Hero FinCorp Teams Up with Delhi Capitals

Hero FinCorp Partners with Delhi Capitals IPL Team for Multi-Year Association

Hero FinCorp Teams Up with Delhi Capitals

In the sports sponsorship world, partnerships often reflect shared goals and values. Hero FinCorp, a major finance company in India, has begun a multi-year partnership by sponsoring the Delhi Capitals, a cricket team in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Hero FinCorp, part of Hero MotoCorp, provides loans to consumers and businesses. They offer property-backed loans, extra loans for their current clients, and financing for Hero MotoCorp’s two-wheelers. For businesses, they offer loans for buying equipment and covering daily expenses.

Benefit for Hero Fincorp

Hero FinCorp’s partnership with the Delhi Capitals is a smart move to grow its brand. This is part of Hero FinCorp’s bigger plan to get more people to know about them. By teaming up with the popular IPL team, Hero FinCorp shows its commitment to its core values, aiming to gain the trust of both fans and investors.

Both Hero FinCorp and the Delhi Capitals believe in “Confidence to Make it Happen,” showing their strong and cooperative identities. Through this partnership, Hero FinCorp wants to make financial services available to cricket fans and the wider Delhi Capitals audience.

Why do companies partner with IPL teams?

Brands partner with IPL teams because they attract a huge audience and deeply engage fans. The IPL has massive viewership, so brands see these partnerships as a way to reach a wide, tech-savvy audience in India and beyond. For financial institutions, teaming up with IPL teams is a chance to increase visibility and connect with cricket fans who can be their target audience.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has shown that getting Official Partner Rights for the IPL can be profitable. Financial institutions know these collaborations are valuable; they create a sense of community among fans, improve brand image, and increase customer interaction, especially when the teams perform well.

Hero FinCorp’s marketing campaign with the Delhi Capitals

Hero FinCorp is trying to grow its customer base and promote financial understanding through marketing strategies using famous cricketers. By featuring Delhi Capitals players like David Warner and Prithvi Shaw in their ads, they are attracting the attention of cricket fans who may be interested or may need financial support.

This is also a great strategy for the economy to encourage entrepreneurship wherein, people have the capital to grow. Their current offerings include:- 

  • Instant personal loans at a low interest rate of just 2.08%*
  • Easy approval for loans up to 3 lakhs
  • Short-term, fully online loans with no paperwork involved

These offers show Hero FinCorp’s dedication to being customer-friendly and trustworthy, setting the stage for future customer relationships. Hero FinCorp aims to meet various financial needs, especially for people who don’t usually use banks, helping them achieve their dreams and open the doors to new opportunities, as reflected in their slogan.

What determines Hero FinCorp’s share price, and is it a good investment?

Their key financial metrics show hero FinCorp’s financial health and growth. These are important for anyone considering investing in the company’s shares, which are not yet on the stock market. Hero FinCorp has grown a lot, with a 36% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in total income over the last three years.

Hero FinCorp has the lowest borrowing costs among similar companies at 7.8% and has high ratings from credit agencies like ICRA and CRISIL, making it financially strong. The company is backed by well-known investors like Apollo Global and Chrys Capital, which boosts confidence in its stability.

Hero FinCorp manages assets worth over Rs. 22,000 Crores and has shown significant growth, suggesting a positive future for its share price.


In conclusion, the partnerships between Hero FinCorp and the Delhi Capitals, and other companies teaming up with IPL teams, are strategic moves to use cricket’s wide appeal. These strategies aim to increase brand recognition, connect with a diverse audience, and boost business growth. With its strong financial base and creative marketing, we can see a surge in hero fincorp share price.

Is Hero Fincorp Listed?

Currently, hero fincorp ltd is not listed in NSE or BSE. But it is traded in the unlisted share market. You can easily buy unlisted shares of Hero Fincorp from Stockify. We are India’s trusted platform for buying or selling pre-IPO unlisted shares. Here, you can access trending pre-IPO stocks and their performance in the past few years. Our experts update the price of unlisted shares based on market conditions and help investors pick the right stocks.

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Hero FinCorp has formed an alliance with the Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League. With a strong growth trajectory, including a 36% CAGR, and the support of reputable investors, Hero FinCorp’s collaboration with IPL teams may increase brand awareness and outreach to the cricket fanbase.


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