What is the outlook for Capgemini’s hiring in 2024?

In 2025, the company maintains a positive long-term outlook to train over 100,000 employees in genAI tools in the next 12 months. Employees in India account for more than half of the total workforce of Capgemini globally. Despite the volatile macroeconomic indicators, India is one of the key pillars of growth that drives Capgemini’s strategies. Capgemini’s genAI platform called rAise will be built and developed by the Indian team and the company is relying significantly on genAI to upskill its employees as it plans to invest €2 billion in this technology over the next three years. 

Why did Capgemini experience a decrease in its employee headcount in 2024?

In just the first two months of 2024, more than 170 IT companies laid off more than 42,400 employees. Capgemini has over 340,000 employees, with more than 57% based in offshore locations. Currently, Capgemini has 175,000 employees in India, after dropping offshore and onshore employees by 10,000 in 2024. The reason behind the fall is the over-hiring that took place in the preceding years. The company adopted a stable hiring approach in 2023-2024, given the challenging economic environment in India post-pandemic.

What role does India play in driving Capgemini’s growth strategies?

The key areas where this European tech major is planning to invest are talent acquisitions, talent reskilling, and creating a center of excellence (CoE) as more than 50% of Capgemini’s AI talent is in India. With more than 300 projects being carried out on the GenAI front, Capegmini’s plans to achieve scale in the Indian market recognize the growth opportunities in this sector. This strategic focus aligns with Capgemini’s broader goal of expanding its presence and operations in India.

While there are no updates on the number of hires planned for the Indian workforce in 2025; India’s CEO Ashwin Yardi said, “We are going to campus this year too, but we’re still evaluating what those numbers would be. The numbers will be moderated.” 

Performance of Capgemini’s Share Price in the Unlisted Market

Despite the economic uncertainties, Capgemini’s operating profit was €2,346 million in 2022, wherein the revenues in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America grew by 4.6%. In quarter 4 of Capgemini’s operations, the revenue totaled €5,616 million, indicating a strong financial performance of the company. Capgemini share price on the London Stock Exchange is 212.85 EUR. On the other hand, Capgemini’s unlisted share prices in India are trading at Rs. 12000 per share. The performance of Capgemini’s share price in the unlisted market reflects investor confidence in the company’s financial performance and growth potential. It also indicates strong demand and perceived value among investors, which reflects positively on Capgemini’s overall performance and market outlook. 

Overall, Capgemini’s decision to boost recruitment efforts in 2025 comes at the right moment for the company amidst the resurgence of India’s IT sector. The company’s focus on scaling its operations in the Indian market, particularly in the public sector underscores its commitment to capitalize on the growth opportunities in India. As Capgemini navigates the evolving landscape of the IT industry, it’s recruitment efforts and strategic investments in generative AI will solidify its commitment to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Interested in purchasing Capgemini’s unlisted shares?

While Capgemini is not publicly listed on the Indian stock exchange market, its shares are available for purchase in the unlisted market with a share price of Rs. 12,000 per share. Despite not being publicly traded in India, Capgemini has demonstrated strong financial performance with significant operating profits and revenue. By investing in Capgemini’s unlisted shares through Stockify, investors can gain early access to capitalize on its future strategic initiatives in the Indian IT sector. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in this leading global IT company with a record of success and innovation.

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The French IT company Capgemini aims to achieve scale in the Indian market with a focus on the public sector. With growth opportunities underlie the plans to boost recruitment efforts in India. In 2023, Capgemini grew its revenue by 2% at €22.5 billion and net profits by 7% at €1.7 billion. 2023 was a year of massive growth for the company with improved profitability and a strong cash flow conversion that indicates the scope of additional hires in 2025 to keep the momentum going.


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