A Comparison Of Tata Capital Ltd’s Business Growth With Its Top Competitors

The subsidiary company of Tata Sons Private Limited and the flagship financial services company of the renowned Tata Group has been making good progress in the market, as well as in the unlisted sector.

In the financial year 2023, the company broke all records and attained the highest-ever PAT, amounting to Rs. 2,975 Cr, with a year-on-year growth of 80%. The company also registered a 28% YoY growth in the loan book and received the highest-ever disbursals in FY23, capturing a YOY growth of 42%. The company also showed exemplary performance in the unlisted market domain and good financial progress. Tata Capital enlisted share is trading at Rs. 620, which went up from Rs. 76 in the month of April (2023). 

These figures and statistics have been outperforming, in comparison to, its competitors like Bajaj Finserv, Muthoot Finance, Reliance Capital, Aditya Birla Capital, and IIFL. Let us look at a comparative analysis of Tata Capital with some of the major players in the financial services market. 

Peer Comparison Of Tata Capital Limited 

One of the best financial services companies in India, and the top performing NBFC, has been compared to a few of its competitors. The table below presents a comparison of Tata Capital with some of its top competitors. 

Company NameRevenueProfit(2022)Market CapROEDebt to EquityPrice to Book Value
Tata Capital 13,637 Cr1,648CR ~23.0% 0.639.86
Muthoot Finance9,707 Cr2,385 Cr29,830 Cr22.41 %2.682.81
Reliance Capital19,303 Cr
Aditya Birla Capital9,146 Cr998 Cr22,022 Cr.9.65 %5.522.19
IIFL5,989.4 Cr2,276.01Cr18.84 Cr. 18.14 % 5.21.77
Manappuram Finance Ltd1.14 Cr 1,179 Cr14,580 Cr.22.12 %3.672.88
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd12,700 Cr1,482 Cr19,895 Cr.17.30 %4.971.78

The table sheds light on the overall performance, profits, revenue, and market capitalisation of Tata Capital and its peers. The table shows that the company has been performing significantly well compared to most of its competitors and has been giving tough competition to the others. 

Compared to its competitors, Tata Capital has performed significantly well in generating revenue and a reasonable profit margin than the rest of its competitors. The growth of the company is not limited to financial performance. Still, Tata Capital provides a much more diverse variety of services as compared to Muthoot Finance, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited, Aditya Birla Finance Limited, and IIFL. Tata Capital has also won several awards and recognition for its exemplary work in the financial services domain. 

What makes Tata Capital stand out from its competitors is its presence in diverse sectors and across vast geographical locations (in almost 100 countries) and the aspect of corporate sustainability included in the company’s functioning. Tata Capital is not only one of the most renowned companies offering financial services but also deploys a customer-centric approach that separates it from its competitors. 

This positive growth in comparison to its competitors also indicates a good performance of Tata Capital unlisted shares in the grey market. The Tata Capital Ltd. unlisted shares have given good competition to the other major unlisted shares in terms of returns and dividend yield. Let us look at the performance of Tata Capital in the unlisted market. 

The Performance Of Tata Capital Unlisted Shares

The Tata Capital Ltd. unlisted share has performed exceptionally well in the unlisted share market, and the price of the unlisted share has skyrocketed in the past few months. Investors and shareholders are betting on the company’s performance, and experts are advising investors to buy Tata Capital unlisted shares to generate substantial returns. 

The graph shows the upward movement of the company’s unlisted shares, and if you also want to buy unlisted shares, you can visit Stockify. The best platform to buy and sell unlisted shares. It is a one-stop destination for unlisted shares of major blue chip companies not yet listed in the primary market. You can get a complete financial analysis of the unlisted shares and expert advice. So to start your investing journey, get in touch with the experts on Stockify. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What is the Tata Capital Ltd. unlisted share price?

The current price of Tata Capital unlisted shares is Rs. 620 per share. The unlisted share prices are subject to changes due to market fluctuations and company performance. You can visit Stockify to get the latest updates. 

Q2. How can you buy Tata Capital unlisted shares online?

Yes, there are multiple platforms that allow you to buy and sell unlisted shares online. Stockify is one such platform that can make unlisted share trading easier. 

Q3. What services does Tata Capital Ltd. provide? 

Tata Capital is a leading name in the financial sector in India. It is known to provide capital finance, private equity, investment banking, asset finance, and other financial services to retail, corporate, and organisations through its various subsidiaries. 

Q4. Is Tata Capital an NBFC or a bank? 

Tata Capital has registered itself as a Systematically Important Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) with the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI). It is considered a non-deposit-accepting NBFC. 

Q5. What is the best place to buy and sell unlisted shares? 

Stockify is India’s leading platform to buy and sell unlisted shares. You can visit Stockify to get unlisted shares of the best companies in various domains, ranging from technology to food and beverage. Stockify also allows you to buy ESOPs and pre-IPO shares. 

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The flagship financial company of the Tata Group has performed exceptionally well in comparison to its competitors. Read the blog for a detailed analysis!


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