A Comparison Of Hella Lighting With Its Rivals

Hella Lighting is an internationally renowned automotive supplier under the FORVIA brand. With a focus on high-performance lighting technology and automotive electronics, HELLA is a leading player in the industry. Their wide range of services and products cater to spare parts, workshop businesses, and special-purpose vehicle manufacturers through their Lifecycle Solutions business group. 

With over 36,000 employees across 125 locations worldwide, HELLA generated $4.8B in sales in the seven-month short fiscal year of 2022. Further in this blog, we will tell you more about a comparison of Hella India Lighting Limited with its rivals with a competitive analysis. 

Hella has set global standards for quality and customer orientation in India, establishing itself as a trusted supplier to leading vehicle manufacturers. With a presence of over 50 years in the Indian market, HELLA India Automotive Pvt. Ltd. and HELLA India Lighting Ltd., subsidiaries of HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA of Germany, have been instrumental in shaping the automotive landscape. They have manufacturing locations in Dhankot, Gurgaon, and Dera Bassi near Chandigarh and electronics and engineering centres in Pune and Chennai. 

Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the employee strength of over 1600 people. HELLA India provides a comprehensive range of high-quality automotive parts and accessories for both OEMs and the Independent Aftermarket. Many businesses trust HELLA to deliver innovative solutions and unmatched reliability in the automotive industry. 

An Overview Of Hella Lighting Competitors 

Here are some major competitors of Hella Lighting India Pvt Ltd. 

  1. Sonepar – Sonepar is an independent, family-owned global company in the B2B distribution of electrical products, solutions, and related services. Founded in 1969, the company has maintained its entrepreneurial values while steadily expanding its presence worldwide. With a network of 80 brands across 40 countries, Sonepar is focused on becoming a major B2B electrical distributor to offer its customers a fully digitalized and synchronised omnichannel experience. Having a total number of 44,000 associates, Sonepar recorded sales of €32.4 B in 2022. 
  1. Signify – Founded in 2016, Signify Lighting specialises in connected, LED, and conventional lighting solutions. Their energy-efficient products, systems, and services enhance the quality of light, making lives safer, businesses more productive, and cities more livable. With sales of $8.2B  and a global presence in over 70 countries, Signify unlocks the potential of light for brighter lives and a better world. As innovators for over 125 years, Signify(formerly known as Philips Lighting) has invested in R&D to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. 
  1. JTEKT – JTEKT Corporation is a Japanese company formed in 2006 by merging Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd., a bearing manufacturer, and Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd. With a focus on innovative products, such as steering systems, driveline components, bearings, and machine tools, JTEKT caters to discerning customers worldwide. The company strives to meet high expectations and gain the trust of society through its four major product technologies: bearings, steering systems, driveline components, and machine tools. JTEKT has earned the respect of automakers and industrial manufacturers globally. JTEKT has its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan, and operates in 27 countries with over 44,523 employees. In India, JTEKT India Limited, a part of JTEKT Group India, manufactures steering systems and other auto ancillaries for leading Indian vehicle manufacturers. 

Comparison Of Financial Performance of Hella Lighting and its Competitors  

Here is a quick comparison of Hella Lighting with its major competitors on the basis of a few important factors so that you can decide which company is good for investment:

Particulars Hella Lighting(FY2022) Sonepar(FY2021)Signify(FY2022)JTEKT(FY2022)
Company Status Unlisted Unlisted UnlistedListed
Revenue $5.14 B$11.99 M$8.07 B$1.93 T
Cost of goods $3.71 B$6.55 M$5.73 B$4.22 T
Price Per Share (INR)850.02300 144
Gross profit $1.41 B$4.58 M$3.42 B$304.93 B
Net Income $411.69 M$198.18 M$639.06 M$41.84 B

From the above table. It is clear that among these competitors, JTEKT earned a major revenue in Trillions. But other companies are also earning good revenue and net income as per their scale. 

The past few years have witnessed remarkable growth in unlisted shares. Currently, Hella Lighting India Ltd unlisted share price is  Rs 850 per share, with a PB ratio of 2.2, indicating a fair valuation. It’s worth noting that Hella India Lighting Limited’ pre-IPO shares pose lower risks than its peer competitors’ listed shares.

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The above analysis provides a comprehensive overview of Hella Lighting in comparison to its industry competitors. Over the past few years, the performance of Hella India Lighting Limited’s Pre-IPO shares has demonstrated positive growth, positioning it as a promising investment opportunity. By investing in Hella Unlisted Pre-IPO shares, investors have the potential to earn attractive returns in the long term.

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1.)What is the share price of Hella Lighting? 

Hella Lighting’s unlisted share price is INR 850

2.)Who are Hella Lighting’s competitors? 

Some of the major competitors of Hella Light are Sonepar, OSRAM, Signify, JTEKT, Bosch, Mitsubishi, etc. 

3.)What is the revenue of Hella Lighting PVT LTD? 

As of 2022, Hella Lighting’s revenue is 305.2M 

4.) Where can I buy unlisted Hella India Lighting Limited unlisted shares? 

There are several platforms present on the internet. One of the major platforms to buy Hella India Lighting Limited’s unlisted shares is Stockify. A lot of investors trust it, and it can be used to buy unlisted shares online. 

5.) Is Hella Lighting made in India? 

Hella India Lighting Limited is a publicly traded company primarily owned and supported by HELLA, a renowned automotive component supplier based in Germany.

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This is a comparison between Hella Lighting and its competitors, exploring their strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning. Gain insights into the automotive lighting industry and discover how Hella Lighting stacks up against its rivals.


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