A Comparative Study Of Top Financial Services To Invest In

A stock trader prefers financial companies for stock investments, and there’s an apparent reason. The top financial companies have expertise in dealing with market changes and new economic developments. They stay up-to-date with the factors such as international transactions, government policies, international relations, supply and demand, and financial results triggered by other economic aspects. This allows financial institutions to take adequate measures to capitalise on potential opportunities and limit adverse effects.

Current Picture Of Financial Stocks

The comparison table below by Moneycontrol elaborates on how the stock prices of financial institutions in India have fared in a couple of years. 

Company Name1 Year9 Month6 Month3 Month1 Month2 Week1 WeekLast Price
Bank of Mah18.0041.28%15.9059.94%17.5544.90%32.10-20.78%27.67-8.10%24.503.80%23.428.58%25.43
Central Bank19.3027.82%18.0037.06%19.6525.55%32.70-24.56%27.31-9.67%23.823.57%22.857.96%24.67
Bank of Baroda116.0542.87%98.4568.41%128.0029.53%187.50-11.57%172.95-4.13%158.704.47%161.252.82%165.8
Bank of India49.2557.56%45.8069.43%47.2064.41%93.70-17.18%80.38-3.46%72.397.20%68.5313.24%77.6
Canara Bank241.3517.90%188.2551.16%222.3527.97%336.80-15.51%305.25-6.78%278.052.34%277.052.71%284.55
Punjab & Sind16.4560.06%14.6180.22%15.4570.42%32.35-18.61%28.22-6.70%25.244.32%23.969.89%26.33
Indian Bank161.4579.53%150.6592.40%189.3053.12%296.50-2.24%291.95-0.72%266.658.70%271.056.94%289.85
UCO Bank12.33107.46%11.14129.62%11.80116.78%32.75-21.89%28.01-8.68%24.315.22%23.1510.50%25.58
Union Bank41.7062.59%34.6595.67%43.1557.13%82.20-17.52%72.45-6.42%63.586.64%62.139.13%67.8

Over the past few years, financial companies have proved very rewarding to invest in. The average returns for the past ten years were double-digit. This followed a major development in the financial sector, like the increasing role of private sector banks and financial institutions. Given the demand, it is not surprising that new players are entering the listed stock exchanges and grey market. Notably, the unlisted financial companies also hold substantial popularity as these Pre-IPO stocks have the potential for significant returns.

Best Financial Stocks For A Stock Trader

When choosing the right stocks for your investment, a lot goes into the research. The percent changes in the prices show the growth of company shares or decline, while the market capitalization gives a better overview of the study. With that, add Return on Equity (ROE) and Return On Capital Employed (ROCE) into the recipe, and you’ll get the top stocks for a high return.

We have prepared a list of trending financial institutions that show promising performance in the share market of 2023. Of these, only SBI Home Finance Ltd. is currently traded on unlisted markets.

Financials(In Rs. Crores)SBI Home FinanceBajaj FinanceBajaj FinservHDFC Ltd.SBI Cards
Market Cap23.033,49,632.222,04,644.874,90,660.7570,185
% ChangeNA1.030.252.19-0.7
Net Profit TTMNA7,0288,31424,0421,616
PE TTM032.1234.0819.2831.51
Revenue TTM31,63368,4061,35,925.7610,679
1 Year Return0-22.9-25.290.22-15.29

Why Invest In SBI Home Finance Ltd Shares?

SBI Home Finance Ltd is not currently traded on BSE, with whom it has been registered for all these years, due to the delay in paying annual listing fees. However, it stays in demand in the unlisted market. It has shown incredible performance in the stock market in BSE and the grey market.

The increasing market demand for affordable home loans has increased SBI Home Finance brand value in a few years. The company plans to dominate the industry with consumer-loved concessions that currently surge to 30-40 bps on home loan rates. Moreover, SBI’s expertise in integrated banking and credit services is all the more reason to invest early in SBI Home Finance shares. 

It is effortless to buy SBI Home Finance stocks with Stockify. Connect with our specialists right now, and learn more about the process in detail!

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Average returns for the past ten years were double-digit for financial stocks. Moreover, we saw a surge in the role of private-sector financial institutions.


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