How are B9 Beverages Pvt Ltd (Bira91) Unlisted Shares Gaining Pace Again?

One of all the alcoholic beverage manufacturing companies operating today in India, B9 Beverages  makes one of the world’s most popular and luscious beers, Bira. This pre-ipo company has established a high level of quality and sustainable innovation while widening the outlook of beer consumers and creating the most diverse brewing culture in India and worldwide. The company was awarded the prestigious Asian Beer Challenge Award 2020 and offers the best unlisted shares in India. In addition, the company has generated high revenue of Rs. 457 Cr from beer sales in 2020, which places Bira91 in the top 25 craft beer brands globally. In FY2122, the company’s total revenue was Rs. 462.8 Cr.

It is crystal clear that the company has been growing since its inception and offered a golden opportunity to potential investors to gain hefty ROI with Bira91 unlisted shares. Though the company saw a significant downfall in its sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it managed to recover its growth tremendously. Let’s dive in and talk about how Bira91 unlisted shares in India are gaining pace in the market. 

Story Of Behind Bira 91

In a  market dominated by players like Kingfisher, Budweiser, and Haywards, millennial consumers wanted something different and unique beer. They found what they were exactly looking for in Bira. Incorporated in 2015 by Ankur Jain, Bira 91 is India’s most prominent beer brand manufactured by B9 Beverage Private Ltd. The company started its first brewery unit in the Flanders region of Belgium, and the beer was imported to India. After initial success, the company began to manufacture beer in India. Presently, the company operates four breweries in India and has offices in 9 cities, including New York. 

In a short time, the brand touched the sky and made its name in the beverage market in India and worldwide. The delicious taste, bold identity, and robust draft network made Bira91 a favourite beer brand in India. Within just 2-3 years, Bira91 secured its name in the top 25 craft beer brands worldwide. In accordance with sales volume and demand in the market, Bira 91 became the fastest-growing beer brand in the world. The company product portfolio comprises five beer variants – Bira 91 Blonde, Bira 91 white, Bira 91 light, Bira 91 strong, and Bira 91 Indian Pale Ale. With such a massive name in the market, the company managed to secure its place in India’s top unlisted share companies

How B9 Beverages Is Stepping Up The Ladders Of Success?

Beer is considered the second most popular alcoholic beverage after whiskey in India. There is no doubt that alcohol consumption has become a crucial part of social interactions among young people in India. Considering the same, the Indian alcohol market is the 3rd largest and fastest-growing market in the world. In terms of volume, the beer market was valued at 55,337.3 lakh litres in 2020 and is expected to reach 90,047.4 lakh litres by 2025. Further, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.89% during the 2021-2025 period. With the growing demand for beer, it is evident that B9 Beverages products are set to step up the ladder of success. Being the top unlisted share company in India, the current Bira91 B9 unlisted share price in the grey market is INR. Rs. 777.0

According to Drink Insights, Bira91 Beverages announced its aim to become a first-net zero-carbon emission beer company in India by 2025. The company established a venture with Japanese beverage company Kirin Holdings to achieve its sustainability goals. As a potential investor, if you want to diversify your investment portfolio and mitigate the risk associated with the investment, Bira91 is the right pre-IPO company to invest in and buy unlisted shares in India. If you want to buy Bira91 unlisted shares in India, connect with experts at Stockify. 
In addition, with the goal of less energy and water consumption and shifting to green energy and zero landfill waste, Bira91 has already embarked on the journey and crossed a few milestones and become the best unlisted shares in India. The best thing about the company is that in January 2021, it crossed a zero-coal milestone by ending the use of coal in the breweries industry. Also, they reduced carbon emissions by 40% last year by adopting several supply chain processes and packaging methods. There is no doubt that Bira’s sustainability initiative came when consumers were becoming caprice about the brands they prefer. According to GlobalData’s Q1 2022 consumer survey report, 45% of people in India majorly seek products with the environmentally friendly claim as they become essential in their purchasing decision. It is visible that sustainability has emerged as one of the most critical options in purchasing decisions among consumers. If you’re looking to buy Bira91 Unlisted shares in India, connect with Stockify for an easy process.

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