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BookMyShow has been the top online ticket booking platform for films, shows, sports, events, concerts, music festivals, and other things for nearly a quarter of a century. It has a brilliant business model, not only having an income stream from ticketing and other sources, but its revenue for the financial year 23 is almost Rs. 1,000 crores. Bigtree Entertainment Pvt Ltd, the parent company of BookMyShow, has become more than a phone-based service to a digital platform for booking, providing excellent customer satisfaction services. It is across India and other countries like Sri Lanka, UAE, Indonesia, etc. The BookMyShow share price started trading at Rs. 1,150, touched a high of Rs. 1,600, and now is trading around Rs. 1,000. With its better prospects for the IPO, investors can expect a higher BookMyShow share price NSE to yield high returns. 

BookMyShow Share Price Grows With Joint Ventures, Acquisitions & Subsidiaries

In this digitalised world, many startups become unicorns because of their innovative ideas and profitable business models. Though BookMyShow is still not a unicorn, it survived even the worst coronavirus crisis by being a unicorn with creative and survival skills. During its long journey as an online ticket-booking startup, it had many joint ventures to expand its business beyond ticket booking to tide away the crisis and become a unicorn soon. The following are the few JVs or joint ventures, acquisitions, and subsidiaries that make buying at the current BookMyShow share price a wise investment to yield high returns. 


Year Activity
2013 Signed deal with PVR for Rs. 1,000 crores over 5 years; Acquired TicketGreen to expand footprint in south India
2016 Acquired G7 cinemas in Mumbai, reaching over 2,500 screens on portal and app; Partnered with BookMyShow New Zealand for market expansion and software integration
2019 Formed joint venture BMVML with Atomx Corporation Ltd for venue management;
2017 Established joint venture with VKAAO Entertainment Ltd for event management and ticket booking
Subsidiaries: Tribevibe Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Spacebound Web labs Pvt ltd, Foodfesta Welcare Pvt Ltd, Fantan Sports Pvt Ltd, Dyulock Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Popclub Vision Pvt Ltd, and others.

All the above joint ventures, acquisitions, and subsidiaries provide a steady stream of income to increase the BookMyShow price in the short and long term and make huge profits. 

BookMyShow Journey at a Glance


Year Activity
2013 – Signed a deal with PVR, guaranteeing over Rs. 1,000 crores in the next five years. – Acquired TicketGreen, a Chennai-based online movie ticket seller, to expand footprint in the south.
2016 Acquired G7 cinemas in Bandra, Mumbai, adding over 2,500 screens to the online portal and app, covering major cinemas with over 2,000 screens.
2019 We formed a joint venture with Atomx Corporation Ltd to create BookMyShow Venue Management Limited (BMVML). We manage various venues, such as sports stadiums, convention centres, and auditoriums, for a steady income.
2017 Established 50:50 joint venture with VKAAO Entertainment Ltd. to enhance event management and online ticket booking, improving customer experience.

BookMyShow Business Model

In an interview, the founder of BookMyShow said that his startup may not be a unicorn but a survivor and a unicorn that will soon reach pinnacle value. Even during the pandemic, when theatres were all shut and now public shows for a prolonged period, BMS bounced back after the disaster only because of its unique business model of having a wide range of income sources. A few of the income sources of the BMS business model include the following. 

  • BMS is not only offering its various services in India and a few countries like Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, and UAE. It is also planning to expand its business into other countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.


  •  BMS’s significant income source is still movie ticket booking. With many JVs, the efficiency of the online portal has increased, allowing customers to compare ticket costs, facilities, features, and other factors to make informed decisions and expand its clientele base year after year.
  • Online ticket bookings for many sports, events, music concerts, etc, are the other primary sources of income for the BMS, which is only increasing annually. 
  • Dyulok Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of BMS, brings in charges obtained for providing event management, selling tickets online & offline and using analytics to analyse data to make vital decisions.


  • FoodFesta Welfare Pvt Ltd provides various food delivery services for homes, offices, functions and parties to earn sizeable income. 



  • Tribevibe Entertainment gets income by helping university students with various services like talent hunts, event & data management, fashion shows, esports, etc.


There are many more income streams of the brilliant business model of BMS, and to learn more, contact the top broker to make the best investment in buying it at the current BookMyShow share price.

BookMyShow Share Price Increases With Its Spectacular Results

All the above acquisitions, joint ventures, and subsidiaries have a steady income stream because their unique business model enables them to show spectacular yearly results. Revenue of 395 crores in FY 2022 rose by 138% to nearly 1,000 crores or 940.9 crores in FY 2023. The profit in FY 23 is Rs. 85 crores compared to the loss of Rs. 92 crores in FY 22.

Fiscal Year Revenue (Crores) Profit (Crores)
FY 2022 395 95
FY 2023 940.9 85

In conclusion, investing in BookMyShow shares presents an opportunity to tap into the dynamic entertainment ticketing industry. Despite its strong market presence and strategic acquisitions, potential investors should carefully consider factors such as competitive pressures, evolving consumer preferences, and regulatory challenges. While BookMyShow’s innovative initiatives and international expansion efforts offer growth potential, the volatile nature of the stock market and uncertainties surrounding the entertainment sector underscore the importance of thorough due diligence. Thus, while investing in BookMyShow shares may offer long-term growth prospects, it is essential to approach it with caution and a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved.

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