In-Depth Analysis Of Revenue Of Hero FinCorp With Its Competitors

Hero Fincorp Ltd (HFCL) is a big name in the financing world, serving millions of customers in India. A subsidiary of Hero MotoCorp is widely known for providing financing services for vehicles. The company was incorporated in 1991 as Hero Honda Finlease Ltd and later changed to Hero FinCorp due to the change in the ownership of its parent company. 

Today, HFCL provides financing, leasing, bill discounting, and other financial services. Like any other financial service provider, Hero FinCorp is also competing with other companies in its domain. There are renowned companies in the list of its competitors, like Mahindra Finance, Tata Capital, etc. Since Hero FinCorp is an unlisted company, it is crucial to compare its revenue with its competitors before buying Hero FinCorp unlisted shares. In this blog, we will analyze the revenue of Hero FinCorp with its top competitors.

About Hero FinCorp Ltd

Before we move to the detailed analysis of Hero FinCorp’s revenue with its competitors, let’s get an overview of the company. Hero FinCorp is an Indian-based non-banking Financial company that offers a wide range of services, including bill discounting, leasing, and more. 

With a proven record of providing hassle-free corporate and retail loans at competitive pricing, Hero FinCorp has been the trusted name among its customers. According to the data shared by the company in 2020, Hero FinCorp is providing its financial services in more than 1900 cities, towns and villages in India. 

Retail investors can only invest in the company via Hero FinCorp unlisted shares available on various online unlisted shares platforms like Stockify. The competitors of Hero FinCorp include Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd, Aditya Birla Finance Ltd, Adani Capital Finance Ltd, Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company Ltd, and Mahindra Finance Ltd. 

Details Of Hero FinCorp’s Top Competitors

Analyzing the company’s competitors is extremely important in making an investment decision. A comparison between the company’s financials, like revenue, with competitors will give you an overview of Hero FinCorp’s current financial performance. Let’s take a look at Hero FinCorp’s top competitors in the market.

Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd

Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd is the subsidiary of Tata Sons Private Ltd, which provides various financial services in rural and urban areas of India. Like Hero FinCorp, Tata Capital Financial Services Limited is an unlisted company offering pre-IPO trading stocks. Just like Hero FinCorp unlisted shares, you can also buy unlisted shares of Hero Capital Financial Services Ltd. 

Aditya Birla Finance Ltd

Aditya Birla Finance Ltd is the holding company of the Aditya Birla Group, incorporated in 1991. It has a strong presence in different states of India and is a well-known company for its wide range of services, including financing, investing, asset protection, and more. Aditya Birla Finance Ltd is an unlisted company registered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

Adani Capital Finance Ltd

Adani Capital Finance Ltd is India’s leading non-banking financial service provider owned by the Adani Group. Its various financial services include vehicle, corporate, and Farm equipment loans available at the best possible interest rate. The company’s main focus is the rural regions and supports the infrastructure and small & medium-sized enterprises. Adani Capital Finance Ltd is also an unlisted company planning to bring its 

IPO. Its initial public offering is also expected to launch soon like the Hero FinCorp IPO, which might launch next year.

Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company Ltd

Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company Ltd, popularly known as Chola, is the financial service arm of Murugappa Group. It commenced as an equipment financing company and today offers a wide range of services, including home loans, vehicle financing, business loans, property loans, etc. Chola was incorporated in 1978 and is considered one of India’s oldest non-banking financial service companies. The company is listed on the stock exchanges like NSE and BSE.

Mahindra Finance Ltd

Mahindra Finance Ltd is considered one of the top competitors of Hero FinCorp in terms of vehicle financing services across India. Mahindra is the biggest name in manufacturing two-wheelers, including tractors, for which it targets rural areas. Unlike Hero FinCorp, Mahindra Finance Ltd is a listed company whose stocks are traded on NSE and BSE.

Analysis Of Hero Fincorp’s Revenue With Its Competitors

The financial performance of Hero FinCorp in the last financial year was outstanding. In FY 22-23, the company’s net interest income increased by 38% from Rs 2,563 crore to Rs 3,546 crore. 

Hero FinCorp’s competitors also did well and generated viable revenue through their different means of financial services. Here is a detailed analysis of the revenue of Hero FinCorp with its top competitors:

Hero FinCorpTata Capital Finance LtdAditya Birla Finance LtdAdani Capital Finance LtdCholamandalam Investment and FinanceMahindra Finance Ltd
Total RevenueRs 3,546 croreRs 3,089 croreRs 2,657 croreRs 3,473 croreRs 2,638 crore
Revenue growth38%34%27%29.8%35%
Profit After Loss (PAT)31823771-237311
Earning Per Share25.9721.8927.1-15.8731.98
Net WorthRs 3661 croreRs 2748 croreRs 2689 croreRs 3582 croreRs 2979 crore
Interest IncomeRs 2977 croreRs 2474 croreRs 1379 croreRs 1978 croreRs 2017 crore
Rental Income10.875.767.9713.8710.56
ExpensesRs 1679 crore2089 croreNot disclosedRs 1907 crore Not disclosed
Finance CostRs 1710 croreRs 1629 croreRs 1897 croreRs 2089 croreRs 1374 crore
Cost To Income Ratio41.60%58.87%38.98%20.89%39.87%
Return On Assets1.40%1.29%2.78%1.2%1.38%
Return On Equity8.69%5.76%4.78%7.89%6.89%
Gross Net Performing Assets6.50%5.86%3.78%7.98%4.87%

As we can see from the above chart, the revenue of Hero FinCorp with its peer competitors has been higher. The above revenue breakdown is based on the public data provided by the companies. In the comparison, it is clear that Hero FinCorp has shown positive growth in total revenue of Rs 3546 crore. 

On the other hand, the company also generated a good income in the form of interest per share, rental income, and more. The above revenue chart also impacts the performance of Hero FinCorp unlisted shares traded in a pre-IPO market.

If we see the above graph of Hero FinCorp unlisted share price, it showed a peak in its value recently. In the last few months, Hero FinCorp share price has increased from Rs 735 per share to Rs 1035 per share. It is a positive sign for retail investors looking to buy Hero FinCorp unlisted shares. 

In addition, the company also recorded positive growth in terms of net profit compared to its peer competitors. As per the recent market data, Hero FinCorp unlisted share price today is Rs 1070 per share, which depends on various factors, including its operating revenue.

Invest In Hero FinCorp Unlisted Shares With Stockify

Now, you have a better idea about Hero FinCorp’s financial performance as compared to its competitors including Tata Capital, Mahindra Finance, etc. Since the company is currently unlisted, you can invest in its pre-IPO stocks to take an early advantage. Stockify is the online unlisted shares trading platform that provides essential details of unlisted shares like price, EBITDA, market valuation, and more. 

You can easily buy Hero FinCorp unlisted shares from our platform, in which our experts will provide complete guidance. Apart from Hero FinCorp, we provide retail investors access to other companies’ unlisted shares, including CSK, OYO, Tata Technologies, and more. To buy unlisted shares, connect with us now!


1- What Was The Revenue Of Hero FinCorp For The Last Financial Year?

As per the financial report shared by the company on December 31, 2022, the revenue of Hero Fincorp increased by 35% from Rs 1151 crore to Rs 1562 crore.

2- Who Are The Competitors Of Hero FinCorp?

The top competitors of Hero Fincorp include Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd, Aditya Birla Finance Ltd, Adani Capital Finance Ltd, Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company Ltd, and Mahindra Finance Ltd.

3- What Is The Current Market Cap Of Hero FinCorp?

The market cap of Hero FinCorp is approximate Rs 14,555 crore. This metric depends on various factors, including the company’s operating revenue and the face value of its pre-IPO shares.

4- How To Check The Updated Hero FinCorp Unlisted Share Price Online?

You can check the updated price of Hero FinCorp unlisted shares on Stockify. Here you will get the recent share price along with financial data of the company.

5- What Is Hero FinCorp Share Price Today?

The price of Hero Fincorp pre-IPO stock today is Rs 1070 per the recent market data. For getting updated unlisted share prices, subscribe to Stockify.

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Hero FinCorp, a non-banking financial service provider, competes with Mahindra Finance, Tata Capital, and more. Let’s look at the in-depth revenue analysis of Hero FinCorp with its competitors.
Hero FinCorp, a non-banking financial service provider, competes with Mahindra Finance, Tata Capital, and more. Let's look at the in-depth revenue analysis of Hero FinCorp with its competitors.


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