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Blinkit, formerly Grofers, started in 2013 and has developed into one of the leading players in the Indian quick commerce market with over 45% share. For the past decade, Grofers has grown from Gurgaon to over 30 cities throughout India. It is because of its continuous fundraising in the last few years to expand its operations exponentially. In 2022, Zomato, the top food delivery app in India, acquired Blinkit in an all-stock deal worth Rs. 4,447 crores. Blinkit app is one of the most downloaded apps in recent days, and it increased its revenue around three times, from 236 to 724 crore rupees from FY 22 to FY 23. With Zomato shares rising on the stock market by over 265% rise in the last year, many investors also expect Blinkit shares to also perform well in the grey market. Hence, the Blinkit share price is rising so that investors can get high yields in the short and long term. 

Brilliant Business Model to Raise Blinkit’s Share Price

Apps are changing the digitalized world to make many things easier and quicker in this modern and fast world. One of the significant uses of the app is to place orders for groceries, medicines, branded products, phones, and many more to get the delivery to doorsteps within a few minutes. It is the concept of quick commerce that is taking the world, especially India, by storm. People needing more time to go and shop in the stores can order essentials and luxury items on the app and have them within ten minutes. It is here that the Grofers quick commerce app started delivering groceries and other items in Gurgaon to become an instant hit. Not only did it help people to get deliveries at doorsteps within a few minutes of ordering on the app, but it also helped merchants to sell their products. Hence, it expanded to other cities in the next few years, starting in 2013, with the help of funds raised from venture capitalists, angels, marques, HNI, and other investors.  

Gone are the days of e-commerce deliveries in a few days, the next day, and even the same day, as quick commerce is increasing rapidly worldwide. As soon as placing orders on the app for buying fruits, groceries, medicines, and other items on the smartphone from anywhere, you can get delivery in less than 10 to 15 minutes. The significant reason for this is that quick commerce companies are hyperlocal, with hundreds of dark stores nearby to keep the products ready for fast deliveries. Grofers, now Blinkit, as per the name, delivers products to customers’ doorsteps within a blink. This is the significant reason that Blinkit accounts for 45% of India’s quick commerce market. Zomato, the prominent player in food delivery, acquired it in 2022 at a considerable amount and increased its operations to over 30 cities. The major reason for this is that Blinkit delivers over 1.25 lakh orders daily with over 302.98 million dollars as of November 2021 and had funding of over 1 billion dollars to be a unicorn. Also, because of having over 500 dark stores in all the major cities and over 10,000 delivery executives. Hence, buying at the current Blinkit share price will be a wise investment that will yield high returns. 

List of Funds Raised by Blinkit to Make it a Unicorn With a Value of Over 1 Billion Dollars

With the rapid rise of quick commerce in India to deliver goods within a few minutes, Grofers now Blinkit is one of the pioneers in using the trend to become a unicorn and acquire it from Zomato. Starting in 2013 in Gurgaon, Blnikit now delivers groceries, medicines, vegetables, fruits, phones, branded products, and other products in over 30 cities. Though it is easy for people to order in the app and get the delivery in less than 10 to 15 minutes, executing it is a challenging task. From having a wide network of merchants to having ready inventory in dark stores with thousands of delivery executives to complete the task successfully. Blinkit gets customers’ charges for deliveries and commissions from merchants to buy their products. But to expand business in the last decade, Blinkit needs a lot of funds to set up dark stores, pay delivery executives, provide logistical support, etc. The following is the list of funds raised by Blinkit in the last few years to become a unicorn with over 1 billion dollars in valuation and also to come with an IPO sooner rather than later. Increasing Blinkit’s stock price speaks volumes about it.

Funding Round Year Investors Amount Raised (in million dollars)
Series A 2018 Various investors 225
Series B 2018 Various investors
Series C 2018 Various investors
Series D 2018 Various investors
Series E 2018 Various investors
Series F 2022 SoftBank Vision Fund 70
Series F 2022 Bennet Coleman & Co Ltd 1,400
Debt Financing 2022 Zomato 150
Convertible Notes 2022 Zomato 100

The above funds raising Zomato acquisition makes Blinkit’s stock price attractive for investors and also safe with high returns. 

Reasons for Zomato Acquisition to Rise Blinkit Share Price

Zomato, India’s leading food delivery company, had a spectacular IPO or initial public offering in 2022 to have a stunning list of around Rs. 120 against the issue price of 72 to 76. It gave enormous returns for investors but fell to an all-time low of around Rs—50 in March 2023. But in the last year, it has risen over 265% to trade around the all-time high of Rs. 190. There are many reasons for Zomato to acquire Blinkit in 2022 at a stock deal for Rs. 4,447 crores, including the following, among others. 

  1.     Zomato, one of the leading food delivery companies, wanted to enter the rapidly rising, quick commerce market and acquire Blinkit.
  2.     Zomato, which had an IPO and a stunning stock market listing and performance, wanted to diversify into quick commerce to tap its vast potential.
  3.     Grofers and later Blinkit expanded its business exponentially to operate in over 30 cities and handle lakhs of deliveries for Zomato to acquire it for a considerable amount
  4.     Zomato’s experience, expertise in food delivery, and colossal funding will help Blinkit expand its business to new heights.
  5.     With a 45% market share in the quick commerce market, Blinkit will help increase Zomato’s revenue and profit in the short and long term, giving high returns to its investors.

The above reasons for Zomato to acquire Blinkit are win-win situations for both, as there are mutual benefits. It will also help people get deliveries within a few minutes at the doorsteps and merchants tell their products. Hence, buying at the current Blinkit stock price is an excellent investment decision for diversification and has a high ROI or return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ On Blinkit Unlisted Shares

Buying unlisted shares in India has become safe after digitalisation as the top brokers use advanced software to buy and sell them quickly, safely, and efficiently. Especially at the current Blinkit share price because Zomato acquired it for a huge amount in 2022. Also, Blinkit has over 45% market share of the rapidly rising quick commerce and raising its revenue year after year. The significant reason is because of the stellar performance of the Zomato share in the stock exchanges to risen over 265% in the past year and will continue to rise more in the future.
Blinkit, a unicorn grocery delivery startup, is available as an unlisted share in the grey market. As soon as the IPO or initial public offering comes out, it will be available as stock in exchanges like NSE and BSE. But you should still invest in one of the prominent quick commerce players, Blinkit, to perform well now and in the future. Top broker with advanced software enables transparent and safe buying and selling of Blinkit shares. All you need is a DP or depository account with NSDL or CDSL to keep your Blinkit shares safe until you sell them at huge profits. Having an account with the top broker allows you to place orders to buy at the current Blinkit share price and have it in your depository account safely.
Since its inception in 2013 as a grocery delivery startup in Gurgaon, Blinkit has seen continuous growth in the last decade. It expanded to over 30 cities and had over 10,000 delivery executives, making over 1.25 lakh daily deliveries as early as 2021. Hence, Zomato acquired Blinkit in 2022 to increase the hopes of its IPO soon. Investors expect to raise the Blinkit share price with excitement now and in the future.
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