A Peer Analyses Of Tata Capital Ltd Unlisted Shares

Tata Capital unlisted shares are the top pick among investors in India. Being part of Tata Group, the unlisted stocks of Tata Capital skyrocket and offer its investors flabbergasting return and dividends. Since its inception, the company has been performing quite well, and that is why it is enticing investors towards its unlisted shares. Muthoot Finance, Bajaj Finserv, Reliance Capital Ltd, Aditya Birla Capital Ltd, etc., are some of the top competitors of Tata Capital. In this article, we will walk you through the peer comparison of Tata Capital Limited to give you a better idea of how Tata Capital is performing better than its competitors. Let’s start from scratch. 

An Overview Of Tata Capital Limited

A subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited, Tata Capital Limited was established in 2007. The company is registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a Systemically Important Non-Deposit Accepting Core Investment Company. It is a trusted and customer-centric company offering tailored financial services to them. Tata Capital operates a wide range of businesses, including customer loans, commercial finance, wealth services and distribution and marketing of Tata Cards. Read this article based on a detailed peer comparison of Tata Capital Limited. 

Tata Capital Limited & Its Peer Comparison

To better understand the performance of Tata Capital Ltd unlisted shares, you must know its competitors with a thorough comparison. Have a look at the table given below: 

(Revenue in Crore)

Particulars Tata Capital Reliance Capital Vistaar Finance Home Credit India
Founding Date2007  1987    2010    2012
Type Subsidiary PublicPrivate Private 
Tags Financial services Financial services Financial services Financial services 
Revenue in 2022Rs. 13,637Rs. 20.98Rs. 1,816.48

There is no doubt that the companies’ finances fluctuate a lot based on market trends and the company’s performance. The revenue of Tata Capital may not be good in the last year, but the company earned high revenue compared to its previous year, which was Rs. 10,253 Crore. Further, the company’s net worth was around Rs. 16,959 Crore in FY 22-23 compared to Rs. 11713 Crore in FY 21-22. Also, the book value of the company also increased to 48.36 from 33.82 in 2021

Major Highlights Of Tata Capital Limited: FY 21-22 And FY22-23

To know about Tata Capital Limited thoroughly, it is important to look at the financials of the company for FY 21-22 and FY 22-23. 

FY 21-22

  • The company is registered with RBI as a Core Investment Company offering a wide range of financial services and products in the financial sector. 
  • Tata Capital is said to earn the highest profit during FY22. The company has achieved this by expanding its Net Interest Margin (NIM), tightening Credit Policies, and focused management of operating costs. 
  • This year, the company’s Profit After Tax (PAT) surged to Rs. 1,081 Crore from Rs. 1,245 Crore. 
  • The year’s net income was Rs. 5,364 Crore, which was Rs. 4,775 Crore in FY21, so the total increase was 12%. 
  • Further, the return on equity also increased from 12.4% in FY20-21 to 15.3% in FY 21-22. 
  • The book value of the company also rose from 28.79 to 33.82. 

FY 22-23

  • The company’s spending by 42% YoY to 75,099 crore was invested in digital innovations. 
  • The credit cost of the company stood at 0.5%
  • The company continued to maintain a strong asset quality which is of the top quality among its peers. 
  • It also achieved the highest ever PAT of 2,975 crores with YoY growth of 80% 

How Is It Beneficial To Invest In Tata Capital Unlisted Shares?  

A trusted, customer-centric and one-stop financial solution, Tata Capital Limited offers financial services to people catering to their needs. The company has been well-performing as it is a part of the renowned Tata Group. Though the company has not yet filed for its Initial Public Offering (IPO), it may soon apply for it. So, it is a major opportunity for potential investors to make early investments to reap all the benefits like high ROI, dividends, and other things before the company goes public. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much revenue Tata Capital Ltd earned in 2022?

Ans. The company’s total revenue in 2022 was Rs. 437 Crore as opposed to Rs. 239.2 Crore. in 2021. So the revenue earned by the company shows the positive growth of the company. 

  1. What is Tata Capital unlisted share price today?

Ans. Tata Capital unlisted shares are available at Rs. 575. However, the prices keep fluctuating due to market trends and the company’s performance. 

  1. Why invest in Tata Capital unlisted stocks in India?

Ans. Tata Capital is a global engineering and product development digital services company offering services to the manufacturing industry. 

  1. What is the benefit of investing in Tata Capital unlisted shares?

Ans. Tata Capital is a renowned company expanding its business operations by beating its competitors. By investing in Tata Capital unlisted shares, you can become a part of the reputed company and earn high ROI in the future. 

  1. How to buy Tata Capital unlisted stocks?

Ans. You can count on Stockify, India’s leading stock broking company, to buy and sell unlisted shares. The expert brokers at Stockify will guide you throughout the trading process. 

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Tata Capital earned Rs. 13,637 Crore revenue in 2022. How much do its competitors earn? Check this blog to know its peer comparison and the company’s financial performance.


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