Sterlite Power Acquires Fatehgarh III Beawar Transmission Project In Rajasthan

Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd, a global developer of power transmission infrastructure, recently acquired the Fatehgarh III Beawar transmission project. The company has active projects over approximately 12,500 circuit km in India and Brazil. In addition, the company also actively provides services for upgrading, praying, and strengthening the existing network of power transmission lines. As per […]

Assessment Of Sterlite Power Market Current Performance In The Unlisted Share Market

A prominent global developer of power transmission infrastructure company, Sterlite Power was established in 2010, having multiple projects run in India and Brazil. The company also sponsors India’s first power sector investment trust known as IndiGrid, listed on the BSE and NSE. Since it is an industry-leading power transmission company, the company attracts investors to […]

How Does Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd Bag Government-Based Power Transmission Projects?

The government runs various initiatives to provide electricity to the different corners of the rural and urban areas. It is only possible with the help of power transmission plants, which facilitate transferring the power to the required states. The Ministry of Power basically provides tender to private companies like Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd for setting […]

The Future Is Clean Energy, And Sterlite Power Is In It

Sterlite Power’s Contribution To Clean Energy Future  Sterlite Power Ltd is leading the way in driving India’s clean energy revolution through its incredible contributions to the country’s transmission infrastructure. With an impressive portfolio of 25 power transmission assets developed across India and Brazil, Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd. is India’s largest private developer of interstate transmission […]

The Green Energy Corridor Project Commissioned By Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd

Amid rising climate concerns, companies are opting for strategies to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and carbon footprint. Tech giants like Apple, Accenture, Google, IKEA, etc. are planning to contribute their bit to the initiative. Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd, an Indian company, continuously plans and ensures ways to overcome rising climate concerns. Headquartered in […]

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