OYO Will Add 1500 Super OYOs By The End Of FY24- Possible Plans Of The Company

OYO, a global hospitality-tech company, recently announced that it will add 1500 super OYOs by the end of FY24. The IPO-bound company also recorded a positive cash flow in its financials while getting high customer service ratings. In a recent meeting, OYO officials confirmed that its Super OYOs have already exceeded the 1,000 mark and are available in 140 cities in India. 

The company introduced the “Super OYO” category in December 2022, with 200 properties in 17 cities. OYO’s goal is to acknowledge hotels that provide consistent and high customer experiences. Since the company focuses on its business expansion plans, it positively affects OYO pre-IPO shares performance. In this blog, we will discuss the possible plans of Oravel Stays Limited.

A Brief Overview Of Super OYO

A Super OYO is the category introduced by the company in 2022 to select the hotels listed on its platform based on the customer experience. It is the criteria OYO laid out to shortlist hotels which consistently provide excellent customer service. 

As a result, Oravel Stays Ltd  reached the milestone of 1000 Super OYOs in less than a year. In addition, the company also emerged as the biggest hospitality tech firm in Indonesia and committed to expanding its Super OYOs to 1,500 by the end of FY24.

Possible Plans Of OYO To Reach A Milestone of 1,500 Super OYOs

As the company already decided to add 1,500 new Super OYOs to its portfolio, it will have some strategic planning in place. In the past, OYO filed its IPO papers with the SEBI, due to which its future business planning was affected. From the beginning, the company’s perspective is to support the hotel owners and help them enhance the customer experience. For this, the company consistently makes an effort to add new hotel partners to its platform. Here are the possible plans of OYO for adding 1,500 new Super OYOs by the end of FY24:

Expanding Network Of Hotel Partners

As we mentioned, OYO gives flexibility to the hotel partners to provide a high customer experience. To achieve the addition of 1,500 Super OYOs, the company will look to expand its network of hotel partners. It is expected that OYO will invite new hotel partners and identify the properties that qualify its criteria. 

Target Global Marketplace

OYO has a stellar presence in the global tech-hospitality industry like the USA and UK. It recently added premium properties due to the high demand for tourism in these countries. The company’s next move will be targeting the global marketplace and selecting the properties that are suitable for categorizing in the Super OYO segment. It will also be interesting to see how the reshuffle in OYO’s top management for an IPO affects its planning to target the global market.

Promotes Its Spotless Stay Program

OYO introduced its spotless stay program to elevate the guest experience, which helps companies get high ratings from customers. OYO’s future plans will be to promote this program among its hotel partners to enhance the customer experience. It will help the company add more Super OYOs while getting good ratings.

These are the possible plans of OYO to achieve its goal of 1,500 Super OYOs by the end of FY24. In addition, Oravel Stays will also focus on acquisitions and partnerships to give a boost to its business expansion plan. In addition, the company also looks forward to maintaining its positive financial performance to attract new retail investors for OYO unlisted shares. Based on the current data, OYO Pre-IPO shares perform well in the grey market.

Plan Your Investment In OYO Unlisted Shares With Stockify

OYO is one of the fastest-growing unlisted companies that attracts investors due to its profitable business model. The company recently reported a positive net profit in Q4 of FY23. The plan of OYO to add 1,500 Super OYOs by the end of FY24 shows its commitment to expanding business beyond boundaries.

In addition, the company also focuses on elevating customer experience. It is the reason OYO unlisted shares remain in high demand among investors. You can also reap the future benefits by investing in OYO pre-IPO stocks. At Stockify, we help retail investors select the right unlisted shares per their risk appetite. Here, you can buy unlisted shares of OYO and other top-performing companies like Tata Technologies. Ready to grow financially with OYO? Start investing in OYO pre-IPO stocks now!


1- What are the business expansion plans of OYO for the fiscal year 2024?

Oravel Hotels Ltd plans to increase the premium hotels in its portfolio by the end of FY24. To stay updated with the latest news regarding OYO, subscribe to Stockify.

2- How was the financial performance of OYO unlisted shares in FY23?

The last financial year remained positive for OYO, recording a positive cash flow and net profit. In addition, the performance of its pre-IPO shares was also good in this fiscal year.

3- What is the current OYO share price in India?

As per the fresh market data, OYO share price in India currently is Rs 91.0 per equity share. The unlisted share price depends on its business performance and current market condition.

4- Is it beneficial for investors to buy unlisted shares of Oravel Rooms Limited?

OYO is one of the successful online hospitality businesses operating in India and other countries. The company is expanding its portfolio by adding a new super OYO recently. In addition, OYO pre-IPO shares also perform well in the grey market, which makes it the best company for the investment.

5- How can I invest in OYO unlisted shares online?

You can buy or sell OYO unlisted shares by using Stockify. We help retail investors invest in pre-IPO companies by providing financial details and guidance.

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OYO, a global hospitality-tech firm, is expected to add 1500 Super OYOs by the end of the financial year 2024.
OYO, a global hospitality-tech firm, is expected to add 1500 Super OYOs by the end of the financial year 2024.


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