Why Are Reliance Retail Shares Among The Top Gainers In The Unlisted Share Market?

In India, over 12 lakh companies are registered, but only 5,000 are listed. It signifies the vast probability of finding companies that may deliver multi-bagger returns in the unlisted share market. Reliance Retail is a company that has an excellent financial record, and it is leading the unlisted share market. We are talking about Reliance Retail unlisted shares and will discuss why its shares outperform in the market.

Reliance Retail Ventures Limited focuses on retail businesses as a retail arm of the Reliance Group. The subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, Reliance Retail, was responsible for bringing the organised retail revolution to India. In a recent report, Reliance Retail registered a 12.9% increase in its net profit to Rs. 2,415 crore in the Q4 of FY23. From operations, its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation (EBITDA) have increased by 33.1% to Rs. 4,769 crores. 

Furthermore, the total revenue of the largest retailer in the country increased by 21.1% in the fourth quarter to Rs. 61,559 crores. The financial statistics reveal that it is the best time to invest in Reliance Retail unlisted shares and earn high returns on investment.

Detail Of Reliance Retail Unlisted Shares Value
Total available shares100
Lot size10 shares
Face value₹ 10 Per Equity Share
Current unlisted share price₹ 2500 Per Equity Share

Why Reliance Retail Unlisted Shares Outperformed?

Currently, Reliance Retail is leading the whole retail industry by incorporating multiple brands, including Jio Mart, Reliance Digital, Ajio, Hamleys, and Reliance Trends. Moreover, it continues to build and acquire more businesses that are flourishing in the current market, growing its total revenue rapidly. Thus, buying Reliance Retail unlisted shares and diversifying your investment portfolio is a wise decision. This is why Reliance Retail’s unlisted shares are performing well in the grey market.

Potential For Rapid Growth

Multiple companies tried to penetrate the retail business, but none could beat the retail-dominating brand Reliance Retail. In the organised retail domain, the company holds one-fifth of the retail market share in India. Till 2025, the organised retail segment is expected to scale by 15-18 per cent CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate). In addition, the number of brands operating under the banner of Reliance Retail has the potential to grow and expand in the organised retail field. With the increasing number of brands and outlets functioning under the company, it has become the largest retailer and holds a bright future in the retail business.

Preparing For IPO

As per the company’s management and analyst expectations, Reliance Retail and Jio might be listed in the next 2-3 years. However, the company has not announced the exact date of the Reliance IPO, and there is a high chance that its other branches might also be listed. Investing in the Reliance Retail pre-IPO shares can offer you multi-bagger returns, and the company’s growth signifies that the risk involved is also low. So it is high time to position yourself for the Reliance IPO.

Impressive Financials

Reliance Retail is the only retailer from India to appear in the World’s Top 100 Retailers list, rated 53rd overall. In addition, the Indian company also claims to be the fastest-growing retailer across the globe. Undoubtedly, it is the country’s largest, most trusted and most profitable retailer with the maximum reach. According to the company, it has more than 150 million loyal customers in all market segments and the number is continuously growing. Additionally, the offline business of the company is mainly contributing to its revenue, and it is expected to grow by a 16 per cent compound annual growth rate in the next four years.

Why should you buy Reliance Retail unlisted shares?

Being a dominant player in the Indian retail market, Reliance Retail is constantly evolving and growing with the changing market trends. In addition, the business plans to launch more brands like the iconic beverage drink “Campa Cola” and a beauty platform “Tira”; these brands will take over the existing giants functioning in the market. Furthermore, the revenue of Reliance Retail is continuously surging and hitting new highs. Also, Reliance Retail unlisted share prices are rising in the unlisted share market.

Investing in the Reliance Retail unlisted shares is profitable as you will earn multifold returns. Furthermore, you can visit Stockify to buy unlisted shares or to check Reliance Retail Limited’s share price. It is one of India’s best-unlisted shares brokerage platforms where you can find all the details like share price, key metrics, key performance indicators, EBITDA ratio, market valuation and other information related to  Reliance Retail IPO price and Reliance IPO.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reliance Retail Pre-IPO And Unlisted Shares

Q1 – Does Reliance Retail operate as a public or private company?

Ans – Reliance Retail is a privately owned company by Reliance Group, and it operates in almost all market segments.

Q2 – Will Reliance Retail Venture Limited be listed?

Ans – According to the reports, Reliance Retail will be listed on the stock market exchange in the future. To stay updated with Reliance Retail IPO details, subscribe to Stockify.

Q3 – What is the business model of Reliance Retail?

Ans- Reliance Retail functions in multiple retail market segments, including Grocery, Connectivity, Fashion & Lifestyle and Pharma.

Q4 – How can I buy Reliance Retail unlisted shares?

Ans – You can easily buy Reliance Retail unlisted shares from Stockify – India’s trusted unlisted shares brokerage platform.

Q5 – Which is the best platform for stock trading and consultation?

Ans – Stockify is the best Indian platform for stock trading and consultation. Connect with us to start a safe and hassle-free trading journey.

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Reliance Retail is the world’s fastest-growing retailer. Here’s why its unlisted shares are performing well in the market.


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