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Dream 11, though founded in 2008, started freemium fantasy sports only in 2012, primarily for cricket-crazy Indians. During the initial few years, Dream Sports, its parent company, faced financial and legal challenges to become India’s first fantasy sports unicorn in 2019. Cool Dhoni, being the ambassador of Dream 11, became famous because of the rapid rise of its registered users, from 1 million in 2014 to over 210 million as of 2023. It is now the co-supporting sponsor by Jio Cinema for the IPL 24 to have many income streams apart from registration costs for users to participate in paid contests and up to 20% of the total prize pool. Hence, it shows fantastic results yearly, with its revenue skyrocketing from 224 to 6384 crores from 2018 to 2023 and PAT from a loss of minus 65 to plus 188 crores in the same period. Hence, buying it at the current Dream 11 share price is like a gold mine to yield windfall profits in the future. 


Year Milestones
2008 Dream11 founded.
2012 Introduced freemium fantasy sports, initially focusing on cricket-loving Indians.
2019 Dream Sports, the parent company, achieved unicorn status, becoming India’s first fantasy sports unicorn.
2014 Registered users surpassed 1 million.
2023 Registered users exceeded 210 million.
Co-supporting sponsor with Jio Cinema for IPL 24, diversifying income streams beyond registration costs.
2018 Revenue surged from 224 crores.
2023 Revenue escalated to 6384 crores.
Profit After Tax (PAT) improved from a loss of minus 65 crores to a profit of plus 188 crores over the same period.


Challenges Changed to Opportunities by Dream 11 Share Price – Becomes the First Fantasy Sports Unicorn

With the rapid exploding of the internet and the use of smartphones by most people worldwide, playing fantasy games has become popular, especially in India, where IPO viewership is over 30 million people. 

Statistics confirm that India, with over 180 million fantasy game users, is the largest market in the world, and Dream 11, with CSL captain Dhoni as its ambassador during the early days, is the most played game. 

But it is not without challenges that Dream 11 became the top fantasy sports company, even a unicorn in 2019 worth over 8 billion dollars as early as 2021. A few challenges that Dream 11 changed to opportunities include the cases filed against it in the High Court, but it got a favourable judgment from the Supreme Court, which made it a game based on skill and not on chance. Hence, except in a few states, it is legal in most of the states in India to play in the famous fantasy game to win significant and also increase the revenue and profit of Dream 11.


Funds raised by Dream 11 to become the top fantasy sports platform in India. 

Dream 11 enables millions of virtual players to form a team of real players to compete in a paid contest to win extensive but involved with risk. It allows users to play cricket and other games like football, volleyball, rugby, hockey, Kabaddi, and NBA. The following are the details of the fundraising for Dream 11 in the past few years to expand its business exponentially. 


Year Investment Amount (Million $)
Early Investors Kalaari Capital, Multiples Alternate Asset Management, etc. 720
March 2021 DI Capital partners, TCV, Falcon Edge, etc. 400
November 2021 DI Capital, DST Global, Redbird Capital, TPG, Tiger Global, Footpath Ventures, and others 840
Dream Sports Inc. Funding over the years: Rs. 19.36 crore (2016), Rs. 652.67 crore (2017), Rs. 38 crore (2018, in two installments), around Rs. 400 crore (2020)


So, the above facts will convince investors to buy the first fantasy sports unicorn in India at the correct Dream 11 share price NSE today to make huge profits.

 Dream 11 Share Price Increases With Its Brilliant Business Model 

Dream 11 has only become the most significant fantasy sports company among the hundreds available in India for various reasons. Besides recruiting skilled and technology-passionate professionals and raising funds for its expansion plans, it partnered with many famous sports franchisees worldwide to become the most popular fantasy sports company. 


  • In 2017, Dream 11 became the official fantasy partner for the Indian Super League, Caribbean Premier League, and also the NBA, the most prestigious US basketball league, to start fantasy games on its online platform.
  • In 2018, Dream l1 partnered with the world’s largest cricket body, ICC or International Cricket Council, FIH or International Hockey Federation, WBBL or Women’s Big Bash League, and BBL or Big Bash League 
  • Also, in 2018, it partnered with many new game platforms like hockey and Kabaddi to expand its business beyond the most popular games.
  • In 2019, NZC, or New Zealand Cricket, appointed Dream 11 as the title sponsor of the Super Smash, which is a domestic Twenty20 competition to last until 2026
  • In 2020, Dream 11 got the title sponsorship rights of the 2020 IPL for a whopping Rs. 222 crores, and now, in 2024, it has become the co-presenting by JioCinema for the IPL 2024
  • In 2023, it got the lead jersey sponsorship rights for a massive 358 crore rupees of the Indian National Cricket Team until 2026


All these sponsorships and partnerships worldwide will make the most significant fantasy sports game the best buy at the current Dream 11 share price 


Dream 11 Acquisitions to Become the Most Significant Fantasy Sports Company

India has over 300 fantasy game operators to tap its vast potential and earn huge revenue and profit. Dream 11, to stand out from the crowd, acquires many well-performing fantasy sports companies to continue at the top position to increase its users, revenue, and profit. Sports Technologies Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Dream Sports, is the umbrella organisation with Dream 11, the top fantasy sports company, and others like DreamSetGo, DreamX, FanCode, DreamPay, etc. The spokesperson of Sports Technologies in December 2013 announced that it is eyeing significant acquisitions to the tune of Rs—50 to 100 million dollars. A few high-profile acquisitions will raise the Dream 11 share price in the short and long term to get high yields. 


Year Acquisition
2020 Dream 11 acquired FanDuniya, an innovative platform for AI-driven models and comprehensive news, integrating it into Fancode multi-sport aggregator.
2020 Dream Sports added SoStrunk, providing online gaming, competitive events, and sports equipment marketing.
September 2020 Dream Sports invested Rs. 12 crores to acquire Khelomore Sports Pvt Ltd, connecting athletes, academics, and coaches online.
August 2021 Dream Sports acquired Rolocule Games, rebranding it as Dream Game Studios for a premium mobile gaming experience.
October 2023 Dream Sports acquired Sixer, strengthening its position in cricket gaming, amidst increased GST and exploring new revenue streams.

Dream 11 Share Price Increases Year After Year

Dream 11, showing stunning results year after year, has made it the highest revenue and profit-generating fantasy sports company in India. Even in the financial year 2023, its revenue crossed Rs. 6,380 crores, and the profit after tax was whopping Rs. 188 crores. While the revenue is almost double from the previous year’s revenue of Rs. 3,400 crores, the profit has also significantly risen from Rs. 142 to 188 crores. Hence, buying the Dream 11 share price at a current level from the top broker is an excellent investment to yield high returns.

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FAQ On Dream 11 Unlisted Shares

Investing in Dream 11 share price at current levels is legal, and it is a safe and brilliant investment decision to make huge profits. Though a few high court judgments were making it illegal, considering it as a game of chance, the Supreme Court of India, the highest judicial body for the entire country, overruled the high court judgments. It not only reversed their orders but also confirmed that Dream 11 is a game of skills rather than chances, not being online gambling but using skills to predict the right team to win.
After the IPO rumours of Dream 11 listing in the US, the company does not need funds because of its many fundraising efforts. Still, it may conduct an initial public offering whenever it deems fit and necessary.
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