Care Health Insurance Ltd (Religare) Current Market Share

Religare Enterprise’s share price recently witnessed a surge amidst the completion of OTS by the subsidiary. Religare Finvest Limited (RFL) completed the one-time-settlement (OTS), and it repaid Rs. 400 crores three months prior to the final date of the contract. The subsidiary repaid the amount to 16 companies. This led to a rise in the overall share price of Religare share, with an increment of 7% as of March 9, 2023. This rise in Religare Enterprise share price has given investors a positive outlook to buy unlisted shares of the company. 

Religare is one of the best financial institutions in India and provides services across different verticals. It offers various financial services and loans to SMEs, Housing Finance, Health Insurance, and Retail Broking, with its subsidiaries operating across multiple segments. Religare Enterprise is listed on the BSE and NSE in India. Still, some enterprise subsidiaries have not yet made it to the primary market but are ruling the unlisted market domain. One such arm of the company is Care Health Insurance (Formerly known as Religare Health Insurance). Unlike Religare Enterprise, Care Health Insurance is not yet listed in the Indian stock market. 

If you prefer to avoid the risks, you can check the Religare Health Insurance unlisted share price and invest in the stocks. However, if you prefer to trade in the unlisted share market, you can buy Religare unlisted shares (Care Health Insurance Ltd ) and diversify their stock portfolio. Before you start investing, let us look at the market share and stock performance of  Care Health Insurance Ltd. 

Care Health Insurance Ltd 

Formerly known as Religare Health Insurance, the company offers specialised health insurance services to employees, individual customers, and financial institutions. Care Health Insurance Ltd also offers products in the retail areas for critical illness and accidents, international travel insurance, group health insurance, and group personal insurance for corporations. 

CHI functions on an online model that makes purchasing health insurance easier for customers. The company also provides the following benefits: 

 1. In-Patient Care

2. Pre and Post Medical Hospitalisation expenses

3. Ambulance Cover

4. Annual Health Check-ups for all insured members

5. Day Care Treatments

6. No Claim Bonus

7. Tax Benefits u/s 80D

8. Cashless treatment in network hospitals

The company’s principles are consumer-centric, continuously improving other aspects like innovation, service quality, and consumer services. CHI has also gained recognition as it won the “BestHealthcare Insurance Company” award at ABP News-BFSI Awards, the ‘Editor’s Choice Award for Best Product Innovation’ at Finnoviti, ‘Best Claims Service Leader of the Year and a lot of other awards. 

Due to its diverse presence and far-reaching operations, Religare Health Insurance’s share price and financial reports have grown, giving investors hope to buy unlisted shares and generate good returns.

Care Health Insurance Market Outlook  

The company functions in the health insurance domain and has shown significant signs of growth and development in the insurance sector as a whole. The health segment of the company has shown substantial growth of 35% (excluding a one-time Ayushman Bharat program premium of Rs. 413 crores in FY20). The Covid-19 pandemic opened up new and better growth possibilities for Care Health Insurance Ltd as health insurance awareness increased due to the industry’s overall growth. 

The company plans to take advantage of this increasing gravitation of the people toward the importance of health insurance. It plans to expand its networks and distribution channels using agencies, banks, brokers, and digital methods. Care Health Insurance Ltd is ensuring that it capitalises on this growing market to establish a strong presence in the health insurance market. 

For people who want to generate significant returns and grow their profits, it would be beneficial for investors to buy Religare Health Insurance unlisted shares. Along with a positive growth outlook of the overall field, the chances for growth of Religare share are multifold. Before investing, it is necessary to look at the company’s financials. 

Financial Reports Of Care Health Insurance Ltd 

Before investing in Care Health Insurance unlisted shares, you must also look at the company’s financial progress. Here’s a table depicting the financial reports of the company. 

ParticularsFY18FY19FY20FY21FY22YOY % FY22CAGR % FY22
Net Sales-6.4262.5278.4322341.46NAN
Total Income-6.4262.5279322.9341.45.7NAN
Net Profit-16.356.965.7102.211.5-88.7NAN
Shareholder Funds594.8702.5783.71132.21289.213.921.3
Total Assets594.2700.97811130.51288.71421.4

Over the last five years, revenue has grown at a yearly rate of 38.99% compared to the industry average of 26.26%. By the end of the financial year that ended in March 2022, the GDPI of the company rose by 52% (from Rs. 2,588 Crores to Rs. 3,947 Crores in 2020-21), and the net worth registered by the end of FY was registered as Rs. 1,207.37 Crores. While the net profit of the company shows a downfall, the sales and income of the company paint a relatively positive picture for the future of the company. 

If we look at the financial year 2021, the GDPI registered a growth of 29.5% (from Rs. 1975 Crores in 2019-20 to Rs. 2,559 crores in the year 2021), and the total assets of the company saw a year on year growth of 14 %. 

Care Health Insurance’s sales and revenue figures give the investors a good sign to buy Religare’s unlisted shares. If you are new to investing,  you can connect best unlisted shares brokers in India to get the best financial advice to buy and sell unlisted shares. Apart from the financials, another major factor that helps us with the purchasing decision of the company is its position in the market and the overall outlook of the sector. The section above explains how Care Health Insurance Ltd. (Religare) has a silver lining ahead, so buying Religare Health shares can be a good investing option. If you want to buy and sell unlisted shares, taking expert advice can substantially help.

Care Health Insurance Unlisted Share Price Performance

The extended arm of Religare Enterprise, Care Health Insurance, is a health insurance firm established in 2012 and falls under the category of a public limited company. Unlike the parent company, Care Health Insurance still falls under the category of unlisted companies. The company has an authorised share capital of Rs.1,300.00 cr and total paid-up capital of Rs. 942.23 cr. In the past five years, the company has shown growth potential and has improved its income 7x. The figure shows the trend of Care Health Insurance unlisted share price. 

Even though the company has strong financials, the Religare Health Insurance unlisted shares price saw a considerable fall in 2022 amidst the right issues to grow this health insurance business. Investors have high hopes for the recovery of the share, as the company has been in the field for more than a decade and has a reputable position in the field. 

Hence, the shareholders and investors have a positive perspective toward these unlisted shares. So you can buy and sell Care Health Insurance unlisted shares to generate a good return on your investment. Currently, the unlisted share price of Religare Health Insurance Limited is Rs. 155 per share so you can invest in the company’s unlisted shares. The company’s future outlook and growth potential make Care Health Insurance a safe haven for investors trading in the unlisted stock market. 


How can I buy Care Health Insurance Ltd unlisted shares in India? 

To buy Care Health Insurance unlisted shares, you can visit Stockify, a one-stop shop for buying and selling unlisted shares in India. You can get easy access to unlisted, delisted shares and ESOPs. 

What is the current share price of Care Health Insurance? 

Currently, the unlisted share price of Care Health Insurance is Rs.155. Reach Stockify to get the latest updates on unlisted stock prices. 

Is it legal to buy and sell Care Health Insurance unlisted shares? 

Buying and selling CHI unlisted shares in India is completely legal. Online platforms like Stockify can be used to trade in unlisted shares. 

Is Care Health Insurance a part of Religare?

Yes, Care Health Insurance is a part of Religare Enterprise, which functions in the health insurance sector. 

What is the share price of Religare Enterprise? 

Religare Enterprise Ltd is currently trading at Rs. 160 on the National Stock Exchange.

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Care Health Insurance Ltd is a good investment option for investors to get high returns. Find out about its current market share here.


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