Business plan of boAt to lead India’s wearable market: What it holds for investors?

boAt, a company co-founded by Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta, sells which of these products?”


 a) Boat, b) Cupboards, c) Headphones, and d) Cars

It’s legitimate if it’s on KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati)!  

boAt proved its supremacy yet again by having a question dedicated to one of the episodes of the most trusted game show on Indian television, KBC. On 16 August 2022, the most loved game show featured this question about boAt. The co-founder Aman Gupta was elated and took to Twitter to show his appreciation and bring to public notice the rising dominance of entrepreneurial culture and the recognition that boAt received. 

boAt Sailing Through The Wearables Market 

The leading hearables and wearables brand, boAt, has proved its dominance in the Indian market and has gained recognition multiple times, domestically and globally. Being the best homegrown brand is not the only one of the leading names in the TWS market, but it was also named the fifth biggest wearable brand in the world. boAt has sailed through multiple discrepancies to emerge as the leader in India’s “mid-range” segment, delivering audio devices and other wearable gadgets. The financial reports positively reflect the company’s growing presence in the market segment. boAt stock prices also shed light on the supremacy that the company has been establishing. 

It is not the end, but rather just the beginning of the rise of boAt in the market. The company is taking substantial measures to step up its business game, improve its presence, and generate good returns for its shareholders. The boAt unlisted shares are a witness to this rising trend. boAt is on its way to expanding its horizons and getting to the top of the market with a monopoly in the wearables market. Here are the future plans that the company is planning to leverage to spurt growth. 

“We are like Zara of electronics, not highly-priced like luxury brands or cheap like Chinese products.”

– Sameer Mehta, Co-founder, boAt

Taking The Business A Notch Higher 

The plans of expansion and future growth have always been the company’s core. The company that started selling Apple chargers and cables has expanded to speakers, headphones, smartwatches, and more. boAt has climbed step by step to reach the top and become the leading name in the market. This progress has also been reflected in the boAt unlisted shares, as they have seen a good financial performance in the past few years. The company is trying to spread its wings in different domains as a part of its business plan. Let us decode the business plan that the company operates on. 

boAt’s Global Expansion Strategy

boAt has placed India on the global map pertaining to the wearables market and has earned a highly reputable position by being crowned as the fifth largest wearable brand in the world. This achievement has also made the company stand high in the unlisted share market area. The boAt share price in India has also seen many highs after this global achievement by the audio device brand. 

In a strategy to expand to the global markets, the company is looking forward to raising funds through the issuance of the IPO. The boAt IPO is expected to raise Rs 2,000 crore, out of which Rs 1100 crore will be raised by offer-for-sale, while the rest 900 crore will be raised by issuance of fresh shares. The company is raising funds to expand its manufacturing capacity and double it by the H1 of the financial year 2023. The company expects to manufacture 60 lakh units under its initiative to not only fulfill the global demand but also to cater to the rising international demand. 

In another attempt to expand the supply chain globally, the company raised Rs 731 crore from an affiliate of Warburg Pincus. The funds raised are expected to help streamline the manufacturing and supply chain in the year 2021. The efforts are said to bear fruitful results for the company and the entire D2C sector, as boAt plans to strengthen its presence in the global domain. 

New Products; New Growth Milestones 

The company’s expansion strategy is not limited to marketing tactics and acquiring new markets. The one thing that makes boAt stand out from the crowd is its unsurpassed product quality. What made boAt sustain itself in the market as the leading name apart from its strong marketing game is its product quality. boAt features a wide variety of high-quality audio and wearable products, including quality speakers, earphones and smartwatches. Not only this, but its constant quest for innovation and entering a new line of product innovations has also made the boAt share prices float high in the market, giving the shareholders a good ROI along with generating good revenue. 

boAt is on the quest to expand its portfolio constantly and give its customers an excellent variety to choose from. The company recently expanded its line of products and added a new neckband, the first to feature 3D Spatial Bionic Sound technology. You can always check any new addition to the company on the official website

Leveraging The Power Of Collaboration 

As part of the business plans, the boAt has also taken several collaboration initiatives to expand its functioning and make the brand a success domestically and internationally. The company undertook several collaborations with different companies ranging over a wide variety of industries. Here’s a list of a few major collaboration initiatives that boAt took to make advancements in the global market and make the boAt pre IPO share a more lucrative option for the investors, post the successful collaboration. 

  • The collaboration with Masaba Gupta, a leading fashion designer, to launch a ‘limited edition’ collection of headphones at the Lakmé Fashion Week. 
  • boAt also collaborated with Netflix to launch a limited collection of headphones, neckbands, and TWS in India. 

These advancements and collaboration in distinct fields are to expand its customer base in every segment and area. boAt has quite successfully captured a good market share owing to this strategy and has made the investors and shareholders buy boAt unlisted shares to gain a substantial ROI. 

Will The Investors Reap The Benefit Of The Business Plan Too? 

“Our product is excellent, and coupled with outstanding marketing, that is what is the secret to our success,” 

– Aman Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder boAt

An unparalleled quality audio product paired with the best marketing strategies is what makes boAt the most trusted brand and the first choice of consumers. As far as a benefit for investors, the company has performed significantly well to give its shareholders a good return on their investment. boAt is not yet listed in the primary market, but boAt unlisted shares can be purchased via trading platforms. If you want to invest in the company’s growth and benefit from its growth, you should buy unlisted shares to get a good return on the investments. 

With the current growth trend and the rising popularity of boAt, the performance of boAt share price is also expected to rise, giving investors a chance to earn multifold returns. The boAt share price today is approximately Rs 785. This can be a good investment option for people who want to buy boAt unlisted shares. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is buying boAt unlisted shares in India possible? 

You can buy boAt unlisted shares in India. There are various online platforms that make the buying and selling of unlisted shares easy. Stockify is one of the best online trading platforms for unlisted shares. 

What is the price of boAt unlisted shares? 

The price of unlisted shares is subject to frequent changes. Currently, the boAt unlisted share price is Rs 785. To get the latest updates on the price of unlisted shares, you can visit Stockify. 

Is boAt listed in the stock market? 

boAt is not yet listed in the Indian Stock Market. The parent company, Imagine Marketing Limited, has filed a DRHP with SEBI to float its IPO in the public domain. Until the company is listed, you can invest in boAt unlisted shares. Visit Stockify for more information on this. 

How can I buy boAt unlisted shares? 

Buying and selling unlisted shares is simple with Stockify. All you have to do is log in, complete the KYC, select the stock, and make the payment. In a few clicks, you will be able to buy boAt unlisted shares with Stockify. 

Who are the major investors in boAt? 

The major portion of the company’s shares is held by the co-founders, Sameer Mehta and Aman Gupta, having a 39.96% stake each. 

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Sailing through the highs and lows, boAt has found its way amidst the turbulent wearables market.


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