Swiggy DineOut collaborates with DRIM Global for its social media campaign

With a digitally interconnected landscape, branding & marketing initiatives take full use of social media platforms that have now become a life-saver tool for businesses aiming to navigate the competitive market terrain and achieve higher growth. Social media campaigns are vital for enhancing brand visibility and facilitating brand recognition on a global scale. By leveraging the wide reach and addictive nature of social media platforms, businesses can increase their brand presence and engage with diverse audiences in real-time. Moreover, social media platforms offer unparalleled opportunities for an organic boost of their message through user-generated content, shares, and endorsements. 

Understanding DineOut’s Evolution & Timelines

The operational framework of Dineout is categorically that of a business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) service, aimed at enhancing customer experiences by a seamless process of table reservations at hotels and restaurants. Through collaborations with a wide range of popular pubs and restaurants, and access to exclusive offers and discounts, DineOut has an edge in order to expand promotions and user acquisition initiatives. 

Interestingly, a fund managed by US asset manager Baron Capital Group recently adjusted the valuation of the well-known food delivery platform Swiggy to $12.1 billion, representing a strong 13% increase from its previous valuation of $10.7 billion obtained during its 2022 fundraising round. According to a report by Entrackr, Swiggy, the parent company itself intends to go public this year. The article also stated that the food delivery company will submit paperwork for its IPO by May and eventually list around the holidays. Swiggy plans to pursue a $12–15 billion valuation.

In addition to its market competitors such as EazyDiner, Zomato, and HungryNaki, Dineout is diversifying its geographical footprint, expanding across continents into markets spanning Asia, Africa, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and East Africa. Furthermore, recognizing the potential of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India, Dineout intends to capitalize on this emerging market segment, along with its outlet expansions. The acquisition of Dineout by Swiggy, backed by SoftBank and valued at approximately $150 million, has furthered DineOut’s growth potential. 

One of India’s leading platforms for performance influencer marketing, DRIM Global, recently revealed the amazing results of its partnership with Swiggy DineOut. The proactive decision to increase brand awareness among Swiggy DineOut’s current customer base has produced impressive results, placing the platform at the top of the dining-out sector. The relationship between DRIM and Swiggy DineOut has perhaps made the most of DRIM’s effective influencer marketing know-how.  

Is Drim Global a Smart Choice?

By utilizing DRIM’s creative strategy, which is based on cost-per-action (CPA) measurements and performance-driven influencer partnerships, Swiggy DineOut successfully maximized its return on investment and demonstrated mastery over the pre-established marketing expenditure template. With the onboarding and screening of over 330 micro and nano influencers based on precise criteria to master interaction metrics, thematic relevancy, and audience alignment, the campaign overseen by DRIM Global was a model of effective planning. Higher consumer involvement was eventually the result of this selection procedure, which guaranteed the delivery of genuine brand advocacy and had to have struck a deep chord with the target demographic. Swiggy Instamart, Swiggy Food, Swiggy-HDFC credit card, and Swiggy DineOut are all served by DRIM’s partnership with Swiggy for influencer marketing. 

The resulting metrics speak volumes: 185 carefully crafted publications generating over 2.3 million views, complemented by an impressive tally of likes and positive comments. Such outcomes bring out the correlation between strategic foresight and actionable insights. 

Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia at DRIM Global, vouches for the neatly defined strategies vital for the campaign’s success, stating, “Our focus on strategic influencer selection, compelling content creation, and exclusive customer deals played a pivotal role in driving engagement. By aligning with Swiggy DineOut’s target demographic, we ensured authenticity, while our emphasis on high-quality visuals and engaging captions effectively showcased app features and created a sense of urgency.”

Nikhil Karunakaran, Senior Marketing Manager at Swiggy DineOut, expressed his approval for the fruitful results of the partnership with DRIM Global, stating, “We’re thrilled with the exceptional results achieved through our collaboration with DRIM Global for Swiggy DineOut! The campaign’s massive reach of 23 Lakh views from our target audience is a testament to its success. We are committed to further enhancing the DineOut experience for our users and offering unparalleled value through future influencer marketing campaigns.”

These practical insights provided by DRIM make it clear that their dedication to delivering results is reinforced by a state-of-the-art analytical platform that, when combined with the strength of machine learning, data analytics, and even a well-designed selection algorithm, has been specifically designed to meet each campaign’s goals to the highest degree of optimization. 

Current price and future prospects 

Last traded, Swiggy’s stock price was at ₹450, setting positive prospects for the future. 

Each Swiggy share price has a face value of ₹ 1. In 2014, Dineout was acquired by Times Internet, the digital media arm of Bennett, Coleman, and Company Ltd (Times Group) that publishes ET at a valuation of $150-200 million. Swiggy Dineout currently features fine dining, lounge bars, pubs, cafes, quick-service restaurants, and more. Moreover, Swiggy One members will get the benefits of their all-encompassing membership now across Dineout, food delivery, Instamart (groceries), Genie (send packages), and more.

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Using social media platforms as essential parts of marketing strategy is crucial for maximizing brand visibility and market penetration in today’s digitally ever-present environment. In this context, DineOut’s digital strategy insight influences a reshaping of the dining-out industry. Furthermore, DRIM Global’s organized campaign planning and influencer partnerships highlight the significance of targeted marketing efforts in boosting engagement and generating measurable business outcomes in the competitive culinary sector.


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