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Hella, a well-renowned name in the vehicle manufacturing industry with a strong 50 years of presence, has made a separate niche globally and domestically. The business division lighting of the company has been manufacturing headlamps, rear combination lamps, and signal & interior lights for well-known automotive companies.

Being one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of headlamps and auto-related lighting accessories, the company has its name registered among the top 5 suppliers worldwide. Along with this global recognition in the industry, Hella Lighting Ltd. unlisted shares have also been performing exceptionally well in the grey market. This is a good time to buy Hella Lighting India Ltd. unlisted shares to generate a substantial ROI. But before betting on the unlisted shares of the company, it is necessary to look at the company’s overall performance and future growth plan, as it plays a major role in projecting the movement of unlisted shares in the future. 

Hella Lighting| A Leading Vehicle Lighting Supplier

As one of the top suppliers of vehicle lighting, this division of the Hella group has been performing significantly well on the financial fronts (registering a sale of €2.9 billion in FY 21-22). It has been driving innovation and productivity (like the formation of the Hella Light Tunnel). The company has been a renowned name in providing headlamps, rear lamps, car body lighting, and interior lighting to renowned players in the auto industry.

The business arm of the Hella Group has constantly been working towards infusing innovation with optimum, brand-centric design to present world-class products. The product portfolio of Hella Lighting includes the following: 

Head Lamps

Hella Lighting has included cutting-edge technology  (High-Definition-Systems)  to improve its product quality and deliver the best quality headlamps to renowned companies like Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, Skoda, and more. The list of headlamps includes: 

Low Beam, High Beam. Town Light, Cornering Light, Adverse Weather Light, Bend Light, etc. 

Rear Lamps:

The company has been driving innovation and establishing the importance of rear lights. Hella has been supplying rear lights to Ibiza, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Lucid. Rear lamps include rear indicators, stop lights, backup lights, tail lights, reflex reflectors and rear fog lights. 

Car Body Lighting: 

Hella Lighting has a diverse variety of car body lighting products like daytime running lights, front combination lamps, additional turn indicators, rear signal lamps, licence plate lamps, centre high-mounted stop lamps and much more. The product range also covers Grille illumination, radomes, exterior signal and functional lighting. 

Hella Lighting Ltd. has one of the best growth potentials and is one of the best-performing shares in the unlisted share market. Hella Lighting unlisted share price has been skyrocketing, and the current share price is Rs. 850. Investors can make an investment in unlisted shares to get a generous ROI. Let us look at the growth plans that the company has before you buy its unlisted shares. 

Growth Plans Of Hella Lighting Ltd’s

The best way to decide whether or not to invest in the company is by the plans that the company might have. As far as Hella Lighting is concerned, the company has shown substantial growth margins in the past and is moving along the lines of development in the future as well. Let us have a look at the company’s plan for the future. 

The plan of the parent company Hella Group is to attain an annual sales growth of €9.4 billion in 2025 (10% growth). 

The company plans to substantially increase its operating revenue  (above 8%) and net cash flow (above 4%) by 2025. 

Under the FORVIA Power25 plan, Hella also expects profitable growth in the Electronics and Lighting arms of the company. 

To make it to the top and fulfil its commitments, Hella Lighting has been working along the lines of expansions, acquisitions and collaborations. The company has been researching and collaborating with industry experts to design climate-friendly headlights. To initiate this, the company has been working on the NALYSES research project in collaboration with major players like BMW Group, Miele, the Heinz Nixdorf Institute of the University of Paderborn, and the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences. The main aim of this three-year research is to come up with a sustainable and eco-friendly set of headlights.

Hella has also expanded its reach to developing countries like India, and Hella India Lighting Limited  (HLIIL) is a by-product of this strategy. The company was established in 2005 as 81% HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA subsidiary. HILL has its presence in the automobile hubs in India and has employed around 1600 people as of now. The company has been producing premium automotive parts for OEMs and Independent aftermarkets. The company is especially focusing on the safety on Indian roads. HILL has been on a mission to reduce the number of deaths during traffic accidents by 10% by the end of this decade.

To become future-ready, Hella has also planned to commission all its functioning units to manufacture in a carbon-neutral manner by 2025. The company has also planned to operate on a climate-neutral supply chain by 2045. 

These are a few major growth initiatives that Hella Lighting is undertaking. Looking at these growth plans, it can be predicted that the company has a good future ahead, and so do the company’s shares. So you can buy unlisted shares if you want to be a part of the company’s growth. 

If the above-listed plan and growth blueprint are still not convincing enough to invest in Hella India Lighting Ltd. unlisted shares, then let’s look at the company’s financial performance and the performance of its unlisted shares. 

Invest In Hella India Lighting Ltd. Unlisted Shares

Without beating around the bush, let’s talk about the company’s financial performance. The company’s revenue has surged from Rs. 195  cr. in 2021 to Rs.305 cr. in 2022. The EBITDA margins and the PAT have also shown a considerable hike in FY22 compared to the previous year. Here is the financial report of the company. 

Particulars(Cr..)FY22FY21FY20FYI9FYI8 FY17
Total Revenue 308 196174200 180 152
% Growth 58% 12.38%-12.79% 10.76%18.92%~
Operating Profit Margins12.9%7.76%8.10%8.47% 9.19% 9.53%
PAT 16 0.03 27.425.287.36
Net Profit Margins 5.19% 0.02% 1.10% 371.20% 292.61%  484.72%

The financial figures show positive growth in the revenue, operating profits and PAT. These financial figures encourage investors to buy Hella India Lighting Ltd. unlisted shares. If you also want to buy Hella India Lighting Ltd. unlisted shares, consider Stockify, aStockify, a leading online platform to buy and sell unlisted shares in India. The platform provides an extensive analysis of the unlisted shares  (EBITDA, PAT, Revenues, Profit & Loss statements) and the updated price of unlisted shares. You can access the unlisted shares of leading companies  (not registered in the stock market) of various industrial domains. Use Stockify to buy and sell unlisted shares and make your trading journey a breeze! Connect with the expert brokers on Stockify today!  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What is the price of Hella Lighting Unlisted shares? 

The price of Hella Lighting unlisted shares is Rs 850. The unlisted share prices are subject to constant changes due to fluctuations in the company’s performance and the ups and downs of the financial markets. To get updated information, you can log in to Stockify. 

Q2. How can I check Hella Lighting unlisted share price?

Stockify is the best platform to check unlisted share prices. The online stock trading platform takes into consideration all the aspects and presents updated share prices. 

Q3. How can I buy Hella Lighting unlisted shares? 

You can use Stockify to buy Hella Lighting unlisted shares. Buying and selling unlisted shares is easy with Stockify. You just have to log in, select the share you want to buy, and proceed with the verification and KYC. Make final payment to complete the purchase. 

Q4. Why should I choose Stockify to buy unlisted shares? 

Stockify is India’s leading platform to buy and sell unlisted shares. The platform has a range of unlisted shares spanning across different industries. Along with a complete analysis of the company, Stockify also provides expert consultation. 

Q5. Is Hella Lighting listed in the stock market? 

No, the company has not been registered on the stock exchange yet. If you want to invest in the company, you can buy Hella Lighting unlisted shares via Stockify. 

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