Assessment Of Sterlite Power Market Current Performance In The Unlisted Share Market

A prominent global developer of power transmission infrastructure company, Sterlite Power was established in 2010, having multiple projects run in India and Brazil. The company also sponsors India’s first power sector investment trust known as IndiGrid, listed on the BSE and NSE. Since it is an industry-leading power transmission company, the company attracts investors to its unlisted shares. If you’re a potential retail investor planning to invest in Sterlite Power Transmission pre-IPO shares, this article is for you. Here we will walk through the current performance of Sterlite Power unlisted shares in the grey market. Let’s get started now. 

Business Overview Of Sterlite Power 

One of the global developers of power transmissions, Sterlite Power, is the largest private player in terms of project portfolio with 13 projects spanning 10,000 circuit kilometres in India and Brazil. Before we talk about the performance of Sterlite Power unlisted share performance in the market, let’s discuss its business model to better understand its share performance in the market. 

Bids On Power Transmission Projects 

Sterlite Power earns its revenue through bidding for projects. The company gets private and government-based projects through a bidding system. The company usually bids on power transmission projects through legal tender to supply electricity nationwide. To maintain the electricity supply, they charge monthly and annually. Today, the company has over 12 projects in India via a bidding system. The project success rate of the company also indirectly affects Sterlite Power Transmission’s unlisted share price. 

Maintenance Of Transmission Lines  

One of the sources of revenue through which Sterlite Power Transmission earns is the maintenance of transmission line services. Firstly, the company instals power transmission lines, after which it maintains the transmission lines and charges private and government electric suppliers for the same. 

An Analysis Of Sterlite Power Transmission Unlisted Share Performance 

Be it boAt, Hexaware Technologies, LAVA International, NSE India, Capgemini Technology, or Sterlite Power Transmission, the unlisted share market is dynamic, which can affect the performance of any company’s pre-IPO shares. Therefore, Sterlite Power unlisted shares have also witnessed deep fluctuations due to the company’s performance and market trends. Considering the Sterlite Power Transmission pre-IPO shares, in January 2020, the share price of the company was Rs. 80, which remained the same in the year and surged to Rs. 105 in January 2021. The same year, in April, the price reached Rs. 165 and hiked to Rs. 550 in July. 

In January 2022, Sterlite Power unlisted share price was at Rs. 620, which declined to Rs. 600 in April. After April 2022, the unlisted share price of Sterlite Power continued to decline and was revolving between Rs.500 and Rs.600 till December. Just like the previous year, In January 2023, Sterlite Power unlisted shares were trading at Rs. 530 and fluctuating till June around Rs. 550 or under it. Then the surge could be seen in July 2023, when the price reached Rs. 625. The Sterlite Power unlisted share price today is available at Rs. 640. So, the company seems to be growing in the unlisted market as its share prices are surging, so it can be an excellent opportunity for retail investors to buy Sterlite Power unlisted shares. 

Sterlite Power IPO Analysis 

Just like other companies, Sterlite Power has also filed for an Rs. 1250 crore IPO, with SEBI entailing a fresh issue of Rs. 1250 crore. The release of the IPO by the company opens a door for retail investors to secure high returns by investing its pre-IPO shares. Undoubtedly, once the company goes public, Sterlite Power share price will surely increase, which will ensure a high return on the investment. So, stay tuned with us to know about Sterlite Power share price NSE. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the current Sterlite Power unlisted share price?

Ans. The Sterlite Power unlisted shares are trading at Rs. 640 per share. However, the prices can fluctuate based on market trends and the company’s financial performance. 

  1. How to check the daily price of Sterlite Power Ltd. company?

Ans. You can check the daily updated price of Sterlite Power at Stockify. Our expert brokers keep track of stock market trends and the company’s performance to update the prices. 

  1. How will expert brokers make the trading process seamless?

Ans. At Stockify, our expert stock brokers will guide you throughout the trading process and make it seamless. We provide you with relevant information about the company to help you make a better decision. 

  1. What is the lock-in period of Sterlite Power Transmission pre-IPO shares? 

Ans. The lock-in period of Sterlite Power is six months from the date of the acquisition. Earlier, the lock-in period was one year, which was reduced to only six months. 

  1. Which is the reliable platform to buy and sell unlisted shares in India?

Ans. If you want to buy and sell unlisted shares of top-performing pre-IPO companies in India, then Stockify is the right platform to start trading. Connect with expert brokers today.

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Sterlite Power unlisted shares are attracting a lot of investors, which are available at Rs. 640. Let’s talk about the current performance of its unlisted shares in the market.


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