A Future Plan Of Swiggy To Raise Its Market Valuation Before Launching An IPO

Swiggy, an Indian food delivery giant, is gearing up for its Initial Public Offering (IPO) process, which might be launched next year. For this, the company already hires bankers and private-equity firms to maintain its finances. In between this, the biggest concern for Swiggy is its market valuation which has been cluttered for the last few years.

At the end of FY22, the total valuation of it was $10.7 billion at the time of its series K financing. However, the company aims to raise $1 billion through its IPO, for which market valuation will be a vital metric. Another aspect here is Swiggy unlisted shares, whose value also impacts the company’s financial performance. 

For investors, it is crucial to see how Swiggy will increase its market valuation. This blog will discuss Swiggy’s predicted strategies to overcome market valuation issues before launching its IPO.

An Overview Of Swiggy

Swiggy is an Indian-based food ordering and delivery startup founded in 2014 and headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. The business model of Swiggy is simple in which it has five different segments, including Swiggy Food, instamart, dineout, genie, and Bandworks. Currently, Swiggy delivers food in more than 500 cities in India, for which it charges customers and restaurant owners.

As per the data shared by the company, the total revenue of Swiggy from food delivery was around $12.14 Billion in 2022. Various forecasting reports also suggest that Swiggy’s revenue will touch down $20 Billion in the next five years. Currently, the company is not listed on the stock exchange and only offers Swiggy unlisted shares for trading in the grey market. The price of its pre-IPO shares depends on market valuation and fluctuates once it goes down.

Details Of An Swiggy’s IPO

The expected amount Swiggy plans to raise via its IPO is $1 Billion. For this, the company will participate in the various funding rounds. As per the sources, the company already got funding from 40 investors, among which 14 are lead investors. In the past few years, Swiggy’s net profit also increased, bringing back investors’ trust in it. 

As a result, the market valuation of the company also increased. Some big names that have already invested in Swiggy for an upcoming IPO are Samsung Ventures, Tencent Holding, Wellington Management, and Accel Northwest Venture Partners & SAIF Partners. The company has received funding of $3.6 Billion so far.

Swiggy’s Plan To Increase Its Market Valuation

Before launching an IPO, Swiggy plans to raise its market valuation for further funding rounds. The market valuation will largely decide the price of Swiggy’s listed shares as well. Currently, Swiggy unlisted shares price is Rs 360 per share in the grey market. 

The valuation and price of Swiggy pre-IPO shares depend on the company’s financials, like a market valuation. Here are the possible future plan of Swiggy to raise its market valuation:

Partner With Kitchen@

Swiggy has an advanced food delivery infrastructure, making it a prominent player in the food delivery sector. The company will also fill all the outcoming before the launch of its IPO. Swiggy Access is one of its business verticals that the company wants to eliminate by partnering with a cloud kitchen company, Kitchen@. This move might increase Swiggy’s brand value and help it improve its market valuation.

Target New Locations

Another part of Swiggy’s plan to boost its market valuation is to target new geographical locations. Currently, Swiggy targets 500 cities in India in its food delivery network. There are predictions that the company is planning to target new regions, including international ones. In the future, Swiggy will also partner with new restaurants and optimise the operation cost.

Expanding Dine-Out Services

One of the significant moves of Swiggy for increasing its market valuation is expanding its recently launched dine-out services. It may provide access to these services to all its users to increase its sales. Besides, the company will focus on cutting extra costs and customer retention. However, there has not been clarification from Swiggy about when it will make this service available for all its users.

Invest In Swiggy Unlisted Shares Ahead of Its IPO

As Swiggy is gearing up for its IPO, investors should also start analysing its performance before making an investment decision. The IPO of the company might launch at the beginning of next year. So, it is a great opportunity for investors to buy Swiggy unlisted shares whose value may increase when the company gets listed. Unlisted shares of the company involve less risk and give a good return in the long run.

You can check Swiggy unlisted share price on Stockify in a few clicks. Our team of unlisted shares brokers keep updating the share price based on the current market conditions. Here, we will get access to the blue-chip pre-IPO stocks of other companies like boAt, HDFC Securities Ltd, Capgemini, etc. To buy unlisted shares, get in touch with us now!


1- What Is The Current Market Valuation Of Swiggy?

As per the recent data shared by the company on 31 March 2023, the market valuation of Swiggy is $45.76 billion.

2- What Is The Release Date Of Swiggy’s IPO?

No exact date has been shared by Swiggy’s officials regarding its IPO. For getting future updates on its IPO, connect with our Stockify now!

3- How To Check The Swiggy Unlisted Shares Online?

You can check the updated price of Swiggy unlisted shares on Stockify. Here, our experts update the share price based on market trends and conditions.

4- Can Retail Investors Pre-Registered Themselves For Swiggy’s IPO?

Swiggy has not released enough information regarding the pre-registered process for its upcoming IPO. However, retail investors who have bought Swiggy unlisted shares can register themselves soon.

5- Will Swiggy Valuation Affect Its Listed Stock Price In Future?

The price of the listed stocks depends on various factors, and market valuation is one of them. So, the market valuation of Swiggy share price will have a marginal effect.

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Swiggy, an Indian food delivery brand is planning to raise its market valuation before launching its IPO. Here are the possible plans of Swiggy.


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