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About the Unacademy Company

Unacademy, started by engineering students in 2015 posting educational videos on YouTube, is now worth over 3.4 billion dollars. Now, it provides over one million videos with over 3.2 billion minutes watched to get good scores in over 60 exam categories. From one engineering student posting a video, over 14,000 qualified and experienced educators take over 2,000 daily classes. Unacademy, as the leading and most extensive online educational app, provides excellent content for school students to excel in K-12 competitions and many other skill-building courses. A few of them include helping students get high ranks in JEE, NEET, GATE, CUET, CA, and others to join prestigious engineering, medical, accountancy, and other institutions in India and abroad. Also, job seekers need to get high scores in UPSC, NDA, and many board exams to get government jobs and have promising careers. Hence, investing in the current Unacademy share price will be a wise decision to reap huge returns.  

Unacademy Share Price Grows with the Growth of Digital Edd-Sector in India

Traditional teaching methods in classrooms were the norm until the digitalisation of the education sector worldwide. However, the changing educational sector in India needed students not only to study in classrooms but also to get expert coaching and training to pass many competitive exams for higher studies and jobs. However, those living in rural areas could not have such opportunities as centres were only in big cities. Hence, they must travel long distances daily or shift to cities to join the centres to pass the competitive exams. Here, the digitalisation of the education sector, cheap internet connections, and increased use of smartphones and other gadgets increased online education in the comfort of home from any place. Also, the explosion of free social media on smartphones has become a boon for enabling students to pass tough, competitive exams. 

Unacademy was one of the pioneers in using such transformation to become a unicorn startup, with a few years of formation, and now planning to come out with an IPO. Because of their excellent content, over 50 million active learners across India and even abroad watch it. In 2017, a phenomenal rise from only one million active learners learning from 40,000 classes from 5,000 educators. In less than a few years, Unacademy has become the largest learning app, with massive funding from many rounds and acquisitions to provide quality education to students and job seekers. With the pandemic ending in 2021, many offline centres across India have also started to add additional revenue to increase profitability. Hence, buying Unacademy stock price has been continuously rising for the past few years and will yield more returns. 

List of Fundraising Rounds by Unacademy

For an engineering student uploading a short video on computer graphics on YouTube in 2015, it is a challenging task to start an ed-tech company with billions of dollars in valuation within a few years. Though with a novel intention to help students and job seekers in the nook and corner of India and with innovative ideas, funds are essential to reach millions of learners. It is here that many investors from India and abroad, believing in the high potential of Unacademy to educate students to become IITaIns and doctors, passing JEE and NEET exams, invested huge amounts. Also, Unacademy enables job seekers to pass the tough UPSC and other board exams to get all levels of government and other jobs. Many angel marquee investors and venture capitalists invested millions of dollars in making Unacademy a unicorn, which is now over with a 3.4 billion valuation and will soon come out with an IPO. The following are the few fundraising rounds of Unacademy to expand its educational service to millions of learners, hire highly qualified and experienced educators, and use advanced technology for easy and quick use of its millions of lessons to pass over 60 exam categories.  

Funding Round Year Investors Amount
Series A 2017 Blume, Nexus Venture Partners $4.5 million
Series B 2017 Peak XV Partners, Elevation Capital $1.5 million
Series C 2018 Blume, Nexus Venture Partners, Steadview Capital, Peak XV Partners $21 million
Series D 2019 Blume, Nexus Venture Partners, Steadview Capital, Peak XV Partners $50 million
Series E 2020 Meta, General Atlantic, Peak XV Partners $110 million
Series F 2020 Soft Bank Vision Fund, Tiger Global Management, Dragoneer Investment Group $150 million
Series H 2021 Various, including Sachin Tendulkar $440 million


All the above fundraising from Cricket God to top fund houses, venture capitalists and other angel and marquee investors to increase the Unacademy share price to yield high ROI or return of investment. 

Unacademy Share Price Grows with Its Strategic Fundraising Plans

From the humble beginning of a video tutorial on YouTube to helping millions of learners, Unacdemy is soon to come out with an IPO. It is not only because of the above fundraising but also because of many acquisitions that have shown excellent results with increasing revenues year after year. A few of the 12 acquisitions and awards that Unacademy made in the last few years include the following, among others. 

In 2018, Unacademy acquired WiFiStudy, which is a Jaipur-based online career and education portal, in a cash and stock deal to increase its presence in many cities and help students get high scores in public sector recruitment exams.

Year Acquisition Details
2020 Kreatyx Unacademy acquired Kreatyx, a specialist in online classes for SSC, GATE, CIL, ESE, and other exams since 2014. This acquisition enhances Unacademy’s offerings, aiding students and job seekers in preparing effectively for various competitive exams.
2020 CodeChef Unacademy acquired CodeChef, an established online competitive and educational platform founded in 2009. CodeChef facilitates school and college students’ participation in competitions such as K-12, Olympiad, and others, fostering excellence in academics and competitive programming.
2020 PrepLadder Unacademy acquired PrepLadder, a platform catering to over 85,000 medical students. In a stock and cash deal valued at $50 million, this acquisition strengthens Unacademy’s presence in the medical education sector, aiding students in preparing for NEET exams and advancing their medical careers.
2021 TapChief Unacademy acquired TapChief, a future-of-work and networking platform, in 2021. With a valuation of Rs. 100 crores, this acquisition enhances professionals’ networking capabilities and facilitates the acquisition of short-term projects, aligning with Unacademy’s mission to empower learners across diverse fields.


Many other acquisitions like Mastre, Coursavy, Rheo TV, Swiftlearn, and others made Unacademy a leading ed-tech company in India to increase revenue. Also, it won many awards, including the TechNode Global-Resilience Award in 2018, IAMAI Startup of the Year in 2018 and GSV Global EdTech 50 in 2020. It ranked first in 2021 Linkedin’s top startup list. Hence, buying Unacademy shares at the current price from the top online portal is safe and profitable in the short and long term. 

Growing Unacademy Share Price with Its Unique Business Model

Aspect Details
Celebrity Endorsements and Guest Lectures Unacademy boasts star investors like Sachin Tendulkar and hosts lectures by prominent personalities, including Sunil Gavaskar, Virat Kohli, Shashi Tharoor, Sudha Murthy, Mary Kom, Randi Zuckerberg, and others. These engagements enrich the learning experience and attract a diverse audience.
Pandemic Support and Educational Initiatives Amidst the pandemic, Unacademy provided live classes to aid students in completing their studies successfully. Initiatives like the Educate India program, supported by Feeding India, offered free one-year subscriptions to 10,000 students. Collaborations with state governments and the National Skill Development Corporation further facilitated access to quality education for K-12, Olympiad, NEET, JEE, and other competitive exams. The Shikshodaya initiative specifically targets half a million female students across India.
Unique Business Model Features Unacademy’s revenue-driving strategies include subscription models offering exclusive content, doubt-clearing sessions, mock tests, and personalised guidance at nominal fees. It offers specialised courses and test series for competitive exams such as SSC, UPSC, railways, and banking, catering to job seekers’ needs at affordable costs. Collaboration with educational institutions for certification programs enhances credibility and revenue. The Releval placement platform connects job seekers with providers, boasting a 100% placement rate and generating significant annual revenue. Revenue streams include earnings from YouTube, the salesale of educational materials, and offline classes conducted across numerous centres.


To learn more about the unique business model of buying Unacademy shares, contact the top broker to reap windfall profits.

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Unacademy’s innovative approach, celebrity endorsements, and strategic partnerships with state governments and educational institutions drive revenue growth boostost shareholder confidence.
Unacademy’s digital platform democratises access to quality education, especially for rural students, and leverages social media and mobile technology to facilitate learning from anywhere, anytime.
Unacademy’s fundraising rounds, backed by prominent investors, have fueled its rapid growth, while strategic acquisitions have expanded its service offerings and propelled it to the forefront of India’s ed-tech landscape.
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