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Garuda Aerospace is the leader in making high-quality drones at competitive costs and is backed by Dhoni as an ambassador and investor. With its new DRONI Drone launch to honour cool Dhoni on his social media handles and of CSK or Chennai Super Kings, it has become popular in India and worldwide. The consumer Garuda Aerospace drone price, at a cost of Rs. 85,000 with fantastic features, is a hot cake selling on Amazon and other offline and online outlets. Garuda Aerospace plans to sell over 25,000 drones in the current fiscal to raise its revenue by 20 times to reach 1,000 crores from the 47 crores in FY 23. With such great results for FY 24, Garuda Aerospace plans to launch its IPO in mid-2024. All this good news is that the Garuda Aerospace share price is increasing, so investors can buy them from the top broker to yield high returns. 

Global Drone Market and Garuda Aerospace’s Role in the Indian Drone Industry

UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicle, technology evolved in the last century and has grown rapidly in recent years in the form of drones, which are useful in defence and many sectors. Drones have become indispensable in many sectors, from security to agriculture, logistics to entertainment, filmmaking to law enforcement. Hence, the global drone market will double from 2021 to 2030 to reach 54.6 billion dollars from 26.3 billion dollars. In India, Garuda Aerospace is a significant contributor to the rapid rise of drone use, especially the compact nano drones weighing less than 250 gms and equipped with a 48 MP camera that can even be kept in a pocket. The affordable Garuda drone price makes it suitable for agricultural purposes, apart from others, and it can fly nonstop for around one hour. 

Aspect Information
UAV Technology UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicle, technology has evolved over the last century and has experienced rapid growth in recent years, particularly in the form of drones.
Application Drones are utilised across various sectors, including defence, security, agriculture, logistics, entertainment, filmmaking, and law enforcement.
Global Drone Market The global drone market is expected to double from $26.3 billion in 2021 to $54.6 billion by 2030.
Garuda Aerospace Garuda Aerospace is a notable player in India that has contributed to expanding drone usage, particularly in developing compact nano drones weighing less than 250 grams. These drones have a 48 MP camera and are highly portable, fitting even into a pocket.
Drone Features The Garuda drones are affordable and suitable for agricultural purposes, among others. They can fly nonstop for approximately one hour.


Garuda Aerospace formation and becoming a market leader in the Indian drone industry 

Garuda Aerospace, formed in 2015 by Harvard Alumni in Chennai, is the pioneer in making high-quality drones in India and has become the market leader in increasing sales and revenue every year. With continuous fundraising for making high-quality drones and the prebooking of 7,000 drones already done in 2024, it will soon become the first drone unicorn setup in India. With celebrities like Dhoni investing in Garuda Aerospace and the Prime Minister virtually starting the manufacturing facility, it has become one of India’s most famous drone makers. With the government’s initiative to invest substantially in the agricultural sector, Garuda Aerospace plans to sell over 25,000 agri drones in the current year. Hence, buying at the current Garuda Aerospace share price will be an excellent investment to get high returns for investors in the short and long term.  

Garuda Aerospace Evolution to be the Prominent Drone Maker in India

Garuda Aerospace, within a short period of eight years, has a long list of clients, which is over 750, and will increase more in the future. It also partners with IIT Roorkee, IIT Madras, MIT Boston, Wipro, Cognizant, HAL, DRDO, and all other big names, improving its technology to make high-quality drones at competitive costs. Also, it leverages the Rs. 1,260 Indian government’s allocation for deploying over 15,000 Kisan drones, which will increase its sales this year phenomenally, also because of the approvals from many state governments in India like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Maharashtra for getting subsidies for their agricultural drones. With huge investments pouring in for Garuda Aerospace to become the prominent player in the DaaS or drone-as-a-service sector, it will soon become a unicorn and launch an IPO. Hence, buying Garuda Aerospace shares from the top online platform is advisable to get a high ROI or return on investment. 

Garuda Aerospace Share Price Increases With Strategic Partnerships & Fundraising

It has partnered with Spirit AeroSystems, the world’s famous and most significant aerostructures for Airbus and other commercial aeroplanes, business jets, and defence platforms, to make high-quality drones. Apart from CSK captain Dhoni, many big and small investors hope to raise millions of dollars to become India’s first drone unicorn startup. It transformed the Indian drone industry as a pioneer and a prominent player in making high-quality drones. It specialises in making nano drones that weigh less than 250 gms and do not need DGCA certification or pilot licenses to be useful in many sectors. With India having over 7 lakhs of consumer drones, Garuda Aerospace, with 7,000 pre-booked orders for making nano drones and around 25,000 drones targeted in 2024, will soon come out with its IPO. Hence, buying the Garuda Aerospace shares is a sound investment decision to make windfall profits. 

List of Funds Raised by Garuda Aerospace 

Garuda Aerospace is the only Indian drone company to not only have manufacturing certifications but also to train students and others to operate drones safely and effectively. To expand its manufacturing and training capabilities and become the first drone unicorn startup, it has raised many rounds of finance in the past few years, including the following. 

Year Investment Details
2022 SphitiCap, a leading venture capital company, along with other angel, marquee, and HNI investors, injected significant funds into Garuda Aerospace, surpassing the $250 million valuation mark.
February 2023 Ocgrow Ventures participated in a pre-Series A funding round, contributing $22 million to facilitate the global expansion of the DaaS (Drone as a Service) tech platform.
Ongoing Various investors, including Founder Circle, SAN Angels Network, HEM Angels, and Peaceful Progress, have collectively supported Garuda Aerospace in diversifying its product range to encompass over 30 types of drones and offering more than 50 services.

The above funds and more to come, as venture capitalists and other investors keen to fund the drone industry after the Indian government infused massive investment into the agricultural sector, will only raise the Garuda Aerospace share price in the short and long term. 

Garuda Aerospace Role in Namo Drone Didi Initiative

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the “Namo Drone Didi” initiative to invest Rs. 1,261 crores in deploying around 15,000 Kisan drones to revolutionise the agricultural sector and increase Nari Sakthi in India. Garuda Aerospace, the only Indian drone company with manufacturing and training certifications, plans to develop 15,000 women drone entrepreneurs in the next two years. In such a strategic move, Garuda Aerospace will not only increase its presence in the Indian drone industry but also help the government’s initiative to help women and the agricultural sector. Hence, buying at the current Garuda Aerospace share price will yield high returns and help investors do their part to revolutionise the agricultural sector and women’s development in India. 

Garuda Aerospace Share Price Increasing With Growing Revenues

Metric FY 23 Result FY 24 Target
Revenue Stunning results Over Rs. 1,000 crores
Revenue Expansion Over 400 million dollars or Rs. 2,800 crores in next six quarters
Sales Increase in sales of over 30 types of drones and over 50 kinds of services Plans to sell over 25,000 high-quality drones this fiscal year
Market Disruption Increase food crop productivity of over 200 million farmers; disrupt over $3 billion worth of pesticide spraying market in India using drones
IPO Announcement Plans to come out with IPO in mid-2024
Investment Opportunity Buying shares from top online portal to diversify investments for high returns upon listing Favorable market conditions for booking huge profits selling unlisted shares at a high premium

Hence, buying Garuda Aerospace shares from the top online portal will help investors diversify their investments to get high returns as soon as getting listed in the exchanges. And with favouring market conditions with most indexes trading at all-time highs, investors can book huge profits selling unlisted shares at a high premium. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Garuda Aerospace shares in the grey market is safe, but it is critical to do it from the top online portal with NSDL and CSDL depositories to keep them to sell anytime to book profits. Also, with increasing regulations for the grey market in India, having many guidelines to follow is like buying from the exchanges regulated by SEBI.
Garuda Aerospace is the first drone unicorn startup in India, and it has investments from high-profile individuals like Cool Dhoni, captain of CSK or Chennai Super Kings, and many other venture capitalists. With pre-booked orders for over 7,000 drones and plans to make over 25,000 drones in 2024, it will increase its revenue to over 20 times to cross 1,000 crores in fiscal 2024. Also, with the expanding drone market in India to be helpful in many sectors, from revolutionising the agricultural industry to security, filmmaking, and others, Garuda Aerospace will be a prominent player in it. Hence, buying at the current Garuda Aerospace share price will yield high returns.
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