Tata Group Eyes Mega $1-2 Billion IPO for Its EV Business

Tata Group is all set to grow and is eyeing its EV business’s mega $1 to 2 billion IPO. Reports in the many top business newspapers on February 26, 2024, confirm that Tata Motors will launch an IPO of its subsidiary EV or electric vehicle business in the next year or two. Tata Motors’ share on the NSE and BSE exchanges hit an all-time high of Rs. 962, welcoming the news in the last few days. TPEML’s full form, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited, accounts for 12% of Tata Motors’ passenger vehicles portfolio. Experts predict TPEML will take over Tata Motors’ diesel vehicles unit as electric vehicle sales increase worldwide and in India. 

Check out all about when, how, and why Tata Group eyes a mega $1-2 billion IPO for its EV business. Plan well to invest in another listed share to reap huge benefits. 

What is TPEML?

The global market size of EV or electric vehicles is growing rapidly at around 10% CAGR to surpass 500 billion dollars in 2023 and reach over 1,500 billion dollars by 2030. It is because of the increasing concern for controlling climate change by reducing the burning of fossil fuels and the emission of harmful carbon dioxide from petrol and diesel vehicles. Tata Group, a pioneer in many industries for the past 156 years, is also taking advantage of the opportunity to play a pivotal part in the electric vehicle industry.

One of its top-listed companies, Tata Motors, has been one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in India for the past eight decades. For manufacturing and selling EV vehicles, Tata Motors started TPEML, or Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited, as a subsidiary to become the market leader in electric cars with over 80% of its market share in India. TPEML is the maker of Tiago. Ev and Nexon. Ev is the largest-selling electric vehicle in India. All these reasons have made the TPEM IPO a much-awaited event. 

When does the Tata Group come out with the IPO of its subsidiary TPEML?

Tata Group already has 29 listed companies, from Tata Motors to Tata Steel and others, most of which are part of the Nifty 50, the benchmark Indian stock exchange index. TPEML started in 2021 and quickly took the lion’s share of the Indian EV market. It is because of Tata’s people-friendly policy for over one and a half centuries to provide quality products at affordable costs. One of the prime concerns for those who buy EV vehicles is their high price because they do not use petrol or fuel but run on electric charge. Though people wanted to buy the EVs, the price was one concern that was reducing its sales. However, the EV market worldwide and in India is increasing, with TPEML at the forefront. In January 2023, TPEML reduced the price of Nexon. Ev by Rs. 85,000 and again on February 14, 2024, made EVs cheaper. People can buy Nexon.ev around Rs. 14.49 lakhs and Tiago. Ev at Rs. 7.9 lakhs because TPEML cut their prices to 1.2 lakhs. TPEML is set to increase its EV sales because of the price cut, which will double from 53,000 EVs to over 100,000 by 2025. To coincide with it, Tata Group announced an TPEM IPO date or an initial public offering of its subsidiary TPEML in the next 12 to 18 months. Hence, you can prepare to invest in another Tata Group company after checking TPEM share price to get a high ROI, as usual, with so many other Tata shares. This is also the good time to invest in Tata Technologies pre-IPO shares. 

Why is Tata Group eyeing a TPEML IPO of 1 to 2 billion dollars?

Electric vehicle manufacturing is an expensive business requiring considerable investments to make high-quality EVs at reduced costs. TPEM TATA started in 2021 as a subsidiary of Tata Motors and had funding from a few Venture Capitalists and Angel investors. However, with the increasing sales of EVs that will cross the one lakh mark in 2025, funds are essential for expanding manufacturing capabilities. 

It is why Tata Group is eyeing the TPEML IPO to raise from one to two billion dollars from the public. It will also be a golden opportunity for you to invest in another Tata Group share to get listed on the exchanges soon and get high returns. 

How is Tata Group planning to come out with the TPEML IPO?

TPEML, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, has seen a 69% rise in EV sales year-on-year and has quickly become a valuable company. With Tata Motors slashing the prices of its best-selling EVs, sales will more than double next year. As per the January 2023 TPG Rise Climate values funding round, TPEML is around 10 billion dollars. Hence, Tata Group plans to generate an enormous 1 to 2 billion dollar IPO to fund its projects. Also, it is part of the Tata Group improving its overall strategy on investment monetisation rather than not only raising funds from the public as soon as Tata Group decides on the many essentials like the exact IPO size, face value, issue price and the total shares to come out for the public to invest. And with the news of the IPO, the shares of Tata Motors are trading at all-time highs of around Rs. 1,000 to give good returns to the investors. 


The above facts will provide you with all the information about TPEML, the subsidiary of Tata Group, which is worth over 30 trillion rupees by operations in over 100 countries and selling products & services in over 150 countries. TPEML is a hidden treasure, with its IPO to come out in 2025 to be one of the best investment options for windfall profits. To know more about the TPEML IPO of up to 2 billion dollars, contact a reputed unlisted share broker to invest in one of the Tata Group shares to get high returns.

Tata Technologies, a key player in the renewable energy sector, is part of the dynamic Tata Group, which is poised for significant expansion. The conglomerate is actively pursuing its electric vehicle (EV) business’s growth, aiming for a mega IPO valued between $1 to 2 billion. Investing in its unlisted stocks presents a unique opportunity for early involvement in its growth trajectory. Stockify, a user-friendly platform, facilitates seamless trading of unlisted shares, offering accessibility and convenience to investors. The company’s strategic initiatives and strong market positioning make it an enticing prospect for those seeking to align their portfolios with the future of renewable energy. Investing in Tata Technologies via Stockify promises the potential for substantial returns and impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of TPEM Tata Motors? 

TPEML (Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited) is a subsidiary of Tata Motors, specializing in electric vehicles (EVs). It holds over 80% market share in India with popular models like Tiago. Ev and Nexon. Ev. It’s vital due to its strategic positioning in the rapidly growing EV market.

When is Tata Group planning to launch the TPEML IPO?

Tata Group aims to launch the TPEML IPO within the next 12 to 18 months, capitalising on the surging demand for EVs and the success of TPEML’s models. This presents a timely investment opportunity for those eyeing potential high returns.

Why is Tata Group seeking a $1 to 2 billion IPO for TPEML?

TPEML requires substantial funds to expand its manufacturing capabilities and meet the escalating demand for EVs. The IPO serves as a strategic move to raise capital from the public and further solidify Tata Group’s position in the EV industry.

How is Tata Group planning to execute the TPEML IPO?

Tata Group intends to leverage TPEML’s impressive growth and market share to attract investors. The IPO, expected to be valued between $1 to 2 billion, reflects Tata Group’s commitment to sustainable mobility and strategic investment monetisation. Stockify offers a seamless platform for potential investors to participate in this significant opportunity.

Why invest in Tata Technologies’ unlisted stocks via Stockify?

Investing in Tata Technologies’ unlisted stocks through Stockify provides early access to the company’s growth potential in the renewable energy and EV sectors. With Tata Group’s robust market presence and TPEML’s promising IPO, investing via Stockify offers convenience, accessibility, and the potential for substantial returns.

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Tata Group’s EV arm plans a groundbreaking $1-2 billion IPO, signalling a bold step forward in the electric vehicle market. Check out more on this.


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