Red Ribbon Joined Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd To Raise Capital- What Does It Mean For Investors?

Red Ribbon and Orbis Financial Corporation have joined hands together to raise capital and further expand their services. This collaboration might help both companies enhance their services and raise funds for their future projects. In addition, the partnership might also impact the share price of these companies. That’s the main reason why investors want to check out Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted share price in India. In this write-up, we will talk about how Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd collaboration with Red Ribbon will benefit investors. Stride along with us till the end and learn everything about it here. 

An Overview Of Red Ribbon 

Red Ribbon Advisory Services Private Limited was established in 2010; the company is part of UK bases Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc. The company specialises in promoting angel investment, business incubation, venture investment, and startup in India. The company’s authorised share capital is Rs 55,000,000, and the paid-up capital is Rs. 47,916,000. The company offers investors an opportunity to invest and aim for better yield over a period of time. 

About Orbis Financial Corporation 

Started in 2005 via its subsidiary Orbis Trusteeship Private Limited, Orbis is a leading player in India offering securities services. The company entered the financial market as a “Custodian of Securities” to provide an array of focused, forward-looking services designed and customised to equip investors in different segments to manage their investing operations efficiently. The company’s extraordinary performance is also reflected in Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted share price.

The company is registered with SEBI as a Designated Depository Participant for (foreign portfolio investors) and a Clearing Member of NSE, BSE, MSEI & MCX. It operates as an independent custodian providing end-to-end services like FPI registration, fund accounting, clearing, custodial services, depository, and trusteeship to clients. Since the company is into custodial services, the value of the global custodian market stands at USD 38.17 billion, with a CAGR of 5% in 2022, which is expected to grow to USD 53.27 billion by 2026 as per the Research and Markets report. With such a whopping number, the company will attract investors to invest in Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares. 

Red Ribbon Collaboration With Orbis Financial Corporation 

In order to raise capital for startup projects and custodian and transaction settlement, Red Ribbon Collaboration announced a collaboration with Orbis Financial Corporation Limited. 

Aditya Kanoria, CEO of Red Ribbon Advisory Services, said, “We are confident that this partnership will help us tap newer geographies and build a solid investor base for our ongoing and future projects as well.

The company produced two projects for which it looks to raise 60 crores collectively. First is Modulex, a full-fit-out steel modular building, and the second is Eco Hotels, a carbon-neutral hotel brand. 

Jayakumar S Babu, CEO of Orbis, said, “We are excited about the partnership as it helps us expand our services beyond the listed securities.

The collaboration will assist Red Ribbon in tapping into the unexplored Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) market seeking an opportunity to invest in the startup space. Orbis will be responsible for end-to-end transactions and funds settlement, making it easier for NRIs to invest on Indian soil. 

How Will This Partnership Impact an Investor’s Decision?

The partnership will be beneficial for investors in the long run. In addition, the clients will also benefit through safe, secure, and transparent investment, making it a win-win situation for all the parties. Both companies are incredibly excited about this partnership and hope to see a long-lasting relationship. By adopting this collaboration, Orbis Financial Corporation company stays accessible, prompt, responsive, and friendly, offering client-focused services with an innovative, affordable, accurate, and practical approach allowing investors to invest in Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares. 

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Like listed shares, the price of unlisted shares is determined by the demand-supply of unlisted shares. The higher demand, the higher the price, and vice versa. The rates are determined by performance and corporate actions like bonuses, dividends, etc. 

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Red Ribbon plans to raise Rs. 60 crores with Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd. There are clear pointers that partnership will be beneficial for both.


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