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Time changes, and so do investment patterns and a company’s growth. Today, investors are rapidly moving towards unlisted shares or pre-IPO stocks. The assured higher returns (as compared with listed shares), portfolio diversification, and risk mitigation are key factors that attract investors toward pre-IPO claims. More and more companies are now opening their shares to the general public; one such firm is Care Health Insurance. 

Formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited, the firm was incorporated in 2007. Currently, the key shareholders of Care Health Insurance are Religare Health Insurance Company Limited with 88.4% shares, Union Bank of India with 3.5% shares, Corporation Bank With 2.8% shares, and the rest 5.3% are owned by others (employees and individual investors). Apart from its association with renowned companies and incredible revenue, many reasons attract investors to Care Health Insurance’s unlisted shares; find them below. 

Better management of financial assets

Care Health Insurance unlisted shares are a separate asset class. Putting your money into health insurance is a wise option for your portfolio and its diversification. Since the company experienced a PAT growth of 55.7%, investors can be assured of making significant profits. Furthermore, trading pre-IPO shares of Care Health Insurance will also mitigate the risks on your returns. Additionally, the returns will be in your favour whenever the company decides to go public. 

The sustainable long-term investment

Financial experts and unlisted share brokers always advise putting money in the stock market for the long term. Indeed, the case also fits Care Health Insurance’s unlisted shares. With ₹ 146 as the current per unlisted share price, investing in Care Health Insurance will give you stunning returns in the distant future, especially when the company decides to go public. Moreover, with revenue of ₹3229 million, experts anticipate a stunning growth rate shortly. Thus, if you are planning to buy unlisted shares, now is the time to invest in Care Health Insurance unlisted shares. 

Strengthening retirement goals

Since Care Health Insurance is a leading name in the health insurance industry, associating with it ensures excellent returns. It offers personal accident, top-up coverage, maternity coverage, health insurance and great retirement plans. Therefore, you will not only benefit from the company’s pre-IPO shares but will also get great claims through your retirement stages. We all understand retirement plans and goals are essential, and if something can help with it – it is the Care Health Insurance unlisted shares! 

Buying early means comprehensive benefits.

Currently, the company is still in its developing stages and is establishing its brand value. Moreover, the company also faced a downfall of 90% in the fiscal year 2019; however, the comeback is stunning. Though it is still coping with the effects of the decline, the efforts are commendable and have shown promising results. In simple words, it means that the per unlisted share price of the company is low; however, it will increase shortly (considering the current revenue of the firm). Since the price is down now, the returns will be more beneficial over time! 

Provides tax benefits

The tax benefits induced by unlisted shares are hidden from no one, especially in the healthcare insurance industry. If put simply, when you hold the securities or unlisted shares of a company for more than 12 months, a 10% tax is directly levied. Moreover, the time you have your claims will also determine your tax. If you hold your unlisted shares for 24 months, the tax will be calculated on a “short term” stock basis; if for more, tax calculation will fall under the long term. Since Care Health Insurance is also offering unlisted shares, the rule also applies to them! 

Disciplined investment

As the global population increases, the number of health issues and insurance increases, thereby determining a secure future for Care Health Insurance. Further, if experts are to be believed, putting your money in Care Health Insurance will assure portfolio diversification, a disciplined growth rate on returns, and significant profits post-IPO. 

Complete peace of mind

As aforementioned, when it comes to Care Health Insurance, it is a long-term investment option. Therefore, all you have to do is buy unlisted shares and then lead on with your life. Over time, assured profits can be made since the healthcare sector is ever-evolving; thus, brokers suggest investing in it now. 
Remember, buying unlisted shares of Care Health Insurance is more beneficial after consultation with experts. Stockify is the leading unlisted share broker in India and is run by experienced CAs and financial experts. With us, you will get an accurate price, which is regularly updated, and an opportunity to analyse your portfolios!

Good Financial Metrics

One of the major reasons to buy Care Health Insurance unlisted shares is because of its positive financial performance. The company has been on the rise and generating more and more revenue with every passing year. As of December 2023, the Unlisted share price of the company is ₹198 per equity share. However, the most important thing is the financial metrics of the company like its revenue, EBITDA, PAT and EPS. The revenue of the company for the fiscal year 2022-2023 was ₹748.8 crore while EBITDA, PAT and EPS were ₹328 crore, ₹245.9 crore and ₹2.6 per share respectively. This is a positive sign and marks the growth of the company. 

The Sustainable Long Term Investment

Care Health Insurance shares are perfect for long-term investment. With ₹198 as the current per unlisted share price, Care Health Insurance unlisted shares have surged 42% in FY 2023. At the beginning of the year, the share price was ₹140. Moreover, with a revenue of ₹748.8 crore, experts believe that the unlisted share price of the company is only going up from here. So if you want to buy unlisted shares of Care Health Insurance, this is the right time to do it. 

Buying Early Means Comprehensive Benefits

According to experts, the share price of Care Health Insurance is still low and it is bound to go up based on the financial metrics. The company saw its best year in FY 2022-2023. 


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Formerly known as Religare Health Insurance company, Care Health Insurance currently has a market capitalisation of ₹12811 million but is it the only factor that attracts investors?


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