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All You Should Know about Tata 1 mg

1 mg, started as an e-tech health startup, provides health content and medicines and e-consultation, diagnostics, doctor appointments, and others to be over 1 billion dollar valuation by 2022. It was after Tata Group, with a marker capitalisation of over 31 trillion rupees, acquired it in 2021. Even before Tata Digital acquired 1 mg, many top investors invested massive amounts, believing it could provide online medical services to most parts of India. It helped 1 mg to have over 260 million visitors and fulfil over 31 million orders to deliver medicines and services in over 1,800 cities across India. It is the reason that there was around a 260% rise in revenue of 1 mg from 627 to 1,627 crores in the financial year 2023. Hence, buying Tata 1 mg share price today will yield high returns as e-tech medical startups are the future for people to get high-quality treatments for many ailments. 

Humble start of 1 mg to become the Top e-tech Medical Startup in India

Digitalisation has revolutionised many sectors, and though the health sector was late in utilising it, it is helpful to save precious lives and help people get fast relief. Information about the best medicines, ambulance services, specialised doctors, proper diagnostics, and other things was only available with help. It is here that BLPL or Bright Lifecare Private HeathkartPlus, a healthcare platform in Gurugram, was established in 2012. In 2015, 1 MG Technologies was formed by separating HEalthKartPlus from BLPL to create a generic drug search business and sell health and fitness products. It provides information on inexpensive generic medicines, FMCG products and supplements, their side effects, and others, and it delivers them online. 2023 In 2023, with spectacular results of over 2.5 times rise in revenue, it overtook PharmEasy as the leading tech startup in India. So, buying at the current Tata 1MG share price will help investors divert their portfolio in the fast-growing health sector and make windfall profits.

List of Fundraisings by 1 MG to Become A Unicorn and Acquired by Tata Digital 

For any e-startup company in the health sector, it is not an easy task to provide understandable and accessible information and services online but also affordable. 1 MG, within eight years of its inception, has become the market leader with a 1.25 billion dollar valuation and revenues of over 1,600 crore rupees. This was possible because of the vast funds raised by 1 MG until 2021 when Tata Digital was acquired. Also, it continued to raise funds from many sources apart from the 55% stake bought by Tata Digital to expand its business. The following are a few lists of fundings raised by 1 MG and even after becoming Tata 1 MG to diversify its medical services, door delivery, home diagnosis, specialised doctors appointments, and other revenue-increasing streams. 

Funding Round Year Investors Amount (Million $)
Series A 2015 Kae Capital, Peak XV Partners, Intel, Omidyar Network India, Deep Karla 6
Series B 2016 Maverick Ventures, GHI Holding Marutius, HBM Healthcare, others 16
Series C 2017 Mauritius Africa Fund, Apex Group, previous investors 68.7
Series C & D 2018 New Flight, Melinda Gates Foundation, Corison Holding, IFC, others 108 (Series C), 175 (Series D)
Series D 2020 Melinda Gates Foundation, HBN Healthcare Investments, others 18.7 (first), 206 (second)
Series D 2021 International funds, angel investors, high net-worth individuals 23 (March), 23 (April)
Bonds Investment 2021 Tata Digital 13.4


Acquisitions To Provide Authentic and Valuable Service to Raise Tata 1 MG Share Price

It has been a long and successful journey from a digital medical platform in 2015 to becoming the market leader in the e-tech medical startup in 2023. This is not only because of the funds raised but also because many companies have been acquired to diversify their business models and increase revenue and income streams. The following are the few acquisitions that will make the top player in the tech medical setup in India buy Tata 1 MG shares.


Acquisition Year Description Amount
Homeobuy 2015 Acquired online home products pharmacy to expand into traditional homoeopathy, offering supplements, cosmetics, remedies, etc. Undisclosed
1MG Ayush 2015 Acquisition to enter the Ayurvedic medicine market, offering products, consultations, and diet plans. Undisclosed
Medd 2016 Acquisition of healthcare startup providing information about medicines, doctors, and specialised surgeons for online consultations and appointments. Undisclosed
MediAngels 2016 It was acquired for online consultations, especially for remote patients and elders, corporate health programs, and second opinions. Undisclosed
Droplet Technologies 2017 Acquisition to facilitate fast delivery of medicines within an hour, catering to emergencies, utilising existing logistical support and client base in multiple Indian cities. $2 million
Dwailelo 2017 Acquired to enable swift medicine delivery within 2 hours in Varanasi, expanding business reach to aid elders and patients in the temple city. Undisclosed
Tata Digital 2021 Tata Digital acquired a majority stake to enhance its reputation and ad library and become India’s leading e-medical startup, leveraging Tata Group’s extensive experience and resources. Undisclosed

Hence, buying 1 MG share at the current level is only one way to make huge profits in the future. 

Tata 1 MG Share Price Grows with Its Trustworthy Business Model

Income Streams Description
Online Pharmacy Sells over 2 million medicines, delivers same-day or earlier in selected cities, becoming India’s largest online pharmacy
Advertising Revenues Earns from site with over 260 million visitors seeking reliable medical information
Diagnostic Services Offers over 2,000 tests from 120+ labs, including home tests, at competitive prices
E-Consultations Provides quick access to specialists for second opinions and surgery discussions, aiding in saving lives
LFS Healthcare Services Offers emergency services like quick ambulance support via an expanding app, catering to multiple cities
Healthcare Solutions Provides informative content and sells OTC medicines, generic medicines, FMCG products, etc., at competitive prices


Tata 1 MG provides the most authentic and authoritative information on medicines for people to use safely and efficiently. It has the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification and many awards by reputed agencies. Tata Group has acquired a significant stake in it, increasing its trustworthiness and raising Tata 1 MG’s share price in the future.

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While past performance does not indicate future results, Tata 1mg’s share price has demonstrated growth potential due to its innovative healthcare solutions and expanding market presence. However, like any investment, conducting thorough research and considering various factors before making investment decisions is essential.
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