Tata Technologies Files Addendum With SEBI To Offer 9.57 Crore Shares For The Issue

Amid the IPO news, Tata Technologies officially filed an addendum with India’s capital market regulator, SEBI. During the filing, Tata Tech confirmed that it will offer 9.57 crore shares in its Initial Public Offering with the face value of Rs 2 per equity share. If you are unaware of the share split or complete information of the addendum filed by Tata Tech, this blog is for you. We will discuss the Tata Technologies public issue share and how retail investors can benefit from it.

Details About Tata Technologies Addendum With SEBI

In the first week of October 2023, Tata Tech filed its addendum to its IPO plan with SEBI and clarified that it offers 9.57 crore shares with a face value of Rs 2 per equity share. As per the report of the Mint, Tata Motors shareholders will get around a 10% quota for the allocation of shares.

Previously, it was also confirmed by Tata Motors that it will sell up to 8.11 crore of shares via an offer for sale. Apart from it, other shareholders, including Alpha TC, will sell up to 9.71 crores of shares, while Tata Capital Growth Fund I will offer around 48.58 crores of shares. Tata Technologies IPO, which will be Rs 4,000 crore, remains in the limelight as financial analysts have their own views on it. 

The copy of the official addendum filed by Tata Technologies with SEBI is approximately 22 pages, which you can access here: Tata Tech Addendum’s Copy. The effect of a share split in an IPO by Tata Technologies can also be seen in its performance in the unlisted share market. In the last month, Tata Tech unlisted share price dropped. However, the other financial metrics of the company didn’t go down.

About Tata Technologies IPO

The proposed IPO of Tata Technologies will be approximately Rs 4,000 crore, which might officially launch next year, probably in the first quarter. There are various interesting things about the Tata Tech IPO which you should know. First of all, the proceeds from the offer for sale will not go to the company. The sellers of the shareholders, like Tata Motors, will receive all the preceding.

Apart from that, Tata Technologies also reserved a specific portion of public issue shares for employees and Tata Motors shareholders. As per the information shared by CNBC TV18, the shareholders of Tata Motors will get a 10% reservation in the IPO shares. In an addendum filed by Tata Tech, it is mentioned, “The maximum Bid Amount under the TML Shareholders Reservation Portion by an Eligible TML Shareholder shall not exceed Rs 200,000.

In addition, the eligible employees of Tata Technologies for the IPO shares can apply through Employee Reservation Portion. The best news is that the performance of Tata Technologies business performance in the last 5 years remains positive, which signifies that IPO shares will perform well in the future.

Investment Opportunity For Retail Investors In Tata Tech IPO

Tata Technologies, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, is an industry player in the technological space. An IPO will allow retail investors to buy or sell Tata Tech IPO shares and become a part of the company’s growth. Since companies allocate a specific percentage of public issue shares for employees and Tata Motors shareholders, there are chances that it may affect the availability of Tata tech IPO shares.

If you are planning to invest in Tata Technologies upcoming IPO, we suggest you make your initial investment in Tata Tech pre-IPO shares. These shares are currently available in the unlisted share market, including fewer entry barriers for retail investors. If you decide to buy Tata Technologies unlisted shares now, there are chances you will get early access to its IPO shares in the future.

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1- What is the addendum of Tata Technologies to the SEBI?

In the addendum filed by Tata Technologies with SEBI, it clearly mentions that it offers 9.57 crore shares of its planned IPO at the face value of Rs 2 per share.

2- What is the bonus issue of Tata Technologies IPO?

As per the information shared by the company, the bonus issue will be on 200 outstanding shares with a face value of Rs 10 per equity share. For more information, connect with our experts now!

3- How can I check the Tata Technologies share price online?

You can check Tata Tech share price on Stockify. Our team regularly updates the share price of unlisted shares based on fresh market data.

4-When will the Tata Tech IPO launch for public investing?

Tata Technologies is in the preparation phase of its IPO, which might launch next year. To stay updated with the future news of IPOs, subscribe to Stockify.

5- What is the share split bonus of Tata Technologies?

Recently, Tata Technologies announced a stock split and bonus shares. The ratio of the bonus share split shared by the company is 1:1. To check Tata Technologies unlisted share price or other financial details, use Stockify.

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In an addendum filed with SEBI, Tata Tech confirmed that it will offer 9.57 shares in its Initial Public Offering(IPO).
In an addendum filed with SEBI, Tata Tech confirmed that it will offer 9.57 shares in its Initial Public Offering(IPO).


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