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Mutual fund investments are the smartest investment – tailored for 21st-century investors. If you are NOT a risky rider, mutual funds are, undoubtedly, the best investment option for you. Buying mutual funds diversify your investment and risk across multiple classes of assets such as equity, debt & gold, bonds, and government securities, which helps diversify the risk – keeping all your eggs safe in one basket.

Mutual funds investment is easy, but which is the best mutual fund to invest in? Seek assistance from experienced mutual fund managers at Stockify. Connect today to enjoy higher-than-inflation returns.

What are mutual funds?

Simply put, a mutual fund is a financial institution that pools investments from shareholders who invest in stocks, bonds, gold, short-term loans, government securities and other assets. Mutual funds are generally managed and regulated by professional asset/money managers, who further allocate the funds, after due diligence, to generate returns on the investment. The investment is done per the objectives of return and portfolio.

Mutual fund investment is perhaps the best choice for small and medium individual investors who do not have time or access to daily market knowledge. Mutual fund portfolio includes multiple asset classes such as bonds, equities and other securities, so the returns are derived by aggregating the performance of underlying investment assets.

Most mutual funds are part of the largest investment institutions that allocate dedicated investment advisors and fund managers working in the best interest of the shareholders. At Stockify, we do thorough analysis and research to help you pick the best mutual funds to invest and grow your portfolio.

How do Mutual Funds work?

Mutual fund investments work similarly to stock investments. When you invest in/buy shares of a company, you buy a small percentage of the ownership of the company. Hence, mutual funds act both as an investment as well as an actual company. As a mutual fund investor, you buy a partial share of the investing company and its assets, wherein the nature of the business is “Financial Investment”.   Investors can return on mutual fund investments in the following ways;
  1. The portfolio consists of stocks that earn dividends and bonds that earn interest. The distribution of return consists of annual income and allows investors to take it out or reinvest it in buying more mutual funds.
  2. In case the securities are sold at an inflated price, the fund generates a capital gain, which usually passes on to the investors.
  3. If the fund holding is increased in price, but is not sold by the asset manager, the share price increases and investors can sell them for profit.
The finance and investment managers are usually responsible for working in the best interest of investors legally. At Stockify, we have dedicated fund managers, a research analyst, an accountant, and a compliance officer to offer the best advice.

Planning for mutual fund investment? Connect with a mutual fund expert today.

Mutual funds types in India

Mutual funds usually fall into four main categories – money market funds, bond funds, stock funds, and target date funds. Here mentioned are all mutual funds types that you can invest into multiple investments and embrace gigantic returns.

● Equity Funds:
One of the most preferred mutual funds types, it is referred to as equity or stock funds. There are various equity types suited for different investment requirements. Some are based on the size of the business; small, mid or large, while others are varied by the investment approach; aggressive, income-oriented, value, and so on.

● Fixed Income Funds:
This category consists of mutual funds that have a fixed return on investment. The majority of fixed-income funds include government bonds, corporate bonds and other debt instruments. Yes, they pay a higher return on investment but are not risk-free. Government securities are also fixed-income funds and are much safer compared to corporate bonds. Putting it all together, the risk of return on investment mainly depends on the types of bonds you invest in.

● Index Funds:
Index funds refer to a category of mutual funds or stocks that correspond with major stock exchanges. This strategy usually requires less research as these funds are already designed to keep price-sensitive customers.

● Income Funds:
These funds usually derive a steady income and are often invested in government or in high-quality corporate bonds. However, these bonds are to be held till maturity, making them a perfect mutual funds investment option for retirees or senior citizens who need steady income flow.

● International/Global Funds:
As the term suggests, these funds primarily invest money in stocks that are out of the county. Though the market has been volatile, investing in international/global funds can give you a well-balanced portfolio.

● Speciality Funds:
This category of mutual funds consists of all the popular funds that have been trending but do not fall under any of the above-mentioned categories. This brings you a mixed bag of risk and steady income flow.

● Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs):
The ETFs are one of the most popular mutual funds types that employ the same strategies as mutual funds but are structured as investment trusts. They can be bought or sold anytime in the trading day.

At Stockify, we deal in all mutual funds types and provide unparalleled support with our experienced advisory team. If you are looking for investment options that diversify your portfolio with minimal risk then unlisted shares in India can also be a great option for you. Want to buy unlisted shares? Connect with certified unlisted share brokers in India.

Why invest in Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds investment is a great tool that is especially beneficial for small and individual investors. Some of the reasons to invest in mutual funds are listed below.

  • They are safer than many other assets. Mutual funds are not absolutely risk-free, but they are regulated by SEBI and AMFI.
  • Mutual funds investment is one of the most diversified investments. One of the main perks is ownership of various assets and types of mutual funds available in the market, making investment easier and safer.
  • They are managed by certified mutual funds advisors.
  • There are plenty of attractive mutual funds investment schemes available.
  • Mutual funds are highly accessible, liquid and offer amazing auto-reinvestment options.
  • Investment in mutual funds is completely transparent and derives 10x benefits in the long run.

What are you waiting for? Multiply your investment by connecting with our mutual funds advisor today.

How to buy and sell mutual funds

As an investor, you can buy mutual funds from institutions or a broker rather than connecting with existing investors. You have to pay the fund’s share price + any fees applicable at the time of purchase, such as brokerage fees or sales load.

Moreover, mutual funds are redeemable, which means that you can sell the shares back to the fund anytime and withdraw your investment. The funds usually send the payments to the investors within seven days.

Here is the most famous tagline about mutual funds that are still relevant today – “Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks; read all scheme related documents carefully.

Tips to shortlist the best mutual funds to invest

Yes, mutual funds investments are indeed easy, but finding the best mutual funds in India might be challenging. Based on our experience, we have figured out three main points to consider when shortlisting the best mutual funds to invest.
  • Dig deep and check the past performance. It will help you identify the risk factors and opportunities.
  • Look at the return consistency so you can enjoy a stress-free mutual funds investment.
  • Check if the funds fit well in terms of return on investment, liquidity and tax efficiency.
  • Keep an eye out for the funds that derive up to 15x return in the long term.
  • Cost is also important – do AB testing, keeping return in mind.
  • Evaluate the cost of exit beforehand to make a swift decision.

What are the benefits of buying through Stockify?

Stockify is a trusted online financial instrument investment platform in India. We primarily deal in buying and selling unlisted shares in India and provide comprehensive financial reports to make your investment journey hassle-free. There are plenty of reasons to choose Stockify as your preferred mutual funds investment partner.
  • A recognised and trusted platform to invest in mutual funds, private equity, delisted shares and going forward, we will offer government securities as well.
  • Paperless signup, purchasing and selling.
  • Complete financial information available in one place.
  • Detailed analysis of mutual funds from experts.
  • Well-optimised fee structure.
Begin your mutual funds investment today.


NAV in mutual funds investment stands for Net Asset Value. The performance of MF schemes is calculated by NAV per unit.

Fixed deposits have little to no market risk, but the return is low. Mutual funds are subject to market risks but return and tax advantages are significantly higher than Fixed Deposits.

Yes, the most attractive benefit of mutual funds investment is that you can withdraw anytime.

SIP is just a method of mutual funds investment.

Mutual funds are regulated by SEBI, so the sense of security and trust come by hand and they give the best profit in the long term.

If you generate profit through dividends and capital gain then tax is applicable on mutual funds investment.

The Security Exchange Board of India has set a minimum of INR 100 for lump-sum and INR 500 for SIPs, so the minimum cap to invest in mutual funds might be slightly higher.

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