Ranveer Singh invests in Aman Gupta’s boAt, appointed as brand ambassador

Consumer electronics markets are seeing changing market dynamics. Celebrities, once confined to endorsing products, are now actively participating in the business side of things, making angel investments and taking equity. Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh has made what seems to be a lucrative investment in the renowned audio technology brand, BOAT. This stake acquisition has not only solidified his association with the brand alongside his taking on the role of a brand ambassador. 

A Financial Snapshot of boAt 

In examining the prospective ROI of Ranveer Singh’s investment in BOAT, a Delhi NCR-based company we see an impressive 18% surge in boAt’s operating revenue in the fiscal year 2022-23, reaching a substantial INR 3,376.7 Cr compared to INR 2,873 Cr in the preceding fiscal year. As seen in its books, a lion’s share of this revenue, amounting to INR 2,350.8 Cr, went to the audio segment. The said segment constitutes a substantial 70% of its operating revenue. Perhaps it’s also the brand’s most successful driver of peak market penetration. The brand’s superior sound quality, innovative design, competitive pricing, marketing strategies, and customer engagement initiatives have cultivated a loyal customer base. A cluster of these fitting reasons is precisely why celebrities see potential in aligning themselves with the brand. 

Ranveer Singh in his own words quotes, “boAt’s commitment to top-tier sound quality and its connection with the youth resonates deeply with me. Investing in their journey goes beyond a financial decision; it’s about co-creating a revolution”. 

Because of Singh’s entrepreneurial spirit and his acute awareness of Gen Z and millennials’ music tastes, BOAT gains a key asset that can propel the company’s growth both domestically in India and internationally. This is likely to boost up the valuation of boAt further in the upcoming financial year. Thus, positioning it as a brand that embraces technology and champions the aspirations of the youth.

What role do Equity deals play in startup marketing?

Startups, particularly in the tech and consumer electronics sectors, often grapple with significant financial constraints, especially when it comes to marketing. Traditional marketing avenues can be expensive for emerging companies. This is where equity-based private deals, like the one between BOAT and Ranveer Singh, emerge as a viable option. These deals allow startups to secure the endorsement of influential personalities without incurring substantial cash expenditures, significantly enhancing the brand’s recall value. 

Is it a smart move to onboard celebrities by holding equity stakes?

The risks associated with celebrity partnerships are outweighed by the potential rewards, especially when the celebrity becomes an integral part of the brand’s ecosystem. Their involvement goes beyond conventional advertising, incorporating a sense of authenticity and credibility into the brand.

The plan of action made by BOAT to offer Ranveer Singh an equity share offers an immediate boost in brand visibility, ensuring that Ranveer is intricately tied to the success of the brand. The recall value associated with a brand endorsed by a celebrity who is also a stakeholder is substantially higher, making it a judicious move in the fiercely competitive consumer electronics market.

BOAT as an investment opportunity

boAt, with its commitment to quality, innovation, and youth-centric values, stands out as an attractive investment opportunity. Coupled with the advantageous price point and a targeted audience driven by technological advancements, offers boAt a market that has ample room for growth, increased availability of high-quality yet affordable products, and a consumer base that values both functionality and style.

The proceeds from the IPO will catalyze the brand’s ambitious expansion plans, targeting a different array of lifestyle categories. With a commitment to reaching greater heights, the funds raised will be crucial for ongoing investments, ensuring that boAt remains at the forefront of innovation and market leadership. 

The parent company of boAt, Imagine Marketing Limited reported its highest-ever company revenue of Rs 3,377 crore for the fiscal year ending March 2023. Despite this remarkable achievement, the company, which had been profitable for eight consecutive years, faced a loss of Rs 129.4 crore in FY23. Furthermore, it submitted a DRHP for an IPO of Rs. 2,000 crores to SEBI on January 26, 2022. This offer consists of a new equity share issue of Rs. 900 crores and a selling offer of Rs. 1,100 crores, as detailed in the DRHP. Additionally, the business hopes to collect 180 crores of rupees through a pre-IPO placement. 

In a nutshell, Aman Gupta, boAt’s founder, and Ranveer Singh’s partnership has the potential to change consumer perception of BOAT in addition to increasing revenue. Given BOAT’s steadfast commitment to quality alongside Ranveer Singh’s compelling energy, it is evident that both entities align with the preferences of their respective target demographics. In the short term, the market could experience an initial surge in response to the positive sentiment surrounding boAt’s share price. Traders may trigger increased volatility as they react to the news. However, the long-term implications are potentially more significant. Ranveer Singh’s association has the potential to enhance boAt’s brand image thus affecting boAt’s shares in the stock market, expanding its market presence, and instilling confidence in investors. This could contribute to sustained growth and a more stable, upward-trending stock price over time adding to boAt’s profitability

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