Top Highly Profitable Unlisted Companies In India To Look For As An Investor

Today, saving money is not the ultimate way to ensure financial security; people have been looking for other ways to earn passive income. Unlisted shares in India come out to be the benefactor helping people grow financially in an exponential way. The high ROI in the stock market, especially from unlisted shares, has attracted many potential investors to invest in unlisted companies. Undoubtedly, investment in unlisted shares fetches you a high ROI, but one shouldn’t forget about the market risk associated with it. Since the Security and Exchange Board of India does not regulate pre-IPO share trading, retail investors must consider appropriate and profitable unlisted companies in India to seek a high return on their investment. The stock market is broad, and there are a plethora of options available; however, one must conduct proper research before investing in profitable unlisted companies to reap the maximum benefits. 

In this write-up, we have talked about the most profitable unlisted companies in India that you must look for as an investor.

Why Invest In Unlisted Shares?

Everyone is aware of the benefits of investing in the stock market, but as a beginner, a question might be perturbing your mind as to why to invest in unlisted shares. Basically, unlisted shares bring numerous benefits to investors, such as low market volatility, diversification of risk, higher liquidity compared to shares of listed companies, and high ROI. Moreover, unlisted shares are highly beneficial for long-term capital gains if they’re held for more than two years before selling. 

However, investors must know that unlisted shares are only fruitful when it is invested in the long term, and it doesn’t offer many benefits for short-term investors and low-risk bearers. But with no second thought, the investment made in unlisted shares will surely help investors reap high benefits. Moreover, if you want to buy unlisted shares in India, make sure to connect with an experienced unlisted share broker from a reliable online stock trading platform like Stockify.

Highly Profitable Unlisted Stocks To Keep Check

Every investor wants to earn a high return on their investment, and if you’re one of them looking to invest in the long haul, Stockify is here to help you invest in highly profitable unlisted stocks. Here are the two most sought-after unlisted stocks to help you earn in the long term. 

National Stock Exchange

As of December 2023, NSE has a market cap of over $3.27 trillion making it the second biggest stock exchange in India and the 9th biggest stock exchange in the world. In the fiscal year 2022-23, NSE earned a revenue of ₹12,765 crore, which was a 30% increase in the revenue as compared to last year. The constant increase in the revenue of the exchange is among the reasons why people investing in the unlisted shares of NSE is a good idea. Currently, in Dec 2023, the unlisted share of NSE is worth around ₹3650.


The reason for the sudden takeover of boAt is the quality of the products they offer and the price segment. Since its inception in 2016, the company has been doing well as its revenue crossed Rs 3403.2 Cr. in FY 22-23, Currently, the unlisted shares of boAt have a price of Rs. 995, boAt also gives its investors quarterly dividends at the rate of 13.98%. It gave its investors a dividend of ₹3.99 or ₹330 in 2023. The last dividend paid by boAt to its customer was in September. 26 2023. 

So, whenever you plan on buying pre-IPO unlisted shares of companies, consider buying them through verified and trusted platforms like Stockify. We have a team of experts who will help you to make a profitable investment. Our platform also provides you with all the necessary financial metrics of a company before you buy it, so that you can evaluate the company yourself.

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