Boat Signs Yashasvi Jaiswal As Their New Brand Ambassador


Boat, a notable electronics brand in India, has recently signed the young and talented cricketer Yashasvi Jaiswal as their new brand ambassador. This exciting news has created a buzz among fans of the brand and the cricketer.

BoAt is known for its innovative and stylish electronic products like headphones, earphones, and smartwatches. They have a strong presence in the Indian market, especially among the youth. By choosing Yashasvi Jaiswal as its brand ambassador, boAt aims to connect with young consumers who admire Jaiswal’s determination and success. 

Who is Yashasvi Jaiswal?

Yashasvi Jaiswal is a rising star in Indian cricket. Born on December 28, 2001, in Suriyawan, Uttar Pradesh, Jaiswal’s journey to success is truly inspirational. He moved to Mumbai at a young age to pursue his cricket dreams. Jaiswal’s dedication and hard work paid off despite many hardships, including living in tents and selling street food. He grabbed everyone’s attention with his performances in domestic cricket and the Under-19 World Cup.

His story of resilience and achievement resonates with boAt’s brand values of innovation and excellence. Yashasvi Jaiswal was announced as boAt’s brand ambassador through a press release and social media. BoAt’s co-founder, Aman Gupta, expressed his excitement about the partnership. 

He mentioned that Yashasvi’s journey of overcoming challenges and emerging as a cricket star aligns perfectly with boAt’s vision. In his statement, Jaiswal shared his enthusiasm for joining the Boat family and promoting their products.

The benefit of this collaboration

For Boat

  • Increased Brand Visibility: Yashasvi Jaiswal’s popularity, especially among cricket fans, will help Boat gain more visibility and reach a wider audience.
  • Youth Connection: Jaiswal can effectively connect with the youth as a young and successful sportsman, which is boAt’s primary target market.
  • Positive Brand Image: Associating with a sports star known for hard work and perseverance can enhance boAt’s brand image.

For Yashasvi Jaiswal

  • Brand Endorsement: Partnering with a well-established brand like Boat will boost Jaiswal’s visibility outside of cricket and help him build his personal brand.
  • Financial Benefits: Brand endorsements are a significant source of income for athletes, and this partnership will provide Jaiswal with financial support.
  • Broader Reach: This collaboration will introduce Jaiswal to Boat’s large customer base, increasing his fan following.

Previous Ambassadors of Boat

If you look closely into the boAt’s influencer marketing strategy, they have a well-thought plan by collaborating with stars from various fields to grab the attention of diverse audiences. Some of the previous brand ambassadors include:

  • Hardik Pandya: The dynamic cricketer was one of boAt’s ambassadors, promoting their stylish and high-quality products.
  • Kiara Advani: The Bollywood actress helped boAt connect with young, fashion-conscious consumers.
  • Diljit Dosanjh: The famous singer and actor brought his unique style and energy to the boat brand.


The partnership between boAt and Yashasvi Jaiswal is a strategic move that benefits both parties. For boAt, it means increased brand visibility and a stronger connection with the youth. For Jaiswal, it provides financial support and a platform to grow his personal brand. This collaboration is a perfect example of how sports and business can work together to create a win-win situation.

By constantly adapting to market trends and customer preferences, boAt has reached the top and is ready to handle future industry challenges.

Currently, the boat share price is trading around Rs 1450-1500 per share. With Aman Gupta’s leadership and enthusiasm, the share price has a better growth potential. Now is the best time to invest in boAt and see your investment grow.

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BoAt has signed rising cricket star Yashasvi Jaiswal as their new brand ambassador. This partnership aims to connect with the youth and improve BoAt’s brand image.


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