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About the Zomato Company

Zomato started a small food delivery company in Delhi and has a market capitalization now in March 2024 of around 19 billion dollars to be one of the world’s 992nd valuable companies. It proves to be an example of how an unlisted share with high potential can become such a big company with huge revenues and high market capitalization after becoming a listed share. Those invested in its unlisted share made a killing in 2021 when it came out with an IPO at an issue price band of Rs. 71 to 76 to list in the exchanges at twice its price, around Rs. 130, and now trade at an all-time high of Rs. 184. It is a rise from Rs 50 in March 2023 to around Rs. 185 in March 2024, which is a phenomenal rise of over 280 % in a year. Hence, buying Zomato unlisted shares from reputed online platforms will yield high returns in the future. 


Zomato started in 2008. FoodBay, headquartered in Gurgaon, changed its name to Zomato to avoid conflict with the famous eBay and to expand beyond the food business. In the past one and a half decades, it has become a leading multinational food delivery company and the top restaurant aggregator with rising revenues year after year. In the process, Zomato helps millions of foodies find their favorite restaurants in over 10,000 cities in 24 nations, including the US, the UK, UAE, India, and others. Hence, buying Zomato’s share price at the current rate will also yield up to 50%, is the opinion of experts, if the market continues to go up in the next few months. 


Zomato’s success as an unlisted share until 2021 and also being the most high-return yielding startup share in the stock exchanges is due to many reasons. The initial funding from 2008 and many acquisitions made it the top Zomato unlisted share to yield high returns. Also, because of the many acquisitions, it outsmarted its competitor, Swiggy, which is yet to come out with an IPO but is also trading as a successful unlisted share. But Zomato, with its recent rise in the stock market, is because of its good news to raise its market capitalization to be one of the top 100 companies in the world. Also, Feeding I, India, which is an NGO that feeds over 200,000 meals daily, has raised its image and raised awareness of eradicating malnutrition in India. 


Zomato’s Journey at a Glance


Attribute Details
Company Name Zomato
Year Founded 2008
Headquarters Gurgaon, India
Initial Business Food delivery
Name Change FoodBay to Zomato
Expansion Beyond food business
Global Presence 10,000+ cities in 24 nations including US, UK, UAE, India, etc.
Market Capitalization (March 2024) Approximately $19 billion
Ranking 992nd valuable company in the world (March 2024)
IPO Details – Issue Price Band: Rs. 71 to 76 <br> – IPO Listing Price: Around Rs. 130 <br> – Current Price: Rs. 184
Stock Performance (March 2023 to March 2024) Rise from Rs. 50 to around Rs. 185, over 280% increase
Expert Opinion Buying Zomato’s share at current rate may yield up to 50% return if the market continues to rise
Success Factors – Initial funding and acquisitions <br> – Outsmarting competitors <br> – Recent rise in stock market <br> – Positive impact on society (e.g., Feeding India NGO partnership)
Potential Investment Zomato’s unlisted shares purchased from reputed online platforms have potential for high returns in the future

This table summarizes the key information about Zomato, its history, market performance, and factors contributing to its success.

Zomato’s – From Inception to Success


Starting as a small food delivery company in Delhi with headquarters in Gurgaon, Zomato spread its wings to many countries, including many developed and developing countries. From the USA to the UK, along with many UAE countries, it had rapid expansion in many countries worldwide. Also, apart from food delivery, it diversified into table reservations and other dining out services. In a bid to help its members, it brought a program called Zomato Pro to offer many privileges, including discounts and others. Starting with B2B or business-to-business, Hyperpure Service delivers high-quality and fresh ingredients to commercial kitchens and restaurants. Hence, Zomato became recognizable throughout India, and a lot of people applied for its IPO for over 38 times subscriptions of the price band of around 75. Also, it is the reason that it got listed at over Rs—50 premium on the day of listing to trade around 125 in both NSE and BSE. 


List of funds raised by Zomato IPO to increase its valuation 


Zomato is one classic example of how an angel investor investing in unlisted shares can make windfall profits. If someone has invested Rs. 10 lakhs along with the first round of funding by Info Edge in 2010, must have earned over Rs. 200 crores after its many rounds of investments before and after the IPO. That is the strength of Zomato’s share price, which is cheaper during early investing than even in the listed shares. The following is the list of the Pre and Post IPO fundraisings of Zomato to make it to be one of the top 1000 valuable companies worldwide and soon to become one in the top 100.



Investor Investment Year Amount (Million $) Details
Info Edge 2010-2013 16.7 Over four rounds Leading investor, holding over 57.9% stake.
Sequoia Capital 2013 37 Prominent investor funding alongside Info Edge.
Vy Capital 2014-2015 660 660 (2014), 50 (2015) Significant investment, along with Sequoia Capital and Info Edge.
Temasek 2015 60 Investment with Vy Capital.
Ant Financial 2018 200 Zomato became a unicorn startup with this investment, raising valuation beyond 1 billion dollars.
Temasek 2020 62 Additional investment in 2020.
Kora Investment 2020 52 Investment found in Series J round.
Tiger Global Management Pre-IPO (2021) 250 Valuation rose to over 5 billion dollars before IPO with this investment.

With Zomato rising 9,375 crore rupees through the IPO with a price band of Rs. 71 to 76 and with spectacular listing at around Rs. 125 in NSE and BSE to have colossal market capitalization, it also raised a massive amount of around 3.4 billion dollars from 24 post-IPO secondary rounds. A few of the top investors in the post-IPO secondary rounds include Morgan Stanley and others. All these fundraisings not only increased the Zomato unlisted share price but also increased its listed share price to a time high and continue to raise more in the future. 


List of Acquisitions Giving a Boost to Zomato Stock Price

It is not without reason that so many top investors worldwide believed the high potential of Zomato’s shares to become unicorns as early as 2018. Also, it used the huge collected funds to acquire many companies for its IPO to subscribe over 38 times and have a stunning listing in the exchanges. The following are the few acquisitions that made the rapid rise of Zomato’s stock price. 

Year Acquisition Amount (Million $) Details
2014 MenuMania Rs. 5 crores First acquisition to expand globally.
2014 Cibando, Gastronauci, Obedovat sk., Lunchtime cz Undisclosed Acquisition for 3.25 million dollars.
2015 Urbanspoon, Mekanist, MapleGraph, Next Table $60 million Series of acquisitions including a US-based restaurant management and table reservation platform.
2016 Sparse Labs Undisclosed Acquisition for undisclosed amount.
2017 Runnr Undisclosed Acquisition for undisclosed amount.
2018 TongueStun Food $18 million Acquisition for 18 million dollars.
2018 Tech Eagle Undisclosed Acquisition for undisclosed amount.
Pre-IPO Uber Eats $350 million Acquisition to become top food delivery platform.
Post-IPO Blinkit (Grofers) $568 million Acquisition in all-stock deal post-IPO.

The above acquisitions not only helped Zomato’s unlisted share price but also helped it continue to increase listed shares in the exchanges in the future. 


Zomato’s Stock Price Registers Growth With Increased Revenue

 All the above funds and acquisitions enable Zomato to be the top food delivery and table reservation platform and one of the top 1000 companies worldwide. The many advanced technological solutions provided by the top companies acquired by Zomato make delivering food quick and on time to outsmart competitors. Many products and services provide a steady income stream for Zomato to increase its valuation. A few include discovering the best restaurants, making online orders, delivering food, picking up, taking away, making table reservations, supplying ingredients, and providing premium subscription services. Advertising in the Zomato app, downloaded by most Indians, organising events and other activities also add income streams.


Aspect Details
Funds & Acquisitions Funds and acquisitions propel Zomato to top food delivery and reservation platform, aided by advanced technological solutions from acquired companies, enabling quick and on-time food delivery.
Product Portfolio Various products and services contribute to steady income stream: restaurant discovery, online ordering, food delivery, takeaway, table reservations, ingredient supply, premium subscriptions, advertising, event organization, and more.
Financial Performance Zomato reports a 69% rise in revenue in Q3 2024, from 1,948 to 3,288 crores, and a consolidated PAT of Rs. 138 crores compared to the previous year’s loss of 347 crores, contributing to a rise in both unlisted and listed share prices.


It is also important to report a consolidated PAT of Rs. 138 crores compared to the loss of 347 crore rupees for the same period last year. Hence, like the rapid rise in the Zomato share price, there is also a constant rise in the listed share price. 


Zomato is one of the proofs of how investing in the unlisted share price through the top online platform to have high yields. All the above facts about raised funds, acquisitions, business models, excellent results, and rise in the unlisted and listed share price will confirm it to get high yields. 


FAQs about Zomato Share Price

  1. How did Zomato transition from unlisted shares to becoming a listed company?

Zomato underwent a significant transformation from its inception as a small food delivery company to becoming a listed entity. It initiated with unlisted shares, which gained substantial value over time. In 2021, Zomato conducted an IPO with an issue price band of Rs. 71 to 76, listing on exchanges at around Rs. 130. Since then, its share price has surged, reaching an all-time high of Rs. 184 in March 2024.

  1. What factors contributed to Zomato’s remarkable rise in market capitalisation?

Several factors contributed to Zomato’s impressive growth and rise in market capitalisation. These include its strategic acquisitions, outsmarting competitors like Swiggy, positive market sentiment, and its expanding global presence. Additionally, Zomato’s initiatives, such as partnerships with NGOs like Feeding India, helped enhance its brand image and awareness.

  1. How did Zomato utilise funds raised from pre and post-IPO rounds?

Zomato raised significant funds through various pre and post-IPO rounds, allowing it to bolster its operations, expand its services, and make strategic acquisitions. For instance, it acquired companies like Uber Eats and Grofers to strengthen its position in the food delivery market. Additionally, these funds enabled Zomato to invest in technological advancements and improve its income model.

  1. What is Zomato’s income model, and how does it generate revenue?

Zomato employs a diverse income model that encompasses various revenue streams. These include facilitating online food orders, food delivery services, table reservations, providing premium subscription services, and supplying ingredients through its Hyperpure Service. Furthermore, Zomato generates revenue through advertising, event organization, and other ancillary services. Its robust income model has contributed to steady revenue growth, as evidenced by a significant rise in revenue reported in the third quarter of 2024.

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