Are boAt Unlisted Shares In Turbulence In The Grey Market?

Amid the country’s unstable economy, many startups and businesses face a stumble slowdown in their performance. One of them is boAt, considered the giant in the D2C consumer electronic market. The company is not listed on any stock exchange, allowing retail investors to invest via boAt unlisted shares. Investors have been concerned about the company’s performance in the grey market for the past few months. 

One of the biggest reasons behind it is the fluctuation in the boAt share price, which raised the question of whether boAt pre-IPO shares are good for investing or not.

If you are also confused about investing in boAt, we will help with this. Read the blog until the end to know whether you should buy boAt unlisted shares.

Current Performance Of boAt In Unlisted Share Market

boAt remains in the limelight due to its most significant market share in India’s wearable market and offering high-quality audio products at affordable prices. It is one of the fastest-growing consumer-based electronic companies serving millions of customers. However, the boAt’s performance in the grey market is not impressive in the past few months.

As per the recent data, the boAt share price in India was Rs 1,300 in January, dipping a huge margin to Rs 795 in the last six months. One of the major reasons behind it is the decision of boAt to withdraw its most anticipated IPO amid business expansion challenges. According to Mint, boAt raised $60 million and postponed its IPO plan due to business expansion plans.

Previously boAt announced its plan to get listed back in January 2022, for which it already filed DRHP with capital market regulator SEBI. However, the company claims it is focused on its business expansion plans and will revamp its IPO process. It negatively affected the performance of boAt pre-IPO shares in the grey market, showing a significant fluctuation in price over the last 5-6 months. 

However, financial experts believe that the performance of boAt in the unlisted share market is expected to improve as the company looks forward to entering the smartwatch segment. 

In the report, RedSeer projected that this segment will touch a valuation of $275 by the end of 2025. Till now, boAt maintains its 1st position in India’s wearable electronic market with a market share of 25.6% and competing with giants like JBL, Realme, and Noise. 

Future Outlook Of boAt Unlisted Shares In The Grey Market

The performance of the boAt unlisted shares depends on various factors, one of which is market fluctuation. If we look at the price history of boAt shares, it shows a major fluctuation in price which dropped from Rs 930 (November 2022) to Rs 804 (July 2023). As per the recent market data, boAt share price today is Rs 760.

If we talk about the future outlook of boAt unlisted share price in the unlisted market, it will largely depend on the company’s performance. Since the company participated in new funding rounds and focused on business expansion plans, there are chances that demand for boAt pre-IPO shares will increase in the future. 

Recently boAt announced its collaboration with Vserv to bring innovative products to its customers. Previously, boAt raised Rs 500 crore capital from its current investor Warburg, a global equity firm, to expand its R&D department and produce flagship smartwatches. The company is moving towards revolutionary business growth in the coming years with all these plans.

As a result, boAt pre-IPO shares might perform well and offer high returns to their investors. It is also important for you to assess the risk involved in buying boAt unlisted shares. For this, you can analyse its financial performance, unlisted share history, change in market valuation, and other metrics.

Count On Stockify For Investing In boAt Pre-IPO Stocks

Planning a profitable investment can be cumbersome when you don’t have access to the company’s financial data. However, you can make your research process easier using Stockify, which provides updated boAt share price, operating revenue, EBITDA, and more. 

Using our platform, you can easily analyse the company’s financial performance and make an informed decision. We have the best unlisted share brokers in India, who help you select the right investment option per your risk appetite.

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1- Is It Safe To Invest In boAt Unlisted Shares?

Anyone can invest in boAt unlisted shares using the trusted unlisted shares trading platform like Stockify. It is essential to analyse the possible risk, company performance, and other metrics before planning an investment.

2- What Is boAt Share Price Today?

As per the recent market data, boAt unlisted share price today is Rs 760. To get the updated share price of boAt, subscribe to Stockify.

3- Is It Possible To Buy boAt Unlisted Shares Online?

Yes, it is possible to buy or sell boAt unlisted shares online. You can use Stockify, which is the best online trading platform for unlisted shares. For more info, connect with us now.

4- What Is The Minimum Ticket Size For Investment In boAt Pre-IPO Shares?

The minimum ticket size for investment in boAt unlisted shares is Rs 30-35K. To get more information from industry experts, contact us now!

5- Will boAt Share Prices Increase In The Coming Months?

The boAt share price in India depends on various factors, including current market conditions, the company’s performance, etc. It is difficult to say how much boAt unlisted shares price will increase in the coming months.

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The performance of boAt unlisted shares in the grey market is affected by various factors like a decision of an IPO withdrawal.


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