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All about CarDekho

CarDekho started in 2008 as a used car seller company and became a unicorn in 2021, expanding its business exponentially. For over one and half decades, CarDekho has provided many services to form an effective ecosystem for the consumers, manufacturers, and dealers of not only cars but also for its parts, including wheels, among others, through its subsidiary Zigwheels to expand to Southeast Asia. Hence, the high CarDekho share price is worth buying for investors to make huge profits. 


Over the many years of CarDekho becoming India’s largest auto portal, it now has over 62 million MAUs or monthly active users. A few funders for its rapid development include the renowned Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata Group, and the premier banks in India like Axis, HDFC, Google Capital and others. With enough funding to come out with an IPO anytime, there will be enough returns for the CarDekho share price BSE


CarDekho, selling a car every four minutes in India, is seeing a continuous rise in its revenue, including a 46% rise from FY 22 to 23. The constant rise in income for CarDekho is because of the expansion of its business through enough funding from top bankers, angels, marque investors, venture capitalists, and others. Its 250 million dollar fundraising led by Leapfrog investments in 2021 to make it a unicorn, also considered the pre-IPO funding, raises the hopes of the rising CarDekho share price NSE today. 


CarDekho is not only doing business in India but has expanded to many Southeast Asian countries, including more than selling cars. Through its many subsidiaries, it provides various services like insurance, which was the biggest revenue generator in FY 2023. It also provides a perfect platform for insurance, automobile auctions, and software development services. Hence, it is safe for investors to buy it at the current CarDekho share price, which will be a wise investment in reaping huge profits. 

A network of over 4,000 dealers, auto manufacturers, financial institutions, and others makes CarDekho the leading startup with enough funding to become a unicorn. Also, it provides advanced tech tools, prototypes of automobile parts and others to OEM or original equipment manufacturers. It also sells tyres, accessories, and other products for its customer base to increase its holistic automobile experience and raise its revenue continuously. So, investors buying CarDekho share price NSE once on the listing will give huge returns.  

CarDekho Share Price Performance


Metric Information
Cars Sold Every Four Minutes in India Continuous rise in sales volume
Revenue Growth 46% increase from FY 22 to FY 23
Funding Sources Top bankers, angels, marque investors, venture capitalists, others
Major Fundraising $250 million led by Leapfrog Investments in 2021
Funding Purpose Expansion and pre-IPO preparation
Impact on Share Price Positive outlook, hopes for rising CarDekho share price on NSE today


This table provides a concise overview of CarDekho’s performance and funding details, showcasing its rapid growth and investor confidence.

Top of Form


List of fundraising by CarDekho to increase business and revenue

Funds are the backbone for any startup to become successful, overcoming many challenges apart from making acquisitions. Expanding the business and developing a unique business model to get income from many sources related to automobiles and others. Though GSPL or Girmer Software Private Ltd started in 2008 with innovative solutions for consumers to compare the costs of used cars and many other features to buy the right one to increase revenue, funds were required to expand its business. Hence, CarDekho started to raise funds through debt, equity shares, CCDs or compulsory convertible debentures, CCPS or compulsorily Convertible Preference Shares and others. 

Fundraising Efforts of CarDekho

The following is the list of the significant fundraising efforts of CarDekho to expand its business exponentially. 

Here’s a table summarising the investment rounds in CarDekho:

Year Investors Investment (in crores) Type of Funding
2013 Sequoia Capital India Rs. 45 Series A (CCPS)
2014 Sequoia Capital India Rs. 24 Series A1 (CCPS)
2015 Hillhouse CD Holdings, RNT Investments, Acquilla Investments Rs. 283 Series B (CCPS)
2015 HDFC Bank, Google Capital, Hillhouse CD Holdings Rs. 104 Series B (CCPS)
2018 Various angels, marque investors, Tritechs Venture Debt Fund, Axis Bank Ltd Business, Ping An Voyager Global Fund, Lenarco Ltd, etc. Over Rs. 1,200 Series B, BB, D
2019 Lenarco Ltd Rs. 108 Series D1 (CCPS)
2021 Emerald Include Pte Ltd, CA Gaingels Fund, Harbor Spring Master Fund LP, Canyon Balanced Master Fund, Franklin Templeton, Axis Growth Avenues AIF, etc. Over Rs. 1,137 Series E

This table provides a chronological overview of the investment rounds CarDekho secured from various investors, illustrating its journey towards becoming a unicorn.

CarDekho has made more fundraising to expand its business for millions of registered users in India and many other countries. Hence, investing in CarDekho’s share price is advisable to make windfall profits. 


CarDekho Stock Price Registers a Promising Growth

The automobile industry’s continuous growth is to expand for now and in the future to make cars and many automobiles worldwide. But buying new cars is expensive for many people, and paying huge taxes is a burden. Hence, for those wanting to have suitable cars with all features at affordable costs without any compromise in quality and safety, the used car market is the best choice. CarDekho, in 2008, became one of the pioneer digital platforms for consumers to compare used cars to buy the right one based on their needs and budget. Buying used cars at cheaper rates and selling them at huge profits increased the revenue of CarDekho in the last 16 years, also because of its following acquisitions in the past years and subsidiaries to expand business exponentially. It has helped increase CarDekho stock price to a promising growth.

In October 2015, CarDekho made one of its vital acquisitions of Zigwheels for Rs. 65.9 crores from Times Internet Ltd through CCPS to increase its presence in Southeast and UAE to expand its business globally.

2016 CarDekho made many acquisitions, including Help on Wheels for Rs. 1.7 crores, along with Connecto, Valuesure and Volob Technologies for undisclosed amounts

CarDekho’s parent company, GSPL or Grimer Software Pvt Ltd, has many subsidiaries that include many private limited companies like Powerdrift Solutions, Grina Automobiles, Gaadi Web, Grinar Care, Carbay Services Malaysia, PT Carbay Services, Indonesia, Grina Finserve, Grina Insurance, Carbay Philippines and others. 

Many other big and small subsidiaries and acquisitions have increased CarDekho’s revenue stream year after year. Hence, for investors, it is the right CarDekho share price NSE today to make huge profits in the future. 

CarDekho Acquisitions & Mergers at a Glance

Here’s a table summarising CarDekho’s acquisitions and subsidiaries:

Year Acquisition/Subsidiary Amount (in crores) Type
2015 Zigwheels Rs. 65.9 Acquisition
2016 Help on Wheels Rs. 1.7 Acquisition
2016 Connecto, Valuesure, Volob Technologies Undisclosed Acquisition
Subsidiaries of GSPL (Parent Company)
Powerdrift Solutions Subsidiary
Grina Automobiles Subsidiary
Gaadi Web Subsidiary
Grinar Care Subsidiary
Carbay Services Malaysia Subsidiary
PT Carbay Services, Indonesia Subsidiary
Grina Finserve Subsidiary
Grina Insurance Subsidiary
Carbay Philippines Subsidiary


This table provides an overview of CarDekho’s acquisitions and subsidiaries, which have contributed significantly to its revenue growth over the years.


CarDekho’s Share Price Increases with Its Unique Business Model


As CarDekho’s diversified business model yields high-income streams, its revenue is increasing year after year. The following are its few revenue sources for increasing CarDekho’s share price NSE upon listing soon. 

Transaction charges for consumers buying used cars are one of the significant sources of income for CarDekho as it is the largest portal in India, and it sells one car every four minutes.

In its many subsidiary websites, digital marketing and advertising services provide excellent services, from insurance to accessories, prototypes, structural automobile components, OEMs, and others.

Insurance broking has recently become a significant source as it provides the best policies for consumers to get high claims without issues. 

Margins of buying used cars and refurbishing them to sell at higher costs to consumers with all features to ensure safety for them and increased profitability for the largest used car seller 

Other income comes from software development for many companies, selling accessories, tyres, and other parts through its vast network of 4,000 dealers in India and other countries worldwide.

The above facts about CarDekho, including its fundraisings, acquisitions, subsidiaries, and unique business model, make it the best share to invest in for long-term returns. Hence, CarDekho’s share price has continuously increased for many years. To clear any further facts, check the following FAQs or frequently asked questions.

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