to consider the risks and benefits while planning an investment in Studds Accessories Ltd. You can also take assistance from our expert broker, who will help adjust the risk associated with Studds unlisted shares.

Buy Studds Pre-IPO Shares At Stockify

Studds is the world’s largest two-wheeler helmet manufacturer with the largest market share. It brings various investment opportunities, which include its unlisted shares. You can buy Studds unlisted shares with the help of Stockify. Our experienced team of unlisted shares brokers will guide you in planning your investment. Here, you will get access to the updated Studds unlisted share price along with financial information. To buy unlisted shares, connect with our experts today!



1- What Is The Revenue Of Studds Accessories Limited?

As per the financial data shared by the company on 31 March 2022, the revenue of Studds Accessories Limited was Rs 500 crore. To get complete financial details of the company, connect with us today!

2- Is It Profitable To Invest In Studds Company?

Studds Accessories Limited is the world’s largest two-wheeler helmet manufacturer and has grown positively. To buy Studds unlisted shares, contact our expert brokers.

3- How Can I Invest In Studds Pre-IPO Stocks?

You can buy or sell Studds Pre-IPO shares hassle-free by using Stockify. Our team of qualified unlisted shares brokers will provide you with the right guidance.

4- What Is The Current Studds Unlisted Share Price?

As per the fresh market data, Studds unlisted shares price today is Rs 925 per equity share. To stay updated with Studds Accessories share price in the future, subscribe to Stockify.

5- What Is The Market Valuation Of Studds Accessories Limited?

The current market valuation of Studds Accessories Ltd is Rs 2100 crore. This metric keeps changing and depends on the company’s performance and other factors. You can check the updated valuation of the company on Stockify.

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Studds Accessories is a leading helmet manufacturer that presents different investment opportunities. Know the pros and cons associated with Studds unlisted shares.


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