Sterlite Power Acquires Fatehgarh III Beawar Transmission Project In Rajasthan

Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd, a global developer of power transmission infrastructure, recently acquired the Fatehgarh III Beawar transmission project. The company has active projects over approximately 12,500 circuit km in India and Brazil. In addition, the company also actively provides services for upgrading, praying, and strengthening the existing network of power transmission lines.

As per the sources, Sterlite Power Transmission acquired Fatehgarh’s transmission project via Power Finance Corporation Limited(PFC). Under the winning bid, the company received the rights of construction, operation, ownership, and transfer of a critical transmission project in Rajasthan for 35 years. 

Since the company’s performance depends largely on getting private and government-based power transmission projects, it is expected to impact Sterlite Power unlisted shares. This blog will discuss Sterlite’s recent project in detail and how it will affect its performance in the grey market.

An Overview Of Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd

Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd is an international developer and integrated power transmission solution provider. The company mainly operates in India and Brazil and has an industry-leading portfolio of EHV cables and power conductors. Sterlite Power Transmission business model involves getting power transmission projects via bidding and maintaining the transmission lines. The company was incorporated on 5th May 2015 and headquartered in Delhi.

Sterlite Power Transmission is not listed yet on any stock exchange and only allows investors to buy Sterlite power transmission unlisted shares. The performance of its pre-IPO shares largely depends on its financial status, market conditions, and other metrics. As the leading developer of power transmission limited, Sterlite is among the top companies in this sector due to its constant positive growth.

Details About Sterlite Power Recent Fatehgarh III Beawar Transmission Project

Sterlite Power Transmission received the Fatehgarh III Beawar transmission project  in March 2023 from PFC Consulting Limited in Rajasthan. As per the statement released by the company, Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd was awarded this project via a tariff-based competitive bidding process. During this process, a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Finance Corporation Limited (PFFC), a Maharatna public sector enterprise, played a vital role.

With this project deal, Sterlite Power Transmission also got the rights to develop, own, and operate the transmission project in Rajasthan for 35 years. As per the available information, the Fatehgarh III Beawar project will involve the construction of a 765 KV corridor of 350 Km from Fatehgarh III to Beawar in Rajasthan. In addition, it will also enable the evacuation of 20 GW of renewable power from the Renewable Energy Zone In Fatehgarh (9.1 GW) to different areas of the state. 

It is one of the biggest power transmission projects acquired by Sterlite Power and contributes towards its overall business growth. In India, Fatehgarh III Beawar Project is Sterlite’s 18th power transmission project won by the company under Tariff-Based Competitive Bidding mode. With the news, there is also a positive effect seen on the Sterlite Power Transmission pre-IPO shares. The Sterlite Power share price increased during March and surged exponentially.

Possible Effect Of Fatehgarh III Project On Sterlite Power Unlisted Shares

Since the Sterlite Power Transmission business depends on getting new power transmission projects, this recent project is expected to contribute towards its business growth. In the corresponding 9-month period of FY22, the company’s operating revenue increased by 37% while EBITDA increased by 8%, which showed Sterlite Power Transmission’s positive growth.

As Fatehgarh III Beawar Project will bring the rights of operating and managing to the company, it will positively affect Sterlite Power transmission pre-IPO shares. One of the significant metrics to notice here is the Sterlite Power share price in the grey market, which might also increase. However, the price of its unlisted shares will largely depend on how the company will perform in the coming months. The demand for the Sterlite Power Transmission pre-IPO shares is expected to increase. 

Buy Sterlite Power Unlisted Shares With Stockify

A Fatehgarh III Beawar project is a great addition to the portfolio of Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd. Since, the company is working on a major project, the CAGR of the Sterlite Power Transmission is expected to improve. It is advised to buy Sterlite Power unlisted shares to grow your investment in the company. In the future, the price of its pre-IPO shares is expected to increase, directly benefiting the investors.

As per the fresh market data, Sterlite Power share price today is Rs 640 per equity share. You can plan your investment in Sterlite Power unlisted shares with Stockify. Here, our expert unlisted share brokers will guide you to make a profitable investing decision. To buy unlisted shares, connect with us today!



1- How Sterlite Power Transmission acquires government-based projects?

Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd acquires the projects through the bidding process. Connect with us to get more information on the company’s business model.

2- Is It Possible To Invest In A Sterlite Power Transmission Company?

You can invest in Sterlite Power Transmission via unlisted shares actively traded in the grey market. To buy Sterlite Power unlisted shares, contact us now.

3- What Is The Sterlite Power Share Price In India Now?

According to the fresh market data, Sterlite share price today is Rs 640 per equity share. To check the updated Sterlite Power unlisted share price, visit the company page on Stockify.

4- What Was The Operating Revenue Of Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd In the Last Fiscal Year?

As per the financial data shared by the company, Sterlite Power Transmission operating revenue in the last fiscal year was around Rs 6,000 crore. To stay updated with the company’s other financial metrics, subscribe to Stockify.

5- How Can I Buy Sterlite Power Pre-IPO Shares Online?

You can easily buy Sterlite Power unlisted shares with the help of Stockify. Here, we provide access to top-performing unlisted shares of the company to retail investors.

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Sterlite Power Transmission bagged the Fatehgarh III Beawar Transmission project in Rajasthan from PFC consulting limited.


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