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About Pine Labs Unlisted Shares

Pine Labs is one of the pioneer FinTech companies in India. It started in 1998 and became a startup and a unicorn, providing innovative payment solutions for merchants to accept digital payments from customers. Recent news reports confirm that Pine Labs has filed applications with NCLT or the National Company Law Tribunal for a cross-border merger of its units in India and Singapore. Because of its continuous expansion to many countries, from Singapore and Malaysia to Vietnam and the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and the UAE, Pinelabs share price of face value crossed Rs. 1,000 and will rise further. 

Pine Labs Share Price Increases With Its Unique Payment Models

Pine Labs’ payment model is one of India’s pioneers in the FinTech industry to get income streams from two significant revenue sources: issuing and digital payments. The following are the few significant income streams for the Pine Labs price today: Rs. 1,100. 


  • Pine Labs earns income from brokerage revenue, gift solutions, and other items in the issuing category. It acquired Qwikcliver Solutions, a successful digital Gift Card Startup, to strengthen its domestic and international reach. Also, in 2022, it acquired Saluto Wellness Private Ltd, a proprietary enterprise platform, to boost its issuing business. 


  • In the second category of income source digital payments, Pine Labs share price significant earnings come from its transaction processing services and electronic payments to merchants. This is in addition to BNPL or buy now pay later, subscription-based services, aggregator services, cashback services, hardware sales, peripherals to digitalise fuel stations, etc. 


  • Pine Labs has two subsidiaries to add to its income stream to show excellent results in 2023. One is the acquired Qwickcliver Solutions Pvt Ltd, a global leader in the gift card industry, powering all its segments to provide the world’s only end-to-end solutions in the segment. Another is Mopay Services Pvt Ltd, the leader in financial intermediation aside from pension funding and insurance. All of it, including the business model and its income streams, is to increase the Pine Lab share price to surge further so investors can yield high returns. 

Acquisitions by Pine Labs to Expand its Business

Apart from acquiring Qwickcliver Solutions Pvt Ltd for Rs. 825 crores in 2019, Pine Labs made many other recent acquisitions of RAKBANK and its operations in India and abroad. 

Year Activity Amount
2018 Partnered with Google Pay to capture offline payment space in India
2019 Acquired Rakbank to launch payment platform in UAE; Partnered with UnionPay
2021 Pine Labs partnered with Mastercard to launch BNPL credit offering in five countries; Acquired Southeast Asian deals of Cashback platform Fave Rs. 360 crore
2022 Pine Labs acquired Mosambee and Setu Rs. 800 crore, Rs. 600 crore
2023 Pine Labs acquired Saluto Wellness


All these acquisitions and more in the near and short term will increase Pine Lab’s share price now and in the coming months and years. 

Pine Labs Journey at a Glance

Year Activity
2018 Partnered with Google Pay to capture the offline payment space in India.
2019 Acquired Rakbank to launch its payment platform in the United Arab Emirates.
Partnered with UnionPay.
2021 Backed by Temasek and Paypal, partnered with Mastercard to launch integrated BNPL credit offerings to merchants in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
2021 Acquired Southeast Asian deals of Cashback platform Fave for Rs. 360 crore.
2022 Acquired QFix Infocomm for an undisclosed amount.
Acquired Mosambee for Rs. 800 crore.
Acquired Setu, the top API FinTech company, for Rs. 600 crore.
2023 Acquired Saluto Wellness, an enterprise platform, for an undisclosed amount.
Continued focus on future acquisitions.

Pine Labs Share Price Increase With Improved Results in the FY 2023

In India alone, over one million businesses rely on Pine Labs and its BNPL, loyalty, prepaid & gifting, rewards & cashback, and many other products and services. So far, Pine Labs has sold over 850,000 POS machines in India in recent years and is expanding to many countries. In recent years, Pine Labs has been investing huge amounts in expanding its business to many countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asia countries, UAE, and others. 

The revenue saw a record crossing of Rs. 1,000 crores for the first time to reach 1,280.5 crores in FY 23, a 37% rise compared to FY 22. The main contributor to the revenue increase is that apart from selling the POS machines, it is selling its services, which increased to Rs. 1 013.8 from 733.8 crores from FY 22 to FY 23. However, because of the vast difference in the deferral interests, spending on overseas expansion plans, and acquiring many companies, the net loss increased from 22.6 to 56.2 crores from FY 22 to FY 23.

The significant increase in revenue is not only due to selling POS machines and providing various services but also from interest income, government grants, subsidies income, written-back excess provisions, etc. Another vital fact in the results is that if revenue from India rose from 91405 to 1253.7 crores from FY 22 services to FY 23, its global income grew 51% to reach Rs. 268.7 crores in FY 23.

Pine Labs Fundraising Activities

In 13 rounds, Pine Labs raised over 1.2 billion dollars to fund rapid expansion plans in Southeast Asia and Middle Eastern countries. Pine Labs’ valuation was set at five billion dollars in the last round, led by Vitruvian Partners in 2024. Throughout the fundraising rounds, the unicorn FinTech company Pine Labs had the backing of SBI, Paypal Ventures, Mastercard, Alpha Wave Global, and others. It will help to negate the withdrawal of the IPO attempt by Pine Labs to list in the US Nasdaq in 2022, stating unfavourable market conditions. However, with rapid expansion into many countries, increasing revenue, raising funds, and other things, Pine Lab’s share price will increase now and in the future. 


All the above facts will convince anyone to invest in the Pine Lab unlisted shares easily, quickly, and safely from the top broker, earning the trust of thousands of investors for many years to yield high returns because of the growing digital payments not only in India but also in other countries it is expanding rapidly. 

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Pine Labs is a leading FinTech unicorn valued at over $5 billion. It specialises in providing merchants and businesses with payment solutions and financial technology services.
Pine Labs’ valuation surpassing $5 billion underscores its status as a major player in the FinTech industry, reflecting investor confidence in its growth potential and market position.
Pine Labs is venturing beyond Indian borders to expand globally through strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and market entry initiatives to establish a presence in key international markets.
Investors closely monitor Pine Labs share price as it provides insights into the company’s financial performance, market sentiment, and investor confidence amid its global expansion efforts. So, check Pine Labs share price today and invest wisely.
Pine Labs’ strategic expansion initiatives mark significant progress in the evolution of the FinTech industry, showcasing innovation, adaptability, and leadership in catering to evolving consumer and merchant needs worldwide.
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