PharmEasy Stock Prices In Unlisted Share – 70% Fall In Prices, Explained

Share prices of online pharmacy company –  PharmEasy have plunged around 50 per cent in the unlisted share market. This fall has raised concern among investors and equity holders. Recent unlisted share prices showcase the downfall in the face value and market value. 

PharmEasy share price was estimated to be 140 INR, which is now trading at 30 to 32 INR. An increase in supply is the primary reason behind the drop in unlisted share prices of PharmEasy. Once the pre-IPO market dropped, investors noticed the erosion of their wealth; during the worst trade scenarios, the prices dropped down to almost a quarter. This condition resulted in a sudden drop in the demand for PharmEasy unlisted shares.

PharmEasy’s parent company, API Holdings, is seeking approval from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and getting registered as an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Currently, the company hasn’t received any clearance from the SEBI yet, and the shares are traded in the grey market at a very low price. However, inventors see it as a green signal and expect a hike when the company is listed. 

An Overview Of PharmEasy 

PharmEasy is a leading online platform that provides healthcare services like diagnostic tests, medical services, consultations, and medicines from registered pharmacies, laboratories, clinics, etc. The company focuses on providing healthcare facilities all over the country. The online services on the application are divided into different zones based on the area’s pin code. 

PharmEasy started its journey in 2015; the idea behind creating this online platform is to provide more accessible and affordable healthcare facilities. The company started by receiving funds through angel investment. When the company started to set its foot in the market, it offered pre-IPO stocks to retail investors. In 2021 this pharmaceutical company purchased 66% shares in Thyrocare. The company has a very straightforward and simple business model of B2B services. That connects service producers, potential buyers, suppliers, and distributors in one platform. 

A Detailed Guide For PharmEasy Share Prices 

Though PharmEasy is planning to register itself as an IPO in the future; the company started distributing unlisted shares to the inventors. In recent years the company gained good demand in the share market. Most investors sought help from unlisted share brokers and invested in the company to generate higher returns in the long term.

The company merged with the top five healthcare companies to form ‘API Holdings’. This became the biggest digital healthcare service-providing company in India.

Details Of PharmEasy Unlisted Shares

Total no. of shares available 10000
Face Value per share ₹ 1 Per Equity Share
Lot Size 500 Shares
Current Price per share ₹ 38 per Equity Share

Presently; no company can compare the success rate of PharmEasy. NetMeds was a suitable competitor, but when the company was acquired by Reliance Industries and another US-based listed company, there was no similar business to compete with the unlisted shares of PharmEasy. 

Follow These Tips Before Investing In Unlisted Shares 

Fluctuating picture of share prices does not provide the real picture of the company’s valuation. To understand the overall scenario, you need to connect with experts or brokers in order to buy unlisted shares in India. 

Talk To Advisors 

Advisors are the trusted guides that provide detailed information about the stock market and warn about the market volatility that could result in loss of capital. New inventors must consult with these advisors. 

Take Opinions From Industry Experts 

Share market could be very competitive, but taking valued opinions from industry experts adds a larger prospect on listed and unlisted shares.  

Consult With CA Or Unlisted Share Brokers 

Investing in the shares include monetary risk, and seeking help from a CA would help in a better understanding of the market. However, unlisted share brokers provide unregistered shares that are not easily available in the market. 

How To Buy PharmEasy Unlisted Shares?  

PharmEasy unlisted shares are not available directly in the market; thus, you must connect with the brokers to buy unlisted shares in India. You can start by booking PharmEasy shares through a reliable broker from Stockify. Further, you would be provided with bank details and need to transfer the funds accordingly. After the payment is successfully processed, shares will be transferred to you within 24 hours. Now you can keep them as long or short-term investments. 
If you are planning to buy unlisted shares in India, we advise you to connect with professional unlisted shares brokers. When a company is not listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) or Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), investors seek help from brokers to purchase a company’s equity. With years of expertise in the stock market, the experts from Stockify are great at risk management and ensure better returns.

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PharmEasy hit a decline in the price of unlisted shares due to the decreased demand and higher supply.


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