A Comparison Of Financials Of boAt & Its Top Competitors

The Indian consumer-based electronic wearable market is rapidly growing, allowing various brands to develop high-quality products at affordable prices. boAt, a subsidiary of Imagine Marketing Limited, is the fastest-growing D2C with a market share of 25.6%, which grew by 102.4% compared to last year. However, there are also other brands like Noise, Fire-Boltt, OnePlus, Ubon, etc., which compete with the boAt and capture the rest of the Indian market share. 

With the approach of the “Make In India”, boAt has received a positive response from customers. It is an unlisted company planning to launch its IPO for which the company has already filed DRHP with SEBI. However, investors can trade boAt unlisted shares until its IPO goes public. Before you make any decision, let’s quickly compare boAt’s financials with its top competitors.

Overview Of boAt And Its Competitors

In this blog, we will specifically discuss the financials of boAt’s top competitors, including Noise, Fire-Boltt, OnePlus, Ubon, and Xiaomi. These brands directly compete with boAt and manufacture the same line of products, including headphones, earbuds, smartwatches, etc. 

However, it is crucial to know that boAt recently entered the smartwatches market and received impressive results in terms of sales and profit. Let’s take an overview of boAt and its top competitors:


boAt is a Delhi-based D2C consumer-based electronic brand that manufactures and markets high-quality wearable products. It is the subsidiary of Imagine Marketing Ltd and was founded by Aman Gupta and Sameer Ashok Mehta in 2016. boAt is a non-government company that provides its unlisted shares for trading in the grey market.


It is also an Indian-based brand known for producing and distributing wearable electronic products. Noise was founded by Gaurav Khatri and Amit Khatri in 2016. This brand is popular due to its affordable smartphones that come with advanced features. The company’s current status is unlisted shares like boAt and allows retail investors to buy or sell its unlisted shares.


Fire-Boltt is another leading Indian brand engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of audio and other electronic wearable products. It was founded in 2015 and is also considered a trusted smartwatch brand in the International market. Fire-Boltt is operated by Savex Technologies in India, which is an unlisted company.


Ubon is an Indian electronic company that offers the most affordable products, including earphones, headphones, portable speakers, etc. The company was started in 1999 and has been a prominent player in the D2C consumer electronic product sector. It is also considered a non-government entity which is limited by shares.


OnePlus is a non-Indian brand known for producing a premium range of products, including smartphones. This Chinese-based brand was founded in 2013 and headquartered in Shenzhen. OnePlus is not listed on any stock exchange in India, due to which investors can’t buy its stocks.


Xiaomi is another China-based brand that produces and markets headphones, audio speakers, earbuds, and more. It was founded in 2010 by the name of Xiaomi Corporation and listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

A Quick Comparison Of boAt’s Financial With Its Competitors

To make an investment decision, you must compare boAt unlisted share price with its top competitors. You need to compare its financials with its peer competitors. Let’s see the financial details of the companies in detail:

Particulars (in Rs cr.)boAtNoiseFire-bolttUbon OnePlusXiaomi
Operating Revenue 2,873 2,6872,1982,0781,7802,365
Net Profit695662346758
Profit Before Tax998976275845
Employee Benefits Expenses566567103631

The above table of the financial comparison gives a clear picture that boAt has been performing well compared to its competitors. It is the financial data shared by the company for FY22. It is best to buy boAt unlisted shares to get positive returns as its shares are expected to show positive growth in the coming months.

Invest In boAt Unlisted Shares With Stockify

boAt has been one of the fastest growing companies that dominates the Indian wearable electronic product. With the unique marketing approach, boAt currently has millions of happy customers and a community of members known as “boAtheads.” In addition, companies also perform well in the unlisted market, which allows investors to earn a good return in the long run.

You can buy boAt unlisted shares with the help of Stockify, the trusted platform to buy or sell unlisted shares in India. We have a team of experienced unlisted shares brokers who guide investors in selecting the top-performing pre-IPO stocks. You can access the updated unlisted share price and other financial details here. To buy unlisted shares of boAt and other companies, contact us today!


1- Who are the boAt’s top competitors?

The top boAt’s competitors are Noise, OnePlus, Ubon, Fire-boltt, and Xiaomi.

2- Should You Invest In boAt Unlisted Shares?

The pre-IPO shares of boAt have performed well in the last few years and offer good returns on investment. So it is beneficial to invest in its unlisted shares.

3- What Is The Total Market Cap Of boAt Lifestyle?

As per the recent market data, the total market cap of boAt lifestyle is Rs 11,000 crore. To stay updated with the latest market valuation, connect with Stockify.

4- How To Check The Current boAt Unlisted Shares Price?

The price of boAt unlisted shares depends on the company’s current performance, market conditions, and more. According to recent market data, boAt unlisted share price today is Rs 785 per share.

5- What Is The Minimum Ticket Size For Investment In boAt pre-IPO Shares?

The minimum ticket size for investment in boAt unlisted shares is 30K to 50K. For more information, connect with our experts now!

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boAt currently has the largest market share of 25.6% in the Indian wearable electronic market. Let’s take a look of boAt’s financials with its competitors.


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