Orbis Financial Corporation- All The Major Fundraisings

Orbis Financial Corporation Limited is one of India’s most renowned players in providing security services. Established in 2005, the company started its operations in 2009 and has made substantial progress in the financial markets, giving its investors an optimistic outlook. Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares are also generating significant returns for the shareholders. But before investing in the company, let’s look at its performance, fundraising pattern, and stock performance. 

About Orbis Financial Corporation Limited 

The ‘Custodian of Securities’ is one of the leading names in providing financial security services. The services include DDP, Custody and Depository Services, Fund Accounting Services, Derivative Clearing Services, Escrow Services for Securities, Trusteeship Services, and RTA Services.

The company has been registered with SEBI as Designated Depository Participant and a Clearing Member on NSE, BSE, MSEI & MCX. To stay up-to-date with the technologically inclined world, Orbis Financial Corporation Limited has established its digital presence and developed an online platform based on an ERP system for better functioning. 

Orbis Financial Corporation Limited has played a role in making the financial capital markets by providing a wide array of security services to different investors like FPI, FDI, MFs, Insurance companies, Stock Brokers, Private Banks, Portfolio Managers, AIFs, and other high net worth individuals. The company portrays a zero-conflict business model with the information fully disclosed up to the beneficiary level. 

Fundraisings By Orbis Financial Corporation Limited

By the end of 2021, the company has raised fresh capital of Rs. 221.24 million. After taking this into account, the company’s net worth aggregated to Rs. 1,544.91 million. This gave positive hope to the investors to buy Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares. The company has been raising funds to stay on the growth journey and generate returns for the unlisted shareholders. 

In a recent investment round, the company raised Rs. 111 crores from marquee investors like Ashish Kacholia. The amount was received by the company’s exemplary growth in Assets Under Custody (AUC), Clearing Services, Trustee, RTA, Fund Accounting, etc. This fundraising round has been undertaken to help in capitalising on the growth and inculcate a better functioning to strengthen the company’s position in the financial securities market. 

In 2021-22, the company raised capital worth Rs. 22.46 crore by issuing 55,46,771 equity shares at face value of Rs. 10, based on a rights basis. The company also allotted 11,44,000 equity shares under the Employees Stock Option Scheme. 

The successful attempts by the company have improved the company’s financial status, and the investors are keen to buy Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares. The best way to make good returns by the company’s growth is by investing in the company’s unlisted shares. You can also buy unlisted shares to be a part of the company’s growth. Only looking at the fundraising pattern is not enough to make a decision about the investment, so let us also look at the financial performance of Orbis Financial Corporation Limited. 

Orbis Financial Corporation Limited Financial Performance 

The company has been performing significantly well on the financial front, and the table below will give you an idea. 

Particulars 2022(Rs. Lakh.)2021(Rs. Lakh.)2020(Rs. Lakh.)2019(Rs. Lakh.)
Operating Revenue 15418665533721592
Income 19103 865343882245
Operating Profit 599810591357437
Total Expenditure 12581670327541341
Profit Before Tax652119491634904
Profit After Tax 478415931157722
EPS 5.411.991.771.1

The financial parameters and the good fundraising pattern indicated a good performance of Orbis Financial unlisted shares in the grey market. Since the company has not yet listed itself on the stock exchange, you can still buy Orbis Financial Corporation pre-IPO shares to be a part of the company’s growth journey. 

The unlisted share performance of the company has also been exemplary and has shown signs of good returns to the company. The road has been bumpy for the company’s unlisted shares, but it has bounced back and never disappointed the investors regarding returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What is the Orbis Financial Corporation share price today? 

Currently, the Orbis Financial Corporation share price stands at Rs. 105. The unlisted share price is subject to fluctuations in the market and the company’s performance. To get an updated price of the unlisted shares, visit Stockify.

Q2. How can I check the share price of Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares? 

Stockify is the best platform to check the Orbis Financial Corporation share price in India. The platform provides an updated price for all unlisted shares.

Q3. Is Orbis Financial Corporation Limited listed in the stock market? 

The company has not yet been listed on the stock market. You can buy Orbis Financial Corporation IPO shares if you want to invest in the company until it gets listed on the stock exchange. 

Q4. Is it good to invest in Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares? 

Considering the financial performance and the strong trust that the company holds, unlisted shares can be a good investment option. Still, it is advised to consult the experts before investing. You can visit Stockify for expert advice. 

Q5. Is it legal to buy and sell unlisted shares in India? 

Buying and selling unlisted shares is legal in India, and multiple stock broking platforms are available to ease the process. Stockify is one platform where you can buy Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares and the shares of other blue-chip companies not listed in the stock market. 

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India’s leading name in financial security services, Orbis Financial Corporation, has raised Rs.111 crore funds. Read the blog to look at more fundraising initiatives by the company!


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