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About Sugar Cosmetics Company

Sugar Cosmetics is an omni-channel beauty company that started in 2015 and has a D2C or direct-to-consumer brand with over 400 crore rupees in FY 2023. The 89% increase in revenue annually is because of its rising sales in around 50,000 retail touchpoints in over 550 cities in India. Sugar cosmetics cofounder and CEO Vineeta Singh said recently that sales in FY 24 have already crossed 2024 and, as soon as they double in the next year, come out with an IPO. 

Hence, the Sugar Cosmetics share price is on a roll, with a rapid rise that allows investors to make high profits. 

Sugar Cosmetics Share Price Registering a Promising Growth

Among the high-profile investors raising funds for Sugar Cosmetics like Malabar Investments, Asia Fund of L Catterton and others, Ranveer Singh became one of them in 2022. Vineetha Singh said that the famous actor investing an undisclosed amount said that it would strengthen Sugar Cosmetics’ position as a fan favourite by creating new ways to increase customer acquisition, especially for the millennials and Gen Z in India. Celebrity Ranveer, not only an ambassador of its products but also an investor, boosts the confidence of the investors to raise its revenue to buy Sugar Cosmetics share price today.  

Kareena Kapoor is another celebrity actor with a joint venture with Sugar Cosmetics in its skincare brand, Quench Botanics. Kareena is now the co-owner and strategic investor in Quench Botanics, which sells Korean beauty products in over 1,000 outlets in India. With the rapid growth of skincare products in India, making it over 25,000 core market size, Sugar Cosmetics has more opportunities to reach its sales target of over 1,000 crores sooner rather than later to come out with its IPO. So, investing in the sugar cosmetics shares is a sweet decision to give high rewards in the future. 


Velvette Lifestyle Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Sugar Cosmetics, is not only raising funds to become a unicorn within a few years. In its latest fundraising campaign to raise 100 million dollars from Malabar Investments, the valuation of Sugar Cosmetics will reach around 400 million dollars. With a rapid rise in sales and revenues because of its massive presence on social media platforms, including 2.8 million on Instagram and 1.7 million on YouTube, its value is to rise further in future. Also, making cruelty-free cosmetics and not testing them on animals to be relevant to the needs of the independent, bold women of India and not allowed to be stereotyped into specific roles is becoming popular even beyond India. So, check out the Sugar Cosmetics share price today to make an excellent investment decision to buy from a top broker to yield high returns. 


Sugar Cosmetics- Figures at a Glance

Attribute Details
Company Name Sugar Cosmetics
Year Founded 2015
Business Model Omni-channel beauty company
Revenue FY 2023 Over 400 crore rupees
YoY Revenue Growth 89% increase
Retail Touchpoints Around 50,000 in over 550 cities in India
CEO Vineeta Singh
Future Plans IPO planned after doubling sales in FY 2024
Celebrity Investors – Ranveer Singh invested in 2022 <br> – Kareena Kapoor joint venture for Quench Botanics skincare brand
Strategic Partnerships Kareena Kapoor co-owner and strategic investor in Quench Botanics skincare brand
Parent Company Velvette Lifestyle Pvt Ltd
Latest Fundraising Raised 100 million dollars from Malabar Investments, valuation to reach around 400 million dollars
Social Media Presence – Instagram: 2.8 million followers <br> – YouTube: 1.7 million subscribers
Brand Ethos Cruelty-free cosmetics, not tested on animals; focuses on the needs of independent, bold women; gaining popularity beyond India
Investment Recommendation Check Sugar Cosmetics share price today for high returns; buy from a top broker for excellent investment opportunities


Strengths of Sugar Cosmetics Share Price That Makes it a Preferred Beauty Brand

Looking beautiful and young is a dream that most people worldwide have, but only a few make it a reality. But with the increase in awareness among people to look appealing to be successful professionally and happy in their personal lives, the need for cosmetic products is on the rise. And that too using cruelty free products or the ones not tested with animals is another concern shared by people worldwide. Also, they need high-quality products made with international standards without any side effects. And with the increasing social media presence worldwide and in India, the need to look attractive is on the rise. It is here that Sugar Cosmetics plays a pivotal role in protecting such independent women’s identities, concerns and worries. They sell a wide range of high-quality beauty and skin products made and crafted in the state of the art facilities from the USA, Germany, Italy, Korea and others. A few Sugar Cosmetic products include Sugar Foundation Stick, Sugar Contour Force Mini Bronzers, Sugar Dream SPF-15 mattifying Company Sugar Goddess of Flawless APF 30 cream, etc. Many strengths of Sugar Cosmetics make them the best beauty brand in India, including the following among others. 

    Have millions of followers on top social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and others to influence people to buy their beauty and skin care products.
  •       Celebrities in Bollywood like Ranveer Singh and Kareena Kapoor not only endorse their product but also have become investors and partners believing in the high potential of Sugar Cosmetics.
  •       Make cruelty-free products in the top facilities with advanced equipment and the best raw materials in the fashion capitals of the world like the USA, Italy, Germany, Korea and others.
  •       Have raised continuous funds over the past few years to become a unicorn and soon to become a unicorn to expand business to even two-tier cities in India.
  •       Sell products not only online but also offline through over 50,000 outlets across India in over 550 cities to sell products worth over 500 crores as early as 2021.
  •       With a massive social media following, Sugar Cosmetics can stay relevant in the competitive market to execute its strategies right and get instant feedback for quick innovation to stand out from the competitors, satisfying the customers/ needs within their budget.
  •       Sugar Cosmetics, with continuous revenue rise year after year, saw a significant rise of 89% from FY 22 to FY 23 and, in the second quarter of FY 24, has started to show profits with expenses less than revenues.
  •       With plans to come out with an IPO in a few years as soon as the revenue doubles and profits, which could happen in 2024 or 2025

 The above strengths of the top beauty brand in India make Sugar Cosmetics’ share price today a cheaper but safer investing option to yield high returns. 


List of Fundraising Rounds of Sugar Cosmetics – IPO to come out soon

Funds are the backbone for any startup to make or break in this competitive ecommerce and retail business world. Hence, Sugar Cosmetics continued to raise funds from its seed capital in 2015 until the recent plans to raise 100 million dollars in 2024 to raise its valuation to around 900 million dollars to become a unicorn soon. Also, to fund its acquisitions that include ENN beauty in January 2022, among others, to expand its beauty and skin product business to new heights. The following are the few fundraising of Velvette Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd-owned Sugar Cosmetics that include celebrities, top funds, angels, marquees and other investors. 


Year Round Amount Raised (Million $) Investors
2017 Series A 2.5 RB Investments Pte Ltd, India Quotient, others
2019 Series B 12 Anicut Capital, A 91 Partners, others
2020 Series C 21 Stride Ventures, Elevation Capital, others
2020 Debt Financing 2 Stride Ventures
2022 Series D 50 L Catterton Asian Fund
2024 Investment >100 Malabar Investments

The above fundraising does not include the undisclosed amount of Ranveer Singh, a joint venture by Kareena Kapoor in Quench Botanics, the skin care division of Sugar Cosmetics, to tap the vast potential of the market. Hence, it is time to buy Sugar Cosmetics shares at the current price to reap huge profits. 


Sugar Cosmetics Share Price Increases With Increased Revenues

Sugar Cosmetics has shown a continuous rise in its revenue for the past few years not only increasing its IPO prospects but also raising its share price. Between FY 22 to 23, it showed a spectacular rise of 89 rise in revenues. Also, in the current FY 24, it reported profit for the second quarter to raise its IPO hopes among investors. All the high revenues are because of the strong foundation laid by its founders and with raising continuous funds for expanding the business exponentially. With plans to raise more funds in 2024 to double the revenue and retail store outlets and ecommerce sales, Sugar Cosmetics’ share price today is a hidden treasure and gold mine to yield high returns.


Frequently Asked Questions about Sugar Cosmetics Stock Price


  1.     When will Sugar Cosmetics come out with an IPO?

As per the cofounder’s interviews, Sugar Cosmetics is to come out with an IPO in 2024 and 2025 or as soon as the revenue and retail outlets selling their well-crafted beauty and skin products double.


  1.               Who are the celebrity investors in Sugar Cosmetics?

Ranveer Singh, Karina Kapoor and many others are not only mere brand ambassadors of the exclusive range of Sugar Cosmetics products but also investors and partners having known its high potential to tap the cosmetic and skin product industry in India. 


  1.               Is Sugar Cosmetics’ share price worth the investment?

All the above facts confirm that Sugar Cosmetics’ share price is worth the investment with no doubt as it started to show profits with huge revenue rises apart from continuous investments from celebrities and top funds worldwide along with increasing outlets to over 50,000 in over 55 cities and others. 

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