Things To Look For Before Investing In Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd Pre-IPO Stocks

Orbis Financial Corporation Limited, a securities services provider and an excellent player in the unlisted market has constantly been trying to overcome the changing requirements faced by the company before proceeding with an initial public offering (IPO). In Feb 2023, the fintech company announced that it had raised more than Rs 111 crore from existing and new investors, including the ace Indian investor Ashish Kacholia. While the last transaction in Orbis Financial Corporation Limited was from the Mumbai-based boutique investment banking firm DerivativeSaint. 

All the raised capital will be used to speed up the growth momentum and scale the business by strengthening its position as India’s leading securities service provider. Also, the fintech company plans to issue an initial public offering, due to which the Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares are on a surge. Currently priced at Rs 91 per equity share, investing in the Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares can be the best choice as they can offer you multi-bagger returns in a short time.

Orbis Financial Corporation Limited At A Glance

Incorporated in 2005, Orbis Financial Corporation Limited is a leading player in India providing Securities Services. OFCL is a public limited company headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. Orbis Financial Corporation Limited is also SEBI Registered ‘Registrar and Share Transfer Agent’, and its Subsidiary Orbis Trusteeship Services Private Limited is a SEBI-registered Trustee Service Provider.

OFCL Products, Services And Offerings –

Currently, Orbis Financial Corporation Limited offers an array of services and products like – 

Custody Services

As a SEBI-registered firm, OFCL offers a safe ecosystem for the assets held in the physical form in its vaults or depository as digital forms. Their accounting and secure transaction processes are carefully curated to separate the assets and transactions between the clients and the company. The internal separation is made with the highest level of safety and security to prevent data breaches and internal security troubles.

RTI and STA Services

OFCL provides Registrar with Issue (RTI) and Share Transfer Agents (STA) services to their corporate clients at the best value for money. The RTI and STA manage all the complex issues regarding the securities administration on behalf of issuers. It primarily includes IPO support, managing securities registry, stakeholder relationship consulting and securities administration consulting. 

Orbis Trusteeship Services

The fintech company also provides trustee services, including equity and alternative investment funds, to various clients like corporate companies, insurance companies, banking firms, and NPO. Orbis Financial Corporation Limited’s financial products include debentures, bonds and term loans. In addition, their services are driven towards corporate formation and market entry for domestic and foreign clients. 

As a leading finance company in India, OFCL generated operating revenue of 15418 lakhs in FY2022 and planned for an IPO. Being a reputed finance company backed by ace investors like Ashish Kacholia, the fintech giant’s pre-IPO stocks and unlisted shares will offer high returns to investors.

Financial Figures Of Orbis Financial Corporation Limited

The following table precisely depicts the financial details of Orbis Financial Corporation Limited. All figures are in lakhs.

Operating revenue15418665533721592
Other income368419971016653
Total income19103865343882245
Employees benefit expenses222520251053803
Other expenses71953571962352
Operating profit599810591357437
OPM38.90% 15.91%40.24% 27.45%
Finance cost3028993651129
Total expenditure12581670327541341
Profit before tax652119491634904
Tax expenses1738357476183
Profit After Tax478415931157722

Orbis Financial Corporation Limited is one of the fastest-growing financial service providers, with sales growth at 42 % CAGR during the last six years. Furthermore, OFCL reported a 26 % average net margin and 20% average ROCE during the last three years and consistently distributed its dividend among investors in the previous three years. It is an independent, neutral financial intermediary company leading the financial services market without competing with its clients.

Should You Invest In Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd Pre-IPO Stocks?

As a reputed and leading financial service provider, Orbis Financial Corporation pre IPO shares are expected to offer multi-bagger returns. Investing in pre-IPO shares of unlisted shares is an excellent way of earning high returns and diversifying your investment portfolio. If you don’t know how to invest in Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares, count on Stockify. It is India’s leading online unlisted shares broking platform, a perfect place to sell and buy unlisted shares. Be a part of Orbis Financial Corporation Limited’s growth by investing in its pre-IPO shares.


Q1 – How to sell or buy Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares?

Ans – Buying and selling Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares is profitable and easy. You can use Stockify for a hassle-free and safe unlisted share trading experience.

Q2 – What is the minimum lot size for investing in Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares?

Ans – Minimum lot size for investing in Orbis Financial Corporation’s unlisted shares is 500.

Q3 – How to check the Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares price today?

Ans – The values of unlisted shares keep on changing. You can rely on Stockify – India’s leading online trading platform, to check the updated prices of Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares.

Q4 – Can NRIs legally invest in the Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares?

Ans – Like domestic traders, NRIs can buy or sell Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares; however, their trading is non-repatriable. 

Q5 – How to track financial stats and daily news of Orbis Financial Corporation Limited?

Ans – You can use Stockify to track the financial stats of Orbis Financial Corporation and stay in tune with what’s new. Here you stay updated with the latest financial reports and the latest unlisted share prices of Orbis Financial Corporation Limited.

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