Tata Capital All Set to Chase a $750-million Foreign Fund For the First Time

Tata Capital, the third largest NBFC or non-banking financial company after the Bajaj Twins, is in the news for many reasons. It has also doubled the TCL or Tata Capital unlisted share price by over double in the last three months. Apart from expectations of TCL coming out with an IPO or initial public offering in 2025, the company confirmed raising around 750 million dollars from foreign funds for the first time. With the spectacular performance of the Tata Technologies IPO in November 2023, to list at Rs. 1,400 against the issue price of Rs. 500, increasing the expectations about TCL’s unlisted share price. 

So, check out all you need to know about Tata Capital going on 750 million foreign fundraising via bonds like SBI, HDFC, and Shriram Housing Finance, raising over 2.1 billion dollars already in 2024, and how it will impact its unlisted share price to buy it from the top broker to yield high returns. 

Why is Tata Capital going on a foreign fundraising spree of 750 million dollars?

TCL is a subsidiary of Tata Sons, which was established in 2007 as a financial services arm. It is the holding company of TFCSL or Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd, Tata Capital Housing Finance Ltd, and Tata Securities Limited. RBI, or Reserve Bank of India, classified TCL as an upper-tier NBFC required to come out with an IPO within three years. Hence, experts predict that TCL will launch an IPO in 2025 to trade on the exchanges and comply with RBI guidelines. But before that, there are many reasons for Tata Capital to chase the 750 million dollars in foreign funds for which it plans to conduct road shows in March. 

  1. Tata Capital needs funds to expand its lending business across India in most towns and cities, which generates revenue that is increasing continuously every year.
  1. RBI  or Reserve Bank of India’s recent instruction for NBFCs to set aside high capital on all loans has increased the need for TCL to chase foreign funds
  1. Foreign fund bonds of below five-year maturity are the best option for asset liability management to reduce costs. 
  1. Continuing tight liquidity conditions along with an inverted corporate bond yield curve to make short-term debts stay above longer-term debts 
  1. The Tata Group’s rising loan book, now at 18.1 billion dollars or 1.5 trillion rupees, is expected to increase another 25% next year to meet borrowing needs.
  1. The continuous easing of US yields on the bond market and expectations of more federal rate cuts are making TCL tap the dollar bonds.
  1. For funding the many restructuring operations like merging Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd and Tata Cleantech Capital and others

When will Tata Capital raise foreign funds of around 750 million dollars?

Fitch Ratings and S&P Global Ratings offered Tata Capital the first-time issue rating of “BBB-“to increase its value in the international financial market. Though the foreign fundraising through dollar-denominated bonds by Indian companies was at 4.1 billion dollars in 2023, so far in 2024, it has crossed 2.1 billion in the first two months. TCL will be the fourth largest borrower after  State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, and Shriram Housing Finance in 2024 through dollar bonds. It is because of the rising interest from overseas investors in Indian corporations, primarily Tata Capital, after its continuous rise in spectacular performances year after year. Tata Capital will start road shows from the end of March 2024 to raise foreign funds to increase its lending power further and expand its business exponentially. 

Positive Impacts of Foreign Fundraising of 750 Million Dollars on the Tata Capital Unlisted Share

Tata Group, for the past 156 years, has been the pioneer in many industries, from aviation to selling salt. 

People trust Tata’s name to buy products, from needles to jewellery, that are high quality and provide value for hard-earned money. Hence, Tata Capital stock price grew by leaps and bounds in over one and half decades to offer loans at affordable interests and easier EMIs.  Hence, its revenue is growing, and the interest earned from the loans is increasing to 11,895 from 8,727 crore rupees from 2021 to 2023. Hence, with more funds in its kitty, Tata Capital will expand its business to earn more revenue and interest and boost its unlisted share price. Also, with TCL IPO expected in 2025, its unlisted share price jumped from Rs. 450 to Rs 850 from December 2023 to February 2024. It is also meant to increase more in the future with IPO announcements, better results, and many others in the coming months. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Tata Capital IPO be as spectacular as Tata Technologies?

Tata Group came out with Tata Technologies IPO in November 2023 after TCS, almost two decades ago. The share was listed on NSE at around Rs. 1200, 140% more than its issue price band of Rs. 475 – 500. Also, another Tata Group Group’s company, TPEML or Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited, the EV division of Tata Motors, is to come out with an IPO soon, and there is more expectation among investors for TCL IPO. With the market at all-time highs and to continue its ride in the future, Tata Capital IPO will be as spectacular as the Tata Technologies IPO. 

  • Is it the right time to buy Tata Capital’s unlisted shares?

Any time is the best time to invest in Tata shares, as most Indian investors treat them like gold and hold them for a long time to reap huge benefits. From the above facts, it will be apparent that now is the best time to buy Tata Capital’s unlisted shares.

  • Is it safe to buy Tata Capital’s unlisted shares?

 Now, the grey market in India is safe to buy unlisted shares as the top brokers provide all facilities to ensure transparency and easy selling and buying without any complexities. 

  • Why is Tata Capital raising 750 million dollars in foreign funds?

The above facts will confirm the many reasons for it, which, in short, are to expand the business, comply with RBI, come out with an IPO, and others.

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Tata Capital, a stalwart in the Indian financial landscape, is poised to make history with its bold pursuit of a $750-million foreign fund. This strategic move marks a significant departure from its traditional investment avenues. Read to know more.


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